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  1. [RELEASE] The Hypersonic Effect

    Everything about this is legit. And great music.
  2. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    This looks fantatic!
  3. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    This is epic BigJKO! Those models and anims look great.
  4. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Shame you might not finish, the art looks great, the design concept is neat and I'm super curious how this will feel to play.
  5. [v2 - The Dab Update] The Eyes of Cheatin Hitman

    This is rad as hell. I'm so impressed how quickly you picked up blender modelling, unwrapping and animation. Kudos.
  6. [Release] The Octopus in My Mind

    I really like how you planned out the work, kinda makes me excited all on its own. The premise sounds cool, looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  7. [RELEASE] Uwaki Hittoman

    Awesome to see the team's work coming together. Great stuff.
  8. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Nice work, hedgefield
  9. [Release] Bogost in the Shell

    Love this. Looks great atte. Going to have to find some time to dig into the games from this jam, for sure.
  10. Original Wizard Jam thread: Another sporadic dev session tonight to implement a pause/quit screen (press escape), resulting in a new web build: Version 0.4 20150616_1 TODOs: * Fix camera zoom and pan * Improve in-game instructions/help * Tutorial level
  11. Amateur Game Making Night

    Looks cool Dinosaursssssss
  12. [Release*] Bogost in the Shell

    TODOs: * Quit button / improved menu * Fix camera zoom and pan * Improve in-game instructions/help * Tutorial level
  13. [Release*] Bogost in the Shell

    Continuing to work on this when I have time. I want to address some of the control problems and bugs with the game. The first thing was to make it clearer what is happening when the cyberpolice approach one of your uncontrolled hacked people-- I have added a little "?" bubble above their heads that you can click on to answer the officer's query. I have also added a couple of sound effects--one when the "?" bubble appears and one when you successfully dismiss it. It was also bugging me that you could continue to control and hack with people who no longer had a link back to base through other hacked brains, so I have improved the game logic to require that all hacked nodes must remain connected to the base node. Version 0.3 20150519_1
  14. Now that I think back to the start of the game, I did notice that the hotspots were a little small.
  15. [Release*] Bogost in the Shell

    Thanks Rev, you're the first to mention the Bogost graphic which honestly was the first thing I made and I smiled to myself the whole time. The plan is to spend a few more hours making a very basic and small level to introduce the mechanics. And also to fix the most blatant bugs and omissions (for example, I don't like how clunky detection is at the moment.) I'd quite like to do something better with the camera, but no one has mentioned it yet -- I feel that at max zoom it's somewhat fiddly but zooming in is a bit annoying as well. Anyway, I'll try and start on some of that tonight.