Twin Peaks Rewatch 27: Variations on Relations

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Did anyone mention JJW's ridiculous sweater-tucked-into-pants getup? I can't remember if that was this episode or the previous one. And he's wearing glasses too as I recall, for no particular reason. Maybe the costumer hated him.

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We're expecting the last couple episodes to be on the longer side but right now the pickings are at their most slim I think. Gone is the greatness, or the strange groping for meaning in untethered absurdism, or the bafflement at where we are. We're just sort of here, so all we can say is "yeah it's a little better I guess. Anyway Ben Horn right?!" But I'm looking forward to the end.

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"If it is a bomb its not metallic and there is no ticking sound"

..."no ticking sound "

Truman gets 100% of his bomb knowledge from cartoons by the sound of it.

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Hmm I am starting to lose momentum doing this (the steam sort of went a few episodes ago). I think a lot of the thoughts I had which tried to contrast this with series 3 have kind of evaporated. It’s striking how little the business end of twin peaks origninal run has with series 3 - at least on a character level. There some plot (read: terminology) that is studded but it’s kind of uninteresting. 


I think this is two weeks weeks in a row where the pay off for the cliffhanger was bad. I kind of like the design of the petroglyph but it seems like a lot of vagueness/ a crap map of twin peaks to hide behind such a sophisticated contraption. 


They also dont seem that alarmed that this has been unlocked more bemused. 


Dont think i like introducing people just to have them die. I guess it’s a necessity since twin peaks has changed from one murder causes the town to show up To murderville. 


Was Catherine ever meant to open the box? The solution seems too oblique to be openable?! The keenness to open is still odd to me (and the lack of Andrew showing an interest). 


Bobby shows almost zero character growth through the whole series. He just is some two bit chump. I would have hoped his encounters with his dad would have got him to change a bit but nothing. 


Lana’s plan has the smell of being a long con to win miss twin peaks but the contest seems to only have become a thing for a few days after the marriage. also don’t like that she actually is a schemer eventually. 


Shelly is really fantastic in this episode. There are some great looks In this episode outside of the main pieces of action in any scene. 


Earles relationship with cooper is really one note: literally another thing about Caroline over and over again. Earle is a terrible character when described but I think the actor does a really good job with him most of the time (I think the description as basically the joker is apt).


horne and Leo have this thing where they seem almost decent now in a short space of time and the greater darkness of a bigger villain being the focus. 


Series 3



Hornes arc feels like a complete copy of series 3s Mitchum brothers who by the end are really good fun but start off beating and firing a guy. 


Pete playing surrogate Catherine while Horne plots away is great. His suspicious looks are the best. 


Its weird and good we haven’t seen bobby and mike together in a while. The least nostalgic reunion. 


Earle looks at the cave painting. 


Catherine: in a way I admirered Josie, even though she did many things to hurt my family I appreciate that she was a survivor and did whatever was necessary to survive. It may have caused us problems but I can empathise with a person who does whatever is necessary 


truman: Josie was beautiful. 


Truman somehow filling the vacuum left by James (a vacuum squared I guess). 


The next clue on the box relates to the phases of the moon: fat chance of having a clue when to open it in Twin Peaks!!


dick tremaynes actor does a good job of the whole wine tasting. 


The Cole Shelly scene is really cute. I feel like it is Cole and not “scammer bobby” that  got her to enter the contest and made her feel confident enough to try. (Also her face when Cole is talking!!!)


I love how Cole describes the scene as a director might. Very nice. 


Get lost wheeler. 


Why does Donna threaten to leave the country?


hey this might be a bomb- for safety let’s rig up this rock and police tape contraption -and then shoot at it. 








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