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Found 2 results

  1. GUYS I interviewed Tim Schafer for Tone Control April 1, 2014 Few creators in the games industry are fortunate enough to have decades-long careers, much less ones where their own work and that of their studio is constantly vital and inspiring. Between leading projects like Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Broken Age, and facilitating the creation of games like Costume Quest, Stacking, and more at Double Fine, Tim Schafer is one of those lucky few. Listen in as I blitz through the long, long career of this incredibly old man.
  2. Psychonauts

    OK, two things that I just discovered. 1. By Jove, there were a ton of Psychonauts topics back in the day! Nowadays a game is lucky to get a single one, Psychonauts got dozens. Do a quick search and you'll be amazed at such gems as "Psychonauts online?" and "Why didn't Psychonauts sell well?". Also; a surprising outpouring of love for Ed Fries. 2. For all the topics present, there was no the Psychonauts topic for me to explain the following in, so I had to make the definitive one myself. The more time passes, the more I realize that Psychonauts is probably the best game ever made. Nothing compares. It used to be Morrowind was my go-to favorite, but Psychonauts has taken the throne much like how Vertigo ousted Citizen Kane in the Sights & Sounds list last week. Its quirky perfection ages incredibly well. I've often remarked this, it really gets better ever time you play it. And I believe I also recently professed to being singularly impressed with its ending, a rare treat across any medium. Just thinking about it makes me want to play it again. The whole thing is a perfect storm of the best possible choices made and the most scrumptious ideas.