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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. GOTY of the Year

    What is the best game(s) you've played that came out this year. Mine would be Sniper Elite 4. I hadn't played any of the previous titles, but have always loved sniping in FPS/TPS games. The large, semi-open levels and slow pace really clicked with me in ways no other shooter has for a long time. Spending 1-2 hours slowly picking off guards in a level was a ton of fun, I am still terrible at playing on more realistic difficulty levels but I got a ton of enjoyment out of the game. Also big props for them releasing 3 more maps for free, considering how DLC crazy the industry is I am happy some companies are still willing to give out content they could have totally justified charging for. Also still need to get that Hitler nut shot..... Honorable Mentions: Heat Signature Total War Warhammer 2 Here is a list of what came out this year (I assume its missing a ton of Indie games):
  2. password: grandpa
  3. I have played nothing of worth this year Okay, thats a lie... Good: Mario Kart 8 Bayonetta 2 Last of us: Left Behind DLC Not as good, but still goodThe Evil Within Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes Wolfenstien Far Cry 4 Destiny Broken age ep1 P.T Haven't played yet, but have feeling is goodDragon age 80 days hmm, maybe that would suggest its too early for GOTYEdit: total forgot about destiny, Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes, The Evil Within and P.T