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  1. Inside

    Hello! I just finished Inside, the latest (and second) game from Playdead, the Danish studio that did Limbo six years ago. It's out on Xbox One, and will be out on PC on July 7th. Anyway, I just finished it, and then, as I always do after finishing a game, I came here to read through page after page of intelligent discussion about it. Imagine, if you can, my disappointment at finding no discussion, not even a thread. I guess people are waiting for the PC release? Anyway, it's a fantastic game, but know this: it's very very very similar to Limbo in most ways. It has similar controls and mechanics, the same quiet, lonely, depressing tone, and a similar structure. It's technically more adwanced, and looks and moves and sounds like a thoughtfully put together and better funded 2016 Danish puzzle platformer. If you enjoyed Limbo (and if you don't know, you should try it!), you'll probably love Inside; run, jump, push and pull across a large, linear, continuous series of moody, desolate, eerie, beautiful set pieces, enjoy some light physics puzzles and some mildly exciting (but forgiving) action sequences, and finish off with one of the most creepy and satisfying video game ending sequences I've ever played.