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  1. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Just to clear something up: the app isn't terrible. It being the only way to use voice chat is terrible.
  2. Duolingo - TWO LANGUAGE-O

    GOD MORGEN!! I was angry about Duolingo not having Japanese last... Friday? Thursday? So in protest I started learning Norwegian. Why Norwegian? Why NOTwegian! ... Anyway I'm four days in and I'm enjoying it. Having a few Norwegians in Slack to bug for understanding certainly doesn't hurt. U: ARE YOU LEARNING A LANGUAGE TOO??? I DUNNO LET'S TALK ABOUT IT?????
  3. I don't rally around 10% Happier with a torch because I'd never heard of it until now and the person who wrote it isn't someone I follow or even know who it is. Dan is someone in a podcast I listen to every week who has told more than one story about intentionally doing something he knew was bad for himself. So that's why I call him out and not this Nightline anchor. Obviously, I can't speak for anyone else.
  4. For the record, and to repeat myself, I don't hate Dan. I even find him entertaining, sometimes. I think he makes the Beastcast worse, but he isn't a reprehensible human being. I think that some of the things he does out of ignorance are shitty. He's getting better but that doesn't mean he's flawless or that he doesn't deserve criticism. In fact, it is precisely because he's criticized that he gets better. He's not reading this thread, obviously, but I am, and I express my opinions because that is what people do. The only time I get actually upset is when people dismiss my and (what happened here) other people's criticisms as if they are unimportant. In other words I also completely agree with SAM (besides the liking Dan part ... mostly). I think he was better on the Bombcast than the Beastcast because he brought the Bomb up and brings the Beast down. I'm no longer angry.
  5. so i got curious because of your continued assertions that people were being overly hostile to you the only one directly talking to you early on was gorm - everyone else was just talking in general i jumped in because electricblue's comments pissed me right the fuck off, and wasn't even talking to you until i said "literally no one blah blah blah", which was only one of two posts where i directly responded to you (i guess this makes a third) so, (almost) two people talking to you and you increasingly getting more and more angry about it (even before me, the actually angry one, jumped in) god i just don't know, man i guess i'll fuck right off now
  6. oh he definitely implicitly and/or explicitly puts forward the idea that one doesn't need to seek professional help, because he didn't need to, but i would argue that he doesn't actively advocate against it but... it's a fucked up situation either way and how anyone can stand by and act like it's harmless when he still shills for his fucking book to this day is beyond me ... tell you what, he takes that book down so nobody can buy it anymore, we'll talk. bonus - he can keep the book if he rewrites it to explicitly tell people not to follow his example of ignoring the professional advice he received dan isn't a bad person, not in the traditional sense, but people make mistakes all the time, including him, including you, including me, no matter if they're good or bad, and no amount of "he's trying" or "he's making progress" is going to change the fact that some of the message he still puts out is harmful ps you go back earlier in this thread and you'll find me defending dan for exactly the same reasons people are defending him now, so fuck you if you think i'm not giving him a chance yes i'm still fucking mad you came into this thread after some people had criticized dan for expressing ignorant ideas on issues that are personal and real and not trivial shit about pickles or taco bell with an "i like dan so y'all need to chill the fuck out" mannnnnnnnnnnn i also like you zeus but this isn't the first time i've seen you get super defensive because other people criticized something you like - if you don't want to talk about it, just don't say anything? or stop responding? that's what i do in other words, as a certain someone would say: "grow up" YES i'm still fucking mad
  7. "your opinion doesn't gain some magical legitimacy because you think if it isn't xanax it must be snake oil" i take lamictal and it's not xanax and it's not snake oil "Either something has been tested and works or it doesn't" much of homeopathic medicine has been tested and has been proven to not work, except as a placebo, which is, well, that doesn't work for fucking cancer, so don't fucking tell me or anyone else that "it might not be snake oil" just fucking don't and also some homeopathic medicine is actually harmful so you know go educate yourself before you start insulting people who suggest that dan "i saw a bunch of doctors and took none of their advice, and then i learned meditation, so i wrote a book about it for ignorant kids to take as gospel" ryckert is wrong DON'T i don't HATE dan and i'm not sure anyone here does (maybe) but he's ignorant and wrong about so many fucking things and you should not be defending him on this, i'm sorry, but i'm not really sorry, because i spent ten fucking years of my life being depressed and afraid of drugs because what if they changed who i am and refusing to talk to anybody because i don't need anybody i should be able to handle this myself NONE OF IT WORKED dan spreading these false ideals is bad meditation can help some people it cannot help everybody dan almost certainly could've dealt with his anxiety much sooner if he didn't insist on not doing so people need real advice yeah you've made me mad
  8. Completely agreed. Him not eating pickles is just an easy target for me that doesn't require writing out everything you just said over and over, which is what I really want to do.
  9. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Man, Salmon Run is great. I think maybe I wish the maps were a bit bigger, but I don't really have a good reason for that. And yeah motion controls are king in Splatoon. Ever since playing the first one, I've rigged up many a game to use motion controls for precision aiming with my Steam Controller via Steam Link. I don't play FPS like that, but it works super well for games that make you aim occasionally, like shooting a bow in Shadow of Mordor, for example. I do wish I could turn on vrtical control stick camera and keep motion controls for the small movements, though. That would be my ideal setup.
  10. Painting tabletop miniatures

    She's a Trollblood, but thanks!
  11. Painting tabletop miniatures

    i learned a lot painting this one 1) start with a darker base for cloth cause i find it way easier to glaze to lighter colors than vice versa 2) glow effects! first attempt and they turned out super nice 3) i hate working with yellow so much and yeah yeah i know her left arm's elbow is a bit botched, it's glue scars ):
  12. Hahaha I mean yeah I get it. I'm with you. I'd fucking hate pickles too if that were the case. I basically hate ketchup for similar reasons. The smell actually grosses me out. When I was a kid other kids would eat fries with their ketchup instead of the other way around and the smell these days literally gives me a physical reaction, often of gagging, usually of holding my nose or some such. So I'm the one throwing rocks in glass houses here. It's just an easy thing to poke fun at Dan for this. There are so many other things that are very similar to this instance, though, that, you know, it ends up that: I still don't like him on Beastcast.
  13. "So it won't turn off if you switch apps or kill the screen?" Yeah that feels like an oversight to me, rather than the intended functionality. I'm confident it'll be fixed. I think. I hope...
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ beastcast has been far far worse since he joined i thought maybe it was okay once upon a time but ughhhhhhhhhh *eating a sandwich with pickles on*
  15. I admit I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this from multiple sources. Regardless, you're 100% correct that it's dumb either way. EDIT: I should say I _love_ the app as an _option_, but as the ONLY option it's goddamn baffling. And reportedly the app kind of sucks?? I'm sure many of those bugs/features will be ironed out over time, but still.
  16. There's no way the switch couldn't handle processing the voice chat natively. This is a very deliberate choice, and no one can seem to come up with an even halfway sensible reason as to why.
  17. Minecraft

    Haha well I wouldn't play singleplayer I'm just tossing out general desires for whatever server might happen. I'd take a look at some of these modpacks but our office internet today is super spotty and i can't load a bunch of random websites. Including Google...
  18. Minecraft

    I'm also into the idea of building up automated defenses, like turrets or spike traps that maybe you need to reset manually, or pits with cloth over the hole... I'm just gonna keep listing things I think would be cool apparently!
  19. Minecraft

    Me too! Although cool magic spells would make me more into combat. I wanna freeze the ground so enemies slide all over the place. Building golems was also something I like in vanilla.
  20. Minecraft

    Haha that sounds perfect. I'll definitely check it out. ...I hope I don't burn out on that too quick!
  21. Minecraft

    I know in the past I've expressed hesitance about modded servers but that's because I'm an idiot. How reasonable would it be to request a mod/modpack that makes us worth together to fend off the hordes of enemies? As opposed to all of us going off on our own and building whatever. I think maybe I'd be more into playing a version of Minecraft that doesn't focus on the creative aspect, 'cause I think I'm just... tired of building things.
  22. Minecraft

    It'll have a LOT of new stuff, so I'm sure you're good.
  23. Half-Life 3

    Yeah that's what I got out of it, too. Kinda confirms everyone's worst fears (if you can even call it that at this point...) - that the game will actually just never come out. Shame, but eh what're ya gonna do. I feel sorry for the people at Valve who do really want to make it, though. Probably just a few people, but I imagine what they'd want to do with that game would be a huge endeavor...