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  1. I have no idea what to do next and am totally stuck. Help pls.
  2. Clue for how to get past this bit -
  3. As a British man, I've never heard that in my entire life. Do you mean Spunk?
  4. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Are you sure you don't want to know?
  5. Use the period key (.) to skip dialogue!!
  6. Something True 2: Class Clowns

    I'm very very confused by this series. I love it: the writing, reading, and general production is brilliant, but I don't know how much of it is ever true. Finding out Laddie Boy actually existed was a surprise!
  7. Books, books, books...

    These, for sure. It also made the Modern Day fight stuff incredibly grating (Spoilers, he gets into a fight in the present day) because it's like, you spend TWO WHOLE BOOKS talking about how badass this dude is, and then that fight is pathetic. I dunno. It's too inconsistent.
  8. Yeah, I pretty much enjoy these books because they're easy to read, but by GOD do they infuriate me. Probably once a chapter I'd take a screengrab of my Kindle and send it to my girlfriend (who studied at the school Rothfuss used to lecture at) and be like WHAT IS THIS SHIT. And SO MUCH of Wise Man's Fear is a very very prepubescent idea of sex and lotharioism and it's genuinely both hilarious and infuriating. Probably 20% is spent w the dude having sex w this mystical elf woman? Urgh. And yet, I persisted.
  9. Other podcasts

    Yeah, it's a very weird and brilliant story. It helps that John McLemore, the instigator of the reporting, is absolutely fascinating. I'm about 4 episodes in, and despite the story's chance in tack, I can't help but be curious about this story's arc.
  10. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Did anybody else find their Switch's joycon were really under-charged? The left one lost battery within a couple minutes, and although it's charging now, I'm worried it's a symptom of something
  11. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Could you tell me why Crypt of the Necrodancer is good/notable? I heard people talking about it and want to know if I should grab it - thanks!
  12. Also, I know that I'd be down to act as a guinea pig for the new cast (much like with the relaunch of Thumbs); so if you're looking for feedback...!
  13. As someone who is a couple casts behind and doesn't have the time *right now* to listen and find out what's going on: can someone give a quick summary?
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    I genuinely have no idea how anyone enjoys this show. Putting aside the fact that I think it shares nothing w DG bar the name, I just... don't get it. It's unfunny, frustrating, and the characters are all hateable. A shame, bc the cast is actually pretty good!
  15. I'm so late in posting, but holy crap look at my goodies!!
  16. I know that one santa giftee has already received their gifts!! Can we all post in the thread what we got with pictures? I'd like to see!
  17. Life

    Awwwwwwwww bravo pal.
  18. Nintendo 3DS

    I love it too!
  19. " there are legitimate reasons to want to return this game after purchase." Has anyone else seen this post on Destructoid earlier today? I guess this discussion may fall into spoiler territory, so be warned. You should really play it. It's a damn fine experience. Does everyone else agree that this is dumb, and that TBG is clearly a work of fiction? Am I overlooking something in the narrative that would actually cause concern? I just saw this blow up on Twitter earlier, and was shocked that anyone could think that this was actually a video game about stolen work.
  20. HELP: Attempted upgrade of PC gone wrong

    Mine took me three months. I know the pain.
  21. HELP: Attempted upgrade of PC gone wrong

    My advice would be to get RAM you *know* works. I had much the same problem as you, turned out I'd been sent faulty RAM from Amazon. Took me three months and a lot of money to figure that out.
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    fuck all y'all
  23. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I have a good PC and an Xbox One - which would you all recommend getting this on, and how do you even buy it?