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  1. Hey guys - I know moving and settling in and all the rest will undoubtedly be stressful business, but I did want to ask: Will IIT be coming back? No need for a date yet, just wondering if it's a Y or N
  2. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I also love how you and I have Christmas avatars. I don't even remember who made mine, or when, but I am still grateful for my Christmas Link.
  3. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I'm sure there is a reason, but it's not been communicated.
  4. E3 2018

    Anybody gonna discord again tonight?
  5. Id's Rage

    Yeah, I watched it purely out of boredom and surprisingly enjoyed it. I think my favourite bit was when he shot the dude and continued juggling him with bullets in the air. I legitimately laughed aloud.
  6. iOS Gaming

    So last week I was chatting with some of the guys from Chillingo, the iPhone publishing company, and their comments about the iPhone as a device were really interesting. I published a piece here, but the long and short of it was: The iPhone is great for publishers, developers alike. Even if the games aren't classed as 'real games' by gamers, they're just a different type of experience. Cut the Rope's recent BAFTA win is proof that iOS is a valid thing. The ability to see reviews and instantly being working on updates is a godsend. Just curious to see what you guys, being infinitely more intelligent than me, think about the subject of iOS gaming!
  7. A message to all Twin Peaks fans

    What is it?
  8. Hey do y'all have some high-res versions of the released art for download? I'd really love to use it for a facebook header or my desktop background or something
  9. Maybe the movie(s) had been confirmed?
  10. Secret Santa 2k17

    Is anyone doing one for the Thumbs forums this year? #lazyweb
  11. Secret Santa 2k17

    Well I’m glad you didn’t get messed about! Good luck w everything; sounds like a busy time
  12. Secret Santa 2k17

    Oh no, that sucks I really enjoyed being part of a community that did it; I just have no idea how to set one up personally.
  13. Star Wars Episode 8

    What happens in those?
  14. Here in the UK, we call big Kit Kats Kit Kat Chunky.
  15. I needed this today; I'm very grateful to you all for posting.
  16. I think it's fucking rad and I love it, and it's in my headcanon now.
  17. Yay for a new episode! My girlfriend is bummed it’s arriving on a Sunday though, lol.
  18. Where's the new episode?? Is there a new schedule?
  19. Not naive, misunderstood! I like annie; I don’t like the idea that she all of a sudden doesn’t exist!
  20. I do, quite easily. I think Cooper is a tremendously flawed character, and so far has failed to save Maddie, Annie (if she exists barf), and if he could see from the black lodge BadCoop’s actions, then also Audrey and Diane... he believes that by saving Laura he can save his world.
  21. Stick to the wrap up thread, just in case
  22. A thing that just occurred to me that feels very emotionally resonant is the Giant/Fireman in S2: “It is happening again.” Cooper’s crushing defeat and realisation in that moment feels so similar to the finale here, too. Cooper literally could’ve saved Maddie (have we all forgotten her? It seems like it) because he was in Twin Peaks at the time. Maybe that’s why he’s so obsessed with the idea of going back to try and save Laura.