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  1. I know we weren't going to discuss Gotham in here, but as the series finished a month ago and there's no point in starting a new thread: The series has always been half ace half awful, but this final season was mostly awful. They picked some boring Big Bads and went with the most boring versions of pretty much all their regular characters. A real shame, as at their height they were doing some great stuff with Riddler, Penguin, 'Joker' and even young Bruce Wayne, plus occasional villains like Prof Pyg and Hugo Strange were done well. How's the Arrowverse/Berlantiverse these days, @SecretAsianMan (and anyone else watching it)?
  2. Marvel movies

    No, we have the Netflix Marvel thread, but any AoS talk is scattered through the Movies/TV Recs megathread.
  3. Is It Happening Again...?

    Same day.
  4. Is It Happening Again...?

    This is the new Half-Life 3 thread.
  5. Life

    Excellent news!
  6. Life

    That's awful, hope you and your family get through it okay <3
  7. Marvel movies

  8. A Song Of Ice And Fire

    Does anyone (probably @Thyroid) have any recommendations for something like this? After weeks at work of desperately trying to avoid spoilers, I've given in and caught up on the show (I stopped at season 5 previously). It's a shame, but there's no way I'll go another ten years, or however long it takes GRRM to get WoW and DoS out, without accidentally learning every plot beat and moment anyway. Once it ends, I'm going to do a re-read, including the Hedge Knight stories, and then my first read of the released WoW excerpts and Fire And Blood.
  9. Hey folks, I tidied the original post up a bit and put in some begging for you all to wishlist it on Steam. To make up for the bump, here's a podcast Dan and I recorded and a blog post from Dan about why indie game trailers are shit.
  10. Thanks! I'm really happy with it
  11. Announcing the latest Dan And Ben game: Lair Of The Clockwork God. We just announced at Rezzed and it was very exciting! Pleeeease wishlist it on Steam if you have a sec, it really helps. Announcement trailer: Exclusive Eurogamer reveal article here:
  12. After 4, Mission Impossible should have become a series of crossovers - Harry Potter, Men In Black, Jurassic Park...
  13. Marvel movies

    A simplified version of my IM3 opinion is that all the stuff with Tony out of the suit is great, the stuff with him in it not so much. Re. the twist, I think I would have enjoyed it more if Killian hadn't clearly been set up as a villain already - rather than enjoying the film's bravado of suddenly removing the main villain, I was immediately thinking about where they were clearly going to go from there. Just saw Captain Marvel, and didn't enjoy it much. Some charming elements, but has the same old MCU issues - overstuffed, weighed down by the series arc, and terribly directed fight/action scenes.
  14. Recommend me a cool book!

    Probably still making their way through Dracula.