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  1. Star Wars Episode 9

    My thoughts on ROS (for context, I've never been a huge SW fan. I really enjoy New Hope, the rest of the franchise I more admire than out-and-out love): (hidden for full spoilers and for people who get upset reading negative opinions of stuff they love)
  2. Other podcasts

    I'm holding off on that (and all these "showrunner walks us through the latest amazing twist" articles) until the series has finished, as they tend to hint at what might be coming up in the next episode or two. But I'm looking forward to listening to all of them, Lindelof's LOST podcast that he did with Cuse (which I also waited to binge once the show had finished) was always fun and thoughtful.
  3. I'm getting flashbacks to the Half-Life 3 thread: I think HL-related discussion does something funny to you, Mington. Maybe it soft-reboots you?
  4. We already briefly discussed good trailers for (not universally thought of as) bad movies in the Ep 8 thread, where I mentioned Watchmen and Sin City. I often wish there were some way studios could monetise making amazing trailers for non-existent adaptations of comic books etc, because the trailers are often better and really all you need - you get to see what all your favourite bits of the property would look like in live-action and what the general vibe might be, but you don't have to watch two hours of bad decisions. On a tangent, as someone who hasn't played any of the games, I liked the Silent Hill movie! It really felt like being trapped in someone's disturbed mind (I'm sure the games did a lot of the prep work there). The only stuff I didn't like was the pointless Sean Bean subplot, which it turns out was forced into the movie by studio execs who didn't want a film with no male roles in it.
  5. I love it, but it's pretty tricky! The sweat beads coming off DG are a nice touch!
  6. "Firewatch team’s next game ‘on hold’ as it works on other Valve projects" - article at Polygon including statement from Jake:
  7. Half-Life 3

    I hope Valve value Valley VR releases relatively rapidly.
  8. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    There is a Discord but Slack is the active one. 051 is gonna send you an invite
  9. Hey folks, @zerofiftyone, @Thrik and I are meeting in Nottingham for drinks next week. If anyone's in the area, please come along!
  10. Hooray, new ep! Apparently Derek edited the excellent Half Life Alyx trailer, which I've seen nothing but good feedback for!
  11. Half-Life 3

    If it's the case that they all came in, did good work on Alyx and then make Valley as a VR game, I'm happy with that result even though I'm probably not going to get to play any VR games for quite a while - once I can, will be great to have a new awesome HL game to play and to see what the Campo Santo team can do with a 'walking simulator' game using high levels of VR interactivity and Valve money. And if Valley turns out not to be VR that's fine too. As long as it still gets made (or at least we get a different CS game instead, I guess)!
  12. IIT Barcode says "DUMBLEDORE"

    I don't think it has been mentioned (if it has, I forgot it anyway). Nice find!
  13. Haven't watched it yet, but here's a vid of a trailer editor talking about styles of trailer:
  14. Life

  15. Life

    Also don't burn yourself out looking after/worrying about everyone else - you've got to look after yourself first. I know it can be hard to prioritise yourself over family and close friends when they're having a hard time, but it doesn't help anyone if you end up having a breakdown. If possible, might be helpful to see a mental health professional (a therapist or whatever) to help you work up some techniques to deal with the new stress factors in your life. You don't have to keep going forever, and if you don't like the first one you try you can keep trying different ones until you find a good fit.
  16. The Cutdown Episode 14: Horror

    Great ep! Was fun to get an interview as well. Also, I finally realised that the reason you have a bumper at the start of the show is to mimic YouTube trailers - very clever!
  17. Filmmaking

    Gotcha. Well, not that I have any knowledge of the short film circuit, but my advice: 1) give yourself a strict deadline for making the new version (a week? You don't want to be tinkering with this forever, better to learn lessons and move onto the next one) (Also, make a version with a public domain music cue for later use - even if it's a bit sloppy, better to have something than nothing.) 2) send it to every festival that fits your criteria but won't accept films that have been online 3) put it online and promote it as much as possible 4) send it to all the other festivals that fit your criteria, and at this point I don't see any reason not to send it to every festival going as long as it doesn't cost you anything. Make the most of that music licence! Even if you're not there to see the screenings, something good may come of them. 5) Make another short film! Also, you mentioned that having a trailer might be helpful but you're too burned out on this film to make one - do you know (or could you find) any editors in training whom you could ask to make one for you? It would be good experience for them.
  18. Filmmaking

    Aw, that's a shame. Why wouldn't there be any point in sending it to a festival?
  19. Didactic Thumbs (Pedantry Corner)

    People who use the term "mystery-box storytelling" - what do you mean by it? Because Abrams' TED Talk use of 'mystery-box' was so broad as to not really mean anything. He called the Darth Vader reveal in ESB a mystery box. He calls movie theaters mystery-boxes. I think some people use it to mean "the enjoyable speculation over a never-explained mystery", but then the term is also applied to LOST which did explain pretty much everything (how successfully is subjective, imo very).
  20. This might be a bad idea, but I often find myself wanting to correct or question someone's grammar/turn of phrase without derailing the conversation or coming across as an arsehole. So here's a thread where people can correct each other and get into silly semantic arguments without destroying the forum, and which people can ignore if they don't want to read corrections of their hastily-written nonsense. I hope this doesn't come across as mean-spirited. Personally, I like to get corrected, so I hope to see my own mistakes highlighted in here too. I was very happy a while back to finally learn the meaning of "have your cake and eat it" and realise that the construction "eat your cake and have it" exists and works better!
  21. Well, it's only a teaser trailer. It's a Christopher Nolan movie that seems to have lots of atmosphere and tension and maybe some narrative timeline tricks. Up to you whether you're excited by that or not! (If you're confused by it having Russian text, I believe that's because this teaser was only played in cinemas and they've been taking down online versions so it's hard to find one in English.) I can't immediately think of any favourite teaser trailers that haven't already been mentioned, but I always thought that if this one cut off at the 1 min mark it would have been great:
  22. Netflix Originals

    Agreed on El Camino, Two Ferns and Wine Country. Disagree on Always Be My Maybe, which I thought was the most bland, toothless archetype of a romcom I've seen in a while. I also watched Dumplin' but for some reason I forgot to put a review on letterboxd. It was meh to good. I didn't realise Shaft was a Netflix co-production! I should have realised when it came on the service two weeks after theatrical release. I can't be bothered to watch it after the bad reviews, though, even if Roundtree does get more to do than in the last one.
  23. Jeff Goldblum

    Those are some Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition levels of digital noise reduction right there.
  24. Filmmaking

    Wow, that is an insane career trajectory.