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  1. Coming to Switch on the 18th June! (also edited the OP)
  2. Behold The Kickmen is out on Steam, for $3.99/ £2.79. It's a single-player football/soccer game for the PC, Mac and Switch as of the 16th June (Linux is apparently less likely after a few tests) made by someone who neither understands nor likes football/soccer. It also has a story element with art by Michael Firman. It also has a Dystopian FutureSport Mode that puts a Speedball-style wallpaper over everything, for people who hate football/soccer. "Kickmen is a clever, cheeky, strange interpretation of “the wonderful game” by someone who doesn’t give a damn about making a soccer game, and is all the better for it." - Kotaku "Behold the Kickmen is nonsense, but it’s good nonsense ... [it] is really quite rough around the edges, but it manages to be a game that I think will somehow be appreciated by those who love sports games and those who hate them." - The Sixth Axis (Note: Although people assume so because of the Dan and Ben games, I am not a Size Five Games permanent employee. I was not involved in the making of this game!)
  3. Marvel movies

  4. Marvel movies

    Just finished S4. So, from episode 9 onwards, it gets AMAZING. They perhaps weren't playing with the most original ideas - - but they made them their own and made them sing. Consistently clever, exciting, funny and touching. Wow. If S5+ can at least stay in a place between S3 and this, I'll be happy.
  5. Marvel movies

    I have been told that this is in fact the case, and actually now I'm on the second mini-arc it has immediately picked up!
  6. Marvel movies

    I've started binging Agents of SHIELD. I skipped most of the first 10 episodes, then pretty much watched everything once it got to the Winter Soldier tie-in. The first few episodes were pretty ropey, but it definitely keeps improving. It's never really got beyond Buffy seasons 1&2 levels of quality for me, though. Season 3 was definitely the strongest so far. It's not mind-blowingly great, and I still wish I could have gone through every script with a red pen to clean up grammatical errors, clunky wording and terrible quips before filming, but it's consistently solid with lots of good moments sprinkled on top. I like what they did with The action is a lot better, the effects work is impressive, and the narrative is more propulsive. It still needs a lot more character work (FitzSimmons have never ceased to be annoying as fuck, there are a lot of two-dimensional/cipher background cast, and even the leads don't have that much to them - compare the Firefly crew characterisation after 6 episodes to this lot after 2.5 seasons) and more narrative experimentation (the occasional flashforward bookend does not cut it! Episodes like "4,722 Hours" are a good start, but they really need to play with the format like, say, Buffy or Person Of Interest would). I was looking forward to S4 because I'd heard here and elsewhere that that's where it gets really strong, but I'm 8 episodes in and I'm a little frustrated because so far it's at best on the same level as S3 but if anything it's worse. I was also told that they did a (ugh) 'soft reboot' here, but so far all they've done is shuffled some pieces around so there's more frustrating bureaucracy to deal with, and replaced the strong 3-seasons-build-up villains with some boring They've even managed to make dull. Brannigan mentioned that here they moved from season-long arcs to three or four mini-arcs, but I'm 8 episodes in and it all feels like wheel-spinning for future stuff so far. I'm going to keep watching it, because there's still good stuff in there, it got a proper ending apparently, and, well, it's the COVID quarantine what else am I going to do. But I really hope this season picks up in the second half and lives up to the hype!
  7. Letterboxd

    I got back into using letterboxd a while ago, and I now review every film I watch. I'm .
  8. Half-Life 3

    Do it!
  9. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    @AlexGamechuck this is supposed to be a reference list of released indie games with brief entries. Might be better to move those two posts into their own thread if you want to keep us updated on your (lovely looking) game. Example entry: Lair Of The Clockwork God By: Size Five Games Available: £15.49 on Steam or GOG Synopsis: adventure game/platformer mash-up, written by and starring me and a friend. Comes with a free visual novel prequel.
  10. I gave up on Picard. Very slow, clunky writing, dull story. I got a few minutes into episode 5 when another character pretty much looked into camera and said "this is my backstory and emotional arc", and then I was reminded of the prospect of a 'casino planet' episode and that was it for me. Also, re. this Discovery discussion I gave up on Discovery too, but seems like
  11. LOTCG, Justin McElroy's favourite smaller game of 2020 so far, is now available for Mac and Linux, and on GOG too! Okay, I'll shut up about it again until we get on another store or platform!
  12. Yeah, when we were in the hot-tub we were on a dialogue-writing retreat, a lot of the game was built already. We've been working on this for years!
  13. [Full Release] Farewell, Video Games

    Amazing behind the scenes trivia, thank you!
  14. Thanks! A few more reviews came in: 100% - City AM, 90% - Buried Treasure, 80% - Edge, 80% - Slant, Bestest Bests – RockPaperShotgun And we got to over 100 user reviews, all but one of them positive.
  15. Released! “A brilliant, joyous, clever and generous experience.” 4.5/5 – ThumbSticks “This is a gag delivery device with a seriously good hit rate” 83% – PC Gamer “Great mash-up of indie platforming and classic adventuring.” 8/10 – TheSixthAxis
  16. Announcing another latest Dan And Ben game: Devil's Kiss. It's $2 or bundled FREE with Lair Of The Clockwork God, it's a visual novel prequel about Dan and Ben meeting in high school, and it's great fun. Please feel free to wishlist (wishlisting Lair Of The Clockwork God is more important, but you can do both)!
  17. Lego Movies

    Got round to seeing Part 2. I didn't think much of it until the last section where the metaphors and twists come out in full force and it reveals itself as an anti-MRA, anti-toxic-masculinity, pro-genderqueer movie, and it all works really well. Also, the song over the credits is Beck in a more modern Midnite Vultures mode with The Lonely Island rapping about credits, and it's fantastic.
  18. Lego Movies

    Regarding the Lego Movie, I said: (if you do a search for "lego" in this board, you'll find a bunch of other, mostly positive opinions) I watched the Lego Batman Movie and enjoyed it a lot more. Funny, a solid story and actually quite touching.
  19. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    Part 2: Nick is planning to do another stream same time next week where he catches up on some unplayed Jam games of the past and revisits old favourites. So, any requests, let him know!
  20. WIZARD JAM X - Welcome Thread

    In case anyone missed it, Nick streamed some of the games last week: He'll be streaming more (perhaps all the rest?) in about 5 hours from now!
  21. [Release] TresPunker

    This looks and sounds great, and it definitely captures the jank of Trespasser! I managed to kill a few dinos and then succumbed to the jank. Is this original VO or did you rip it from the original game?
  22. [Release] Do You Believe in Dot Gobbler?

    This is really cute! Not much gameplay, of course, but it's still satisfying to watch DG get bigger and eventually gobble up entire buildings. The ending was a really funny idea too!
  23. [Dev Log] The Wizard

    A funny, good-looking little game. I liked the low-poly black and white aesthetic, and the dramatic presentation!
  24. [Released] Piercing the Fourth Dimension

    This looks and feels great - I love the visual style, especially when it gets extra trippy, and it's very satisfying when you get into the flow. I did sometimes feel like I was just fluking my way through rather than having an 'ah ha' moment and figuring out a tactic, but I made it to the end without using invincibility!