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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, watch the last four or so episodes of season 2 and continue from there (the start of Season 3 has a sum-up of the previous two seasons to fill in the gaps, but I don't think there's anything you wouldn't have figured out already and certainly nothing important). I asked the same question as you elsewhere when I was bouncing off season 1, and that was the overwhelming consensus.
  2. I think he may have been trying to get to "there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand in all Earth's beaches and deserts".
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm not going to click on that spoiler until I've finished S2! Yeah, it still has enough good stuff going on that I can enjoy, I just feel like it's still finding its feet (maybe I'll disagree with JKO and find it massively improves in later seasons!). Anyway, I happened to stick my head into the Thumbs Discord yesterday right when someone was slagging me off for shitting on everything all the time. So in the interest of balance, here are some shows I am watching and enjoying: Two that have been discussed already are Bojack Horseman and Parks & Rec. The former is so dense with different modes of humour but also brings the pathos, the latter is very broad but lovable and feel-good (at least once it suddenly improves a ton towards the end of S2). Two that haven't are Frankie And Grace and Love. The former is a comedy drama with an amazing older cast (Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson, plus a strong supporting cast and some great recurrings like Ernie Hudson, Sam Elliot, Craig T Nelson). It doesn't have a lot of bite, but it's a cosy watch. The latter is a Judd Apatow production and basically feels like the second act of one of his movies carrying on indefinitely (which Bojack would tell you is what his second acts feel like anyway). It's more of a Funny People/This Is 40 vibe than a Knocked Up one; that is to say, it's not so much gregarious and laugh-out-loud funny, more well-observed character stuff.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, you know what, I watched another episode and there are a lot more practical gore effects than I'd thought. I think either the occasional obvious CG effect overshadowed them in my mind, or it was more CG heavy in the early episodes. I'd still like to see a good practical headsplosion though!
  5. Marvel movies

    I wasn't going to watch Black Panther at the cinema, but then Civil War hit Netflix so I spent the bank holiday weekend re-watching that and Winter Soldier so I could go watch BP in preparation for Infinity War. I thought Black Panther was pretty dreadful. Basically, my issues with it were:
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    I didn't mean cheap in a budgetary way, more 'shallow', I guess. Poor choice of word! I'm surprised you've been enjoying the lack of CG though because I've been annoyed by how much it's favoured over practical effects and how crappy it looks! (It was pointed out to me that having crappy CG echoes the movies having a lot of crappy compositing etc, though.)
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just watched Annihilation. There weren't any picture issues on Netflix that I could tell. The movie looks very strange, but purposefully so, I think. Indeed the movie looked gorgeous throughout. Lovely cinematography, tangibly creepy and very impressive production design and really solid effects. The score was great, too. The only issue I had really was story-based: I'm glad I watched it, but I don't think I'll ever go back to it.
  8. Jeff Goldblum

    That is the first (and likely last) Steamed Hams video I have ever watched. I enjoyed it and yet can only imagine it's utterly dull as an ongoing meme.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Just mentioning that Ash vs Evil dead is pretty fun. But it's pretty dumb and the way it handles all the leads is even dumber. Ash is condescending and gross in a Chevy Chase/Pierce Hawthorne way, the mexican sidekick is dim and dependant for most of the time, of course the girl needs saving. But if you have a need for more evil dead stupidity then the show has you covered. I never finished the whole season but i think there is an undercurrent of tongue in cheek self awareness. It just might not be enough to satisfy many people. I'm about halfway through season 1 of Ash Vs Evil Dead and I'm pretty disappointed so far. In making changes to become a tv show rather than Evil Dead 4, it's really lost a lot of the ED feel and turned into a cheap Supernatural knock-off. It still has moments of charm and fun, but I'm really hoping it finds a strong identity soon, even if it's not a carbon copy of the movies. Oh and, incidentally, the sidekick isn't Mexican. I probably wouldn't have realised if he hadn't said it in ep 3, though, and I definitely wouldn't have known he was Honduran if I hadn't Googled it.
  10. I got to episode 5 and I was like "this is three episodes of content stretched out to five". Now I've watched episode 8 and it's still on about three eps of content. It's really frustrating that they let this show get so sluggish and dull.
  11. Jeff Goldblum

    Effortlessly riding the line between creepy and entertaining, as is his wont. I wonder how he feels about the fact that media outlets seem to have realised it's better to just show him a series of things and have him Goldblum about them than to ask him a bunch of promotion-specific questions. I guess it's more fun for him. Wish Aiofe had asked him about that Trespasser ending, though.
  12. Life

    After everything I've heard about your job, hearing this I was relieved and excited for you! Seems like you've got a bunch of transferable skills, a ton of experience and a cool resume (having NUCLEAR POWER PLANT on your CV will always turn heads). So take this opportunity to find a job that challenges and excites you and doesn't treat you like shit. They're out there, so aim your sights high, stride in there and take one! #YOLO
  13. Far Cry 5

    *shakes fist at Clyde* I'll keep my guess spoilered just in case it happens later in the game.
  14. Far Cry 5

    Wait, really? I was kidding, I didn't imagine that could be true! I've gone back and spoiler tagged in case you're serious and Cordeos hasn't caught up on the thread yet.
  15. Telltale Troubles

    EDIT: actually, my reading comprehension failed me here, never mind
  16. Yeah, I'm 4 eps in and feeling the same. I think it gets away with being slow a little more than the other shows, perhaps because I already like the characters or perhaps because the PI set-up lets them move cases and characters in and out rather than introduce the villain up-front and then have them spin wheels for half the season (like Iron Fist with zombie dad and evil lawyer son). But even so, it's really suffering from not having a Kilgrave.
  17. A BotW video

    You made it, so I guess you get to classify it...
  18. The Good Place

    I mentioned Brooklyn Nine Nine in relation to 30 Rock here: and got a few responses. Apparently I might need to skip forward a bit in B99 to avoid my issues with it, but from what I saw, I agree TGP is far superior.
  19. Jeff Goldblum

    Upcoming park sim game Jurassic World Evolution will feature Jeff Goldblum Hopefully he'll only show up to passive-aggressively congratulate/mock the player when they win the game.
  20. Far Cry 5

    The idea of putting assets in from a few of the different franchises is pretty cool.
  21. Filmmaking

    I found celtx pretty easy to use for screenwriting. Iirc, it's cloud-based and lets you share documents etc.
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just find the new Tick show boring, like they decided to parody ultra-serious stuff like Daredevil, but then forgot to put any actual parody or comedy in.
  23. Thank you. The pinterest thing hasn't been bothering me so much, though knowing that general trick will be useful when a particular site is hogging all the results, but the loss of View Image has been very annoying. @Chris - I don't know if this is a gateway to Marmite or an advanced enjoyment method, but I like having it with peanut butter on toast. You have to be very sparing with the Marmite, though, otherwise it overpowers the whole thing. Just a swirl on top.
  24. Filmmaking

    Sounds good!