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  1. Cyberpunk 2077

    I did a double take when I saw that the post preceeding the gameplay trailer is from 2013. Gee willickers. Gameplay looked fine, definitely like a sandbox cyberpunk game, I guess, and boy do they go through a loooot of trouble to make sure you see those extra nicely bump-mapped breasts and asses in close-up. Early on, the narrator combines the words MATURE and VISCERAL, and I very nearly switched the damn thing off. Sure, this is just the marketing, but it doesn't bode well for the actual maturity of this title.
  2. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Congrats with the marrying business! With a month extra I'd say Super Mario Party would be great, but that's out on October 5th. ARMS could be a good fit if you don't mind the teensy bit of cartoon violence. It might skew a bit younger, though.
  3. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    I want to chime in that despite my not yet being particularly hyped for RDR2, as I mentioned above, I did have a grand time playing the first (second) game. What a game and what a scope for that time! The soundtrack was perfect and my favorite activity was shooting armadillos en other wildlife. I remember the story didn't really pan out into the great ways I expected, though the Mexico stuff was fun (if wrong for various reasons).
  4. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    It's funny how learning more about the details of this game, while all sound on their own, serves to take away my enthusiasm. Mainly because I can't help to think: oh yeah, this is the slightly more advanced version of RDR1, and I could just replay that. I'm sure I'm doing it a disservice, but I remember having the exact same feeling of elation and anticipation reading about the first game, and it's weirdly turning me off.
  5. Dead Cells

    The devs have yesterday pledged to tackle the Switch framerate issues, however present. So that'll soon be a thing of the past. [Now all we need is for Capcom to do the same with Mega Man X Collection's slowdown on Switch.]
  6. Yeah, base-jumping, more dune buggy scenes...
  7. Honestly, it's perfectly human to get burned out on doing the same thing for I-don't-know-how-many years, but then be reinvigorated and enthused to do that same thing after a sabbatical. If anything, we'll get a more intense Picard than anything in Nemesis.
  8. Missions Impossible

    I agree on Cavill. He's so tremendously serious and up-right, but maybe that was kind of the point of his casting and character? To have him be that obvious stick in the mud?
  9. !! Had been hearing rumors about this, but it's thrilling to read nonetheless! Jean-Luc Picard returns! What a delightful and necessary character to have reappear in our times!
  10. Missions Impossible

    Alright!! I saw Fallout just now in the cinema. It was great! A really solid spy thriller that takes the viewer seriously (unlike the horrible shit that is Inferno, marginally in the same genre, which I netflixed yesterday). I was also smitten by Vanessa Kirby's character, the White Widow. Goodness, she is a magical presence.
  11. Missions Impossible

    I bless these words from yesteryear.
  12. Missions Impossible

    I've always had a big big weak spot for 3, simply because Philip Seymour Hoffman is the perfect villain. He is a believable menace.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    I also experienced the "Country Roads" thing, and the darndest thing is once you see that, it starts popping up in every other movie. I swear I've seen it used at least three times since. It's truly the new "Who Let The Dogs Out".
  14. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    This calls for a good old-fashioned
  15. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    You did it! What a show to follow you all those years. Those many, many years. Congratulations! But maybe all of these games will feel very differently when you revisit them all, one by one, systematically, in a year or so?
  16. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Well that's just darn cute.
  17. "Cars sucks." - A Pixar Thread

    Oh yeah, I already forgot that I saw Incredibles 2 last week. Maybe that speaks of how forgettable it is. Man, what a waste - it's almost exactly the same movie as the first one. Why bother making a sequel 14 years later when you're not going to say anything new with it? Worse, where the first movie felt topical and fresh, the superhero genre has since seen MASSIVE changes, to the point where it now felt quite dull. Props for the amazing soundtrack though.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    I couldn't help but be so pleased and happy for Terry Gilliam when I saw The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. He finally did it, he made it. And it was a most charming film too. In true Gilliam style, it was an ode to madness and creativity, and the wafer thin line dividing those. It stacks at least three layers high and is meta as heck. It's definitely another 'hate it or love it' type of movie: I saw it at the sneak, adored it to bits, but others walked out or gave it crushing ratings afterwards. I get it. It's a sprawling film in terms of themes and what it does, and you have to be in for that. If you are though - boy, what a treat to see Jonathan Pryce revelling in his rol as Quixote!
  19. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I got the other big release this week: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Missed out on it on Wii U, so I was excited to get it on Switch. It's so charming! Fun little puzzle environments. I'm about a third in (18 out of 50 levels, give or take), but I'm still undecided if this counts as a fun diversion or full course game. I enjoy playing it very very much, but it's rather easy and so far lacks some actual challenge. The only thing I gravely dislike about this game is that they're Charles Martinetting Toad and Toadette up. At the start of each level, Captain Toad announces in his squeeky voice "Let's go on adventure!", and that's the last thing I needed - for him to speak human language in this otherwise completely self-contained world. Their standard gasps and noises are so cute and iconic... I hope it doesn't become canon for Toad to speak. Yeesh.
  20. What's the Name of the Game!?

    I have the exact same thing. Same vibe as Ascendancy! (Edit: now I want to play The Tone Rebellion, based on nothing more than childhood memories. It's bound to be not good, right?)
  21. I would say that Hearthstone is so thoroughly excellent at what it does, there's little room for competitors to improve on that template. Don't know anything about Arena, but if it manages to emulate what Hearthstone does, all the better for it. Dosed, I mean to do Magic on a budget too. I am very wary of plunging back into buying endless boosters - I've been there and it leads to a lot of regrets. I'm sticking to fun preconstructed decks, some pin-pointed Commander and lots of casual play. It helps that I managed to enthuse my partner, so that I'm actually playing it weekly. To be fair though, Blizzard always had a thing for dinosaurs, there're whole areas in World of Warcraft dedicated to them. Ixalan's release may have given them the idea to do this, but it must not have been far from their mind anyhow.
  22. This isn't exactly appropriate for this topic, though kinda, though kinda not, but I recently picked up Magic The Actual Gathering again. Hadn't played it since my teens, but it's funny how the mechanics came back in no time. And, in fact, how learning Magic primed me for every other card game out there. I figured this out when I started teaching some of my friends, who'd never played it before. They had a rough time wrapping their head around the concept of tapping and summoning sickness - which I had always taken as these super obvious mechanics. (Of course they're just as arbitrary as anything.) Anyway, I'm a little miffed that I didn't get back into it a year ago. 2017 had two sets that were exactly my jam: one was Egyptian-themed with mummies and scarabs, the other a jungle filled with dinosaurs. Feathered dinosaurs. That look absolutely bad-ass. (Again, fuck Jurassic Park, fuck it.) It also has conquistador vampires. Luckily, those packs and sets are still available, even if they're going out next year of something, but whatever! I'm playing casual anyway, so I don't care about tournaments and standard legal stuff. Magic rant over!
  23. E3 2018

    As regards to the Nintendo press conference / video, I did very little lid-flipping. Hearing an exhaustive half hour of patch notes for Smash Bros has that not-effect on me.
  24. E3 2018

    I'll be watching the Nintendo conf grenade on a huge ass television with former [N]Gamer magazine colleagues. Will flip my lid if they show cool Metroid Prime 4 stuff.
  25. E3 2018

    Yes, that was slightly puzzling. Skyrim had a rocking entrance, with a full trailer and pumping music and setting, and I believe it was also a little further into development. Bethesda usually isn't keen on letting us wait two or three years, preferring a closer announce-release loop.