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  1. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    Let's see if a permament connection to Bulbapedia is necessary to understand anything other than the basic mechanics
  2. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    Looking forward to it, probably beginning of December or at the earliest, start of November. The starter Pokémon all look fine, with only the grass monkey being a little weird (but still funny). I hope that in terms of gameplay, of which little is announced as of yet, it'll be a little more daring than the traditional linear story forcing you down winding paths. Something slightly more open world would be appreciated. Of course, the real treat [for me] would've been a radical shift like the one Breath of the Wild took, but maybe that's too much to ask. And it may alienate hardcore fans who mainly want the same game again and again. But we'll see! There's plenty room left to surprise us!
  3. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    Well, surely the primary thing you do in this type of game is the Management of Lords, and can there be any more worthy a task than that?
  4. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Anyone try the new Yoshi Yarn Thing demo? I sure did, and it was fun! I know I shouldn't sound so surprised. I got the game demoed to me last year at a Nintendo event, but seeing it in action and playing it are quite different. There's an ineffable quality of fun to it, even in the first level. It's not at all challenging, but it has the same attraction factor as Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, where you're having a good time just solving the relatively easy riddles and puzzles. I might be picking this up, though probably not right away at full price. Though this could sway depending on the reviews. Also, POKÉMON DIRECT TODAY, with most likely the gen 8 reveal. Let's see if it'll be a 'same old thing on the Let's Go Pikach/Eevee technical backbone' or something more ambitious this time around.
  5. Lego Movies

    Visited The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part: Part Deux twice now, like I'm on some kind of goddamn Two-Face scheme. It's fun! I'd say it's just about as accomplished and fun as the first movie, which is quite an achievement. You'd expect the freshness to have worn off, and though it has, here and there, it becomes obvious they can still get tons of mileage from both the world and the (still hilarious) notion of animated Lego minifigs. It's playful and cute and has another 'real world connection'. This time around it's less surprising, but I found myself humming and bopping along and being generally impressed and mightily entertained. I hear it's not doing so well in theatres, maybe due to the shine being off Lego films after Batman and Ninjago releasing in the meantime, the latter only a year ago. Shame, because this is a fun movie. Easily more entertaining than the average mawkish kids' 3D movie with facially over-gesticulating characters (I'm looking at you, Wonderpark trailer).
  6. Ah, it was indeed ep4 then. Luckily we have a more useful way of knowing where we are: counting backwards and forwards from the 'Klingon crap'.
  7. S2 Episode 3 of Disco was yet another good'un! The plot was basically straight out of TOS/TNG (apart from a few obligatory scenes devoted to the overarching story), there was drama and resolution and it pulled at the heartstrings. (The previous episode was, by the by, a giant Klingon-infused angsty mess. This show wildly veers from one to the other right now.)
  8. Netflix Originals

    Ouch, yes. I thought s3 was already reaching, and what I've seen through the slits of my snake-like eyes when my partner was watching, I actively thought was unfunny. The show's world is too absurd to ever really buy into (30 Rock always upheld some semblance of 'this could actually go on behind the studio doors', whereas in Kimmy I never believe these people could exist), but neither does it veer into the sublimely weird, like a Mighty Boosh. And it's a tricky one, because I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine and that's clearly absurd as well, but for some reason that world doesn't fall apart despite using caricatures just as ridiculous.
  9. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    It's clearly "gonna key-your-car!"
  10. Plug your shit

    I agree! I had nothing to do with it, fortunately! I got AniWay's chief designer to take this job, and she's a real professional.
  11. Netflix Originals

    A few years ago I was present at a presentation/performance by Jeff Vandermeer at the Harland Awards in Amsterdam - he seemed like a swell guy and he read us a hilarious tale he wrote.
  12. Plug your shit

    I have a thing to plug! I recently released (and ghost-wrote) this beauty of a book: The Cake Dutchess Modelling Guide: Animals. It's a tutorial and how-to book for cade decoration. I know, it's pretty left field for my usual fare of geeks & gaming, but a friend of mine, Etty, is a professional cake decorator and we worked together to create this. It's come out really handsomely: it's a 152 page hardcover in English that'll teach you the basics and everything you need to make super cute cake toppers like the ones in the picture. If you're looking for a nice Valentine's gift, this might be a cool thing: (Also available on Amazon UK)
  13. Netflix Originals

    Last week I watched Annihilation, and though I was rather disappointed at the time by the dumb plot and gripped with the realization that I really don't like Natalie Portman (no matter what she does, she always comes across as fake and hysterical, which I'm fully prepared to accept as the personal hiccup of me that it is), the movie has stuck in my head. Its visuals are so stark and gorgeous (those exploded fungus scenes!) that they elevate beyond the poor rest of it.
  14. R U Talkin' RE2 Remake RE: ME?

    That's just begging for a mod. X is such a cool dude, he doesn't care.
  15. Friends of mine fall squarely in this category: they hate what they know of Discovery (though they're not watching) and are projecting everything that they like about Star Trek [TNG] on The Orville. Since I haven't watched that last one apart from the first two episodes (which were fine), I can't say definitively whether it's one way or the other. Guess it depends on how much rancor you have about Star Trek being a little more flashy and violent nowadays. But have I mentioned they were talking about the prime directive for a full-length conversation scene yet?
  16. R U Talkin' RE2 Remake RE: ME?

    When I heard about Mr. X (I didn't play RE2 back in the day, only came into the series with 4), this remake went from 'prolly won't play' to 'would love to play if I weren't a huge scaredycat'. I love me some modern style Resident Evil, but it also sounds TENSE AS F.
  17. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I have no idea how the cultural works. Something with tourism, and you have to have more foreign tourists in your nation than you have people going out - because holidays are bad for you? Don't know what the message is there. For my next game (which might be some ways off, this already took me a month), I might go for a smaller map size with fewer civs, so that it ends faster than it did now. What's the most interesting map layout to play on, you find? Fractal? Islands?
  18. If it's that hard, why bother? Not like there's little else on Netflix/tv of quality. Disco season 2 had started! The first two episodes ride the spirit of adventure, captain Pike is a good stand-in for Kirk (bringing much the same energy and we're all so concerned he's gonna die over here) and holy shit did they just have an honest, minute-long conversation about the prime directive? This is starting to sound like actual Star Trek. Not that it stops the characters from doing some dumb shit and acting illogically, slaves to dramatic tension rather than their actual selves - which always comes across as phony. Don't give me characters like Burnham withholding information just to create interpersonal conflict, while there's no good reason for it! But I guess that's more of a '2019 television' thing, because heaven forbid there isn't angsty tension every second. What I wasn't prepared for was how I'd missed thse characters. Seeing Saru, Tilly and Stamets on the tv is a genuine pleasant feeling. I'll be happy to continue watching.
  19. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I can't help you with why your domination victory didn't work! This weekend I FINALLY got the religious victory I pursued, and it was a lot better than winning in Civ 5: you get a nice movie and Sean Bean telling you what a great job you did. That's fun. I totally owned the Aztec with my aforementioned strategy, though I have to confess I played at Prince and he didn't put up much of a fight in the end as I swarmed him with apostles and seized city after city. I'll do domination next. Maybe you need to wait a few turns, or you missed a capital? I don't know Civ 6 well enough to say that it's a bug or the victory goes deeper than conquering capitals.
  20. Half-Life 3

    At this point, I don't even want Half-Life 3 anymore. You had your chance, boys!! The camel's back is now fractured and the bucket is submerged in a lake of tears.
  21. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I've considered my strategy: I'll create two strike teams of apostles and gurus, backed up by missionaries for the actual conversion. Before attacking, I'll try to drain some of the Aztec's inquisitors by converting a satellite city they have on a faraway island and hope the AI will fall for the ruse. Then I'll convert the requisite handful of preselected cities I need to secure the religious victory. It'll take some twenty turns to prepare, but I'm going to gamble on nothing dramatically shifting during that time. I'm playing on Prince, so it's not all that hard and the AI is barely aggressive.
  22. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Civ 6 Switch update: Played some more, still digging it. After looking up some youtube playthroughs, I discovered so many little details about playing this game that I never would've known otherwise... it's brought my religious victory a lot closer. I was butting heads with two other civs going for religion (or "missionary style" as I'd like to call it), without going anywhere. My main opponent (Aztec) kept spamming inquisitors to undo any push in their territory. Fortunately, I hadn't yet tried to proselytise England, so just today I was able to catch them off-guard. I surrounded their cities with missionaries and one battle-ready pack of appostles backed by gurus. Within three turns I'd simultaneously converted their entire civ, presumably blocking off their ability to pump out any more apostles or inquisitors of their faith. With that out of the way, I'll turn my attention to the Aztec now, the last remaining non-shinto civ... and a tough foe to beat. Their lands are swarming with zealots. I've tried to get other civs to stamp them out of existence twice, but these wars didn't lead to anything. My best bet will be to do the same as I did with England: swarm them with missionaries until I have <50% of their cities, possibly donating some of my own cities to tip the balance. It'll be tricky, but it's my only shot.
  23. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Sounds pretty reasonable. Sunshine somewhere this summer (perfect game for it), Galaxy 1 + 2 next year to tide us over, maybe Mario Maker in between, then Odyssey 2 near the end of the switch life cycle, possibly overlapping with Switch2U.
  24. Life

    Welcome to SEASONS, my friend! Enjoy, and also the adventure in New Zealand!
  25. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    We all have our preferences! And I am half-interested in at least trying out New Supes Wii U, pity there's no demo. I wonder what kind of Mario Nintendo will make next. Odyssey felt really complete, to the point that it wasn't particularly begging for a follow-up. I mean: I'd be thrilled if it came to it! But wouldn't mind them going in a different direction. Looking at their history, they do seem to settle on a particular style for Mario and then exploit that in a handful of games. Galaxy -> Galaxy 2, New -> New Wii -> New 2 -> New Wii U. We might be looking at a sequel to Odyssey, somewhere down the line, say 2020. But it's fine. There's no dearth of Mario games, especially with all the remasters coming up. REMASTER SUNSHINE, NINTENDO. AND DO A GALAXY DOUBLE PACK IN HD.