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  1. Idle Thumbs Interference ARG?!

    Ususally these glitches just happen when your soundcard latency can't keep up with whatever you're recording (or something like that that a more technical person can actually explain correctly).. ..but oviously the correct answer is that this is Frog Fractions 2.
  2. Oh. Those are the zombies Mr. Puffin will be punching.
  3. Oh shit! D: Spoooooooooky!
  4. You can just go ahead and feed all the replies to this thread to the judges response dialogue system. "Loving them pipes!" "Whoah these pipes are looking pretty pretty."
  5. [Participation Agreement] The Clone Progenitors

    I put my name in the google doc, but yeah I'm in!
  6. No Man's Sky

    Hoooly shit! The first update, the Foundations Update, is a doozy! I love everything in this video. Bases, Freighters, Terregen Algorithm Improvements, Graphical Improvements, STACKABLE ITEMS!, Normal/Survival/Creative modes! SO many good things.
  7. Started working on the camera! Holy shit, third-person cameras are complicated fuckers! It auto-adjusts when the players is running, but I still need to do some raycasting to make sure it doesn't go behind walls! But this is really starting to feel like a game!
  8. Oh yeah! Thanks to InControl I was able to quickly setup input! It's super easy. And after some Mecanim tutorials Mr. Puffin now runs around!
  9. I'm painting it in Cinema4D, where you can just paint on it in the viewer! Most important animation, the Idle state, is done! Oh, and running.
  10. Instead of actually making a run animation and some environment I played around with cloth some more. I'm never going to finish this. D:
  11. The Dark Castle was Mr. Puffin's mind all along...
  12. [RELEASE] The Hypersonic Effect

    Oh my, that is already so good looking. So much good game feel! Fantastic work, zero!
  13. Thanks! I'm doing some hand-painted normal maps for this. I'm almost there, although some of the shadows are slightly too blobby instead of being a more sharp shape. But close! EDIT! Better normal map, more sharp shadows! Lovely!
  14. Model is finished! Now I need a run cycle and some sort of environment for him to run in!
  15. My art test from last night.
  16. Ahhh, thanks everyone. Here's the first attempt at dialogue wheel.
  17. First, exclusive, look at annoying business guy in the seat next to you:
  18. Also, here is the full (unfinished) airplane view drawn on top of a spherical projection 3d render!
  19. And they also showed what one must assume was local wireless multiplayer in the trailer, with the NBA 4-player multiplayer.
  20. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    If it does have touchscreen (quite handy for menus and such when in tablet mode) it could just be a situation where some games have a different tablet-mode and TV-mode. So, say Mario Maker (and Nintendo would be foolish not to have Mario Maker on this) would have level editing when in tablet mode and no level editing when in the dock. The same rumours that predict there's a touchscreen suggest that Nintendo has a mandate that all games must work on both tablet and dock mode and with controllers and whatnot, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have to be identical in all modes.