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  1. No Man's Sky

    Well, I preordered because 1) I think the game looks fun and 2) It amuses me to annoy price whiners by helping the game sell.
  2. No Man's Sky

    People who care about lines of code as a metric are hilarious to me. It's basically the worst way to measure performance. Fun fact: My net LoC at my actual job is negative.
  3. GDC '16 / SF thumbs hang out

    Also, food.
  4. I still miss the Jazzy 150-200 theme - why not just overlay a 'Video Games' onto the and call it a day?
  5. Please tip your postmate

    Several people reported this thread, and normally I'd agree and shut it down, but it looks like we've come to a point of civility again, so I'll leave it open. But seriously, yikes. What a garbage thread in the middle. Be adults, please.
  6. One Day In San Fransisco

    Nah I think those are in order.
  7. Please tip your postmate

    It's not a co-op, sorry
  8. Please tip your postmate

    Worth noting that unlike Uber, Lyft does let you tip at the end of a ride. ...and if you're in San Francisco, consider signing up for Scoot Networks instead of using Postmates. They're a pretty awesome way to run errands. And I'm not sharing a referral code, so you can trust me
  9. One Day In San Fransisco

    Where's the wedding? Up north? If you'll have a rental car and are interested in redwoods, I'd strongly encourage you to check out the Armstrong state reserve. It's at least as majestic as muir woods, but is infinitely less crowded. It's further away, but you can have a nice drive home down highway 1 south and do some other cool stuff along the way: If you want a nice photo-friendly view of the golden gate, I'd suggest hitting up Crissy Field. It's easy to walk to (or otherwise get to) and isn't as crowded as the official bridge overlooks: For real, please don't bother with Fisherman's Wharf.
  10. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I'm going to go ahead and close this, as I'm not sure a 300+ page GG-watch megathread is really helping anyone anymore, but I'd say if people want to make new threads for specific topics, go for it.
  11. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Yeah, I'm kind of curious what the continued value of this thread is. I think we all agree that GG and its friends are gross, so what's going on in here?
  12. Do not look at the cube. Tell no-one of the cube. Do whatever the cube tells you to do.
  13. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    Argggg no, I'm two behind now
  14. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    The Alamo Drafthouse had a premiere event where they showed an old episode (voted on by the audience), All This and Gargantua II, and then the season six premiere.
  15. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    To be fair, we were all already puzzling over the weird way the theater ended that Venture Brothers showing. An additional confusing mystery was one mystery too many.
  16. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    It confused the hell out of Jake.
  17. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    Pastelón is delicious. You can also serve the meat mixture (aka picadillo) over rice for a lazier option
  18. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    I made a pretty basic lasagne, with hot Italian sausage and spinach: First I stripped the sausage from its casings, broke it apart, and browned it up in a dutch oven: Then I added a diced onion, some oregano, a bit of thyme, and let it go for a bit until the onion softened up. Then I added a large can of crushed tomatoes: I let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes until it lost that raw tomato taste, then added salt and pepper and put it aside: In the meantime, I sautéed some spinach with a bit of nutmeg (a quality secret ingredient for greens in cream sauces like creamed spinach): Also in the meantime, I mixed ricotta cheese with some shredded parmesan cheese and an egg, and my girlfriend shredded a pile of mozzarella cheese. Behold the mise en place: Once the spinach cooled enough to be touchable, I chopped it up and pressed most of the water out with paper towels, then added it to the ricotta mixture: Then begins the layering. Basic order is sauce, noodle, ricotta, sauce + mozzarella (sauzzarella), noodle, ricotta, sauzzarella. I used oven-ready noodles, because although I mistrust them it's what was in stock and I didn't care to make another stop for groceries: Here's a side view of the final stack before going in the oven: Baked it covered with foil for about 45 minutes, then uncovered for about 10 more to brown the cheese a bit. Here's a side view coming out of the oven: And sliced up: Also a photo of the negative lasagna space (NLS) because it looks nice:
  19. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    Are you a monster?
  20. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    Also, I hope you like everything and that it didn't get too abused during shipping. I tried really hard to remember what I didn't see on shelves last time I was in the UK.
  21. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    No, I got him delicious candy instead of vile waxy garbage.
  22. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    I think a concept rather than a specific recipe is way more fun. More fun results to look at, and more new recipes to learn. Even vague prompts like "stew" or "casserole" would be pretty fun.
  23. Minecraft

    Please write into with all of this!
  24. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    I've made this a number of times and been super happy with it (though I use dairy in the potatoes because I'm omnivorous):