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  1. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    This is the first Wizard Jam I've followed/participated in - I took the Showcase Weekend™ opportunity this morning to play through pretty much all the Mac-playable submissions, and I'm glad I did. There are some real gems in there! Thought about trying to stream, but setting up and commenting on an actually-good stream is real work.
  2. [Release] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Neat game, and nice art style!
  3. Yep, it's 1.0.2. The time I ran into it was after I had quit once back to the main menu and started again, so maybe the game was still in a weird state?
  4. I hope someone with the right setup streams some gameplay of this, because it looks amazing.
  5. [Dev Log] Hamburger Mode (Now live!!!!!)

    I said all games need a Hamburger Mode and after playing through this I still stand by that statement. Also I heard all the text in this game in Chris Remo's voice.
  6. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Ahhh okay, I didn't
  7. [Release] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    The voiceover work and writing in this game are fantastic. I rate this game: Better Than The Witness.
  8. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Great tie-in of the podcast!
  9. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    Enjoyed Goldblum mode and all the arcade cabinets. Reminded me of the Regular Show arcade games: I could see things getting really crazy/silly with a Twitch stream of this.
  10. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    This is a slick little tower defense game.
  11. [RELEASE] Dear Mom

    Wow, this game is super fun! Ran smoothly for me. Wasn't expecting those plot twists - red herrings everywhere!
  12. Great graphical style! Also a nice touch that enemy bullets will also damage enemies. Would be great if you could get them to go full Doom-monster-infighting.
  13. Nice, and good ridiculous sound effects! I think I ran into a bug (Mac version) where I never got any more enemies after I cleared the first "wave". Also my Majestic Blast™ wasn't working or making any noise. Quitting and reloading seems to have fixed it.
  14. [Release] Order Order

    This is exactly what I thought as well. Great concept and artistic style!
  15. [Released ] The Wizard

    This game looks super cute and the devlog GIFs/images are great. I was a little bummed that the itch.io page indicates it will play on Mac/Linux, but there's only a .exe in the .7z - maybe I'm missing something? It seems to run pretty well in Wine, though. Looking forward to coming back to this later and playing more of it, since there seems to be a lot there.