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  1. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    The art is especially nice in this game. I can echo the idea of adding a skip button. A couple times I tried to mash escape to skip repeated dialog before my brain remembered how to work. Besides that the game is fun, but a bit frustrating without the ability to skip dialog.
  2. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    It was fun to play along with this game on stream! I also played it, but without other players it somewhat defeats the purpose. My only criticism controls are fairly counter-intuitive (most tetris clones I've played have spacebar as quick drop, up as rotate, and down as slow drop). This seems like it would be a lot of fun to play with a couple other people, so I'll try to get a real session in at some point.
  3. Link to final version This is my second day working on a game inspired by the latest Important If True podcast "The Pizza, the Bee, and the Trash Can". The plan is to make a game based on trying to survive swarms of bees using traps (which will include a trash can in some capacity). I've chosen to use roughly drawn cartoon style images facing the camera, mostly because it is within the scope of my art ability. So far, I've mostly worked on bee behavior (which is still far from perfect). Next up is making the bees respect solid objects and to let bees sting the player.

    Haha I've played this game far more than what might be called healthy. It is very fun and feels great! I will try to record a run, but I'm not sure I have enough free hard drive space to store enough footage before I get a good run. I've thought of some feedback while I was playing, but with games like this, most of this feedback is just frustration at the end of a good run. The red obelisks hugging the wall is a bit annoying, but at least it doesn't kill. For everything else, I am usually able to keep my combo on a good run, but the obelisks and big triangles are definitely the hardest to keep a combo against. The only other thing is that the clear enemies power-up sound effect and the death sound effect sound very similar, so close calls can be a bit confusing.
  5. @getinthedamnbox Thanks for the help! I tried using some a couple of those techniques, but couldn't get the result I wanted with the sample I had. Next time I will try following those steps. Based on your feedback, I uploaded a new version with a few changes. I added a small particle effect to the bee when it is hit. I also increased the honey capacity so it should feel a bit more intuitive.
  6. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    The changes make it feel even better. With the new version, I was able to get up to 2800, but I'll try to get higher over the weekend. Not sure I could ever reach 44550 though.
  7. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Very cool game! I'm glad you included the original colors with the option to change it up. Relating to the score, it would be nice if the game kept track of your highscore, even if just within a session and told you when you got a session high score so that the user doesn't have to look at the score between each run. With games like this I am always tempted to go straight back into the game instead of checking the score first. On the same token, there is a time between when the gameover screen shows and when pressing down actually opens a new game. Preferably, I would want to be able to go immediately back into the game after losing. As far as the actual gameplay is concerned, it's very fun once you get a handle on the controls. The only thing that confused me was how the umbrella enemy worked. What I gathered is that you can use your falling sword attack on her, but she will stab you after a couple seconds. However, it seems like if you already have an enemy on you sword, she will attack you immediately and if you have her on the blade and another enemy gets on, she will also attack immediately. The first case makes sense, but the second two cases feel a bit inconsistent. Personal High Score: 2100

    It looks like you forgot to include the game on EDIT: It's up now
  9. Thank you for the feedback! Programming how the honey works is a bit of a balancing act, so I can see why it would seem like it isn't working. The way I have it coded, when the bees are looking for a new target (honey or player), they go to the nearest one unless the honey in question is already occupied by 20 bees. Maybe that number should be higher, but I just don't want 800 bees all fighting for the same bowl of honey. I could also make it so honey takes further priority over humans, but there is also a balancing act there because I don't want bees traveling across the map to get honey. I am definitely open to feedback on improving how the honey works to make it more intuitive. The net is a bit of an acquired skill. I'm generally able to survive unscathed (for the most part) by sprinting backwards while swinging. Still, it is my hope that as the waves get bigger it becomes impossible (or just very skill intensive) to survive just using the net. The bee sounds were actually much less of a problem than I expected. I haven't done much with audio in the past so this was good experience. It turns out that seamless versions of recorded audio is very difficult to create, so I just settled for a longer, imperfect recording of a bee and hoped the recording was long enough so that the seem isn't noticeable unless you are facing a single bee.
  10. Great game on all counts! It looks and plays great. The warping back to the second terminal was definitely a good choice. I played on the normal difficulty and found it to be fairly challenging, mostly due to the lack of checkpoint. It took me an embarrassingly long time for me to figure out how to wall jump, but I'm sure that is just my ineptitude.
  11. I updated the game to use G as the honey placement key and now it shows an indication when the player tries to place honey without having any. Thanks again to Ben X for the feedback which lead to this clarification.
  12. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    This is great! Everything looks and sounds very professional. I also got stuck on the mountain part, but I eventually figured it out by process of elimination. Maybe I'm just impatient, but I felt like the character was a bit too slow even while holding shift.
  13. Very true, thank you for your help. I will change that in the weekend showcase version.
  14. Did you try pressing 1 while grounded? The honey attracts some bees to it so that you can dispose of them without being attacked.
  15. Thank you. I will try adding a bit of description to how the honey works to the page. Most likely, you didn't have any honey when you tried to place it down. They should unlock as a random drop as you kill bees (although there is no indication for this). I included the number of items available in the bottom right corner of the honey icon, but it isn't quite clear that this is the number of honey available. Since people are doing some polishing up to this weekend, I may use that time to make it more clear.
  16. Very nice game. I love the aesthetic (and the game over sequence is a nice touch). I found a small bug: the cursor does not reappear when the player reaches the game over screen (but the player is still able to control it).
  17. I finished everything up and published the game. Here is the page.
  18. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    The jelly blobs and towers look great. I'm not sure how much of this you have done so far, but you might be able to fix your UI issue by adding a scaler to your UI canvas and anchoring all your UI elements to the correct edge. That worked for me, at least.
  19. Thanks everyone I haven't made many updates recently because I was mostly working on odds and ends. I now have a nice functional main menu, proper bounds around the play area, the beginning of a proper game-mode, some sound, a minimal hud, and a butterfly net. The net is super hard to use and looks pretty weird, so more work is needed there. I tried to do some optimization, but it turns out that my inefficient hack that I put together at the beginning of the project is faster than well-made code. Go figure. I've thought of some other optimizations, but they are lossy and would be time-consuming to program, so I'll hold off for now. So the current cap for bees is around 800 at 60 fps (on my machine), which is less than I wanted, but good enough. I wish I could do some operations in a separate thread, but Unity does not play nice with it, so it probably wouldn't make the game any faster.
  20. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    It's nice to see a tabletop game in the jam. A Tabletop Simulator version would be especially great for the Showcase Weekend.
  21. [Dev Log] Unsubscribe - No Advertising, Please

    Sounds like a great idea for a game. Have you considered using a 3rd-party level editor? It might make designing levels easier.
  22. I started hacking together some traps. I am not quite happy with any of them yet, but it is a start. Once I improve the logic of the honey trap, then I will be able to work on some more interesting traps. On the other hand, the bomb/petard seems good enough already (except for the placeholder explosion). I'm not sure how placing traps should work in the final version. Right now, it just places the trap at your feet and doesn't collide with the player, but later on it might be placed by clicking on the desired spot. The other thing I need to figure out is how to format the gameplay. I'm not sure if I want it to be wave based, with all the bees starting out already spawned, wave based with gradual spawning, or just a more highscore style with bees constantly spawning at an increasing rate and points being awarded for each bee killed. Finally, sound design might be the trickiest part. Footsteps, bombs, and music seem fairly straightforward with the help of royalty-free websites, but bees will be trickier as they need to sound seemless.
  23. [Dead] Hold on to your B.U.T.T.O.N

    I tried the game out and it seems like it would be fun with friends. The issue you are referring to is keyboard ghosting. I recommend looking at the microsoft article on the topic. It includes a nice visualization of the keyboard to show where it ghosts. EDIT: My keyboard has some decent anti-ghosting, but for normal keyboards you could, in theory, provide a test which would see if the user's keyboard has significant ghosting. In case of a simpler keyboard, it would probably be fairly easy to write a test to calculate its layout. If you know the layout, then you can stop the program from telling the user to press keys which would cause it to ghost. I guess alternatively you could include a skip button, but that might be hard to press while playing.
  24. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    Wow, that looks great!
  25. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    The art looks great so far. Are you planning for it to be networked, local, or vs ai?