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  1. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    create a map out of nick breckons face should have been a diversifier.
  2. [Release] And That's Why The Skeleton Farts That Way

    Doppee, info tower is my fav. I like how despite being on a throne the gobbler still looks its usual nervous, pained self.
  3. [Released] Sit in a Row and Stare at the Wall

    hahaha I dig the robot, though it makes me =(
  4. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    Love it. God, I know that crisis feeling, had one on saturday haha.
  5. [Released ] The Wizard

    Appreciate the nice words yall A few gifs mainly featuring stuff I did yesterday. Stove, cart interior, puffer thing.. Its all ok. I wasn't too happy with the cart interior, it seems a bit dull and doesn't reflect the trade cart medieval hotdog truck vibe I wanted but it'll do. I like the little puffer though. Yesterday I also animated some stuff for putting shit in the cauldron and the water surface itself. Its a particle mess now, some time ill do a particle pass and get everything up to scratch. If anyone has any tips for how things should look im all ears. The flames for instance are OK, but could def be more cartoony, im not really sure how though. Anyway, today I made a ton of Character and item models. A weird thing i'm unsure about is whether the characters should all have the weird bodyheadhood thing that the old man has or expose their skin as it currently is. It seems like having the face enclosed in the circle makes it cuter but Idk. Itd be hard to incorporate with hair too. Probably a stupid thing to worry about.
  6. [Release] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    Swweet, I like the little hand shift on the gun.
  7. The Power of 45 Brains

    That mirror room is incredible. Hope I can run it.
  8. [Release] Nick Breckons: 1, Mackle: More

    ugh bummer, hope it works out.
  9. [Release] Carved the eyes out of my head

    lol that title, I like your idea, cant wait to see where it goes.
  10. [Released ] The Wizard

    Worked on the end of day score page thing. Looks pretty ugly but I did add a drawing feature. Now you can sign your wizard name like the incompetent wizard you are. The quills a quick grab of google, so its a little out of place. Formal complaints are made when you harm a customer vvv I gave up on picture bubbles, I dont have the artist skill for anything abstract. Instead iv implemented a kind of weird assortment of hint words. It reminds me of a captcha. Also I have a wart ailment which can be seen on the old man in the gif as well the wart potion effect which you can see being blasted in those poor people's faces.
  11. [Released] Suddenly, the King of France!

    hahaha I love the window busting. Honestly these egg cretins are terrifying.
  12. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks yall. Today I don't know what I did, it was one of those days you get stuck on something tiny and it seems like the whole thing is falling apart. It worked out though, I implement the different facial expression system which is really janky under the hood but whatever I didnt think it through enough and there's no going back haha. Also fixed the bell dictating whether the customer customer can leave or not. Now when you've delivered the potion they will react, begin to leave, pay(or not),leave... then the player can hit the bell to summon the next person. It was a little weird before that hitting the bell forced them to move, although I kind of miss it because hitting the bell and seeing the coins appear was satisfying.. Maybe I should go back? Infact I could make the whole thing a little more abstract and have the customers wizz into their position, administer potion, reaction/indicate, then wizz away again when the bell is pressed. It was more satisfying feeling wise, but probably doesn't fit the tone of the game... Ill sleep on it and see.

  14. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Looks great! Im dying to see a character be hoisted animation and all. As for polishing, I know what you mean. The thing is I have no idea if ill get everything done on time so im avoiding getting each piece perfect until I have a enough game to feel safe.
  15. The Power of 45 Brains

    Lightgod Breckon is eternal. Wow, props for making your own engine. The reflection stuff is sweet too, cant wait to see it finished !
  16. [Released ] The Wizard

    Also Spider daddy never sleeps
  17. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks JTerry, So today I implemented a proper walking animation which was a bigger pain than expected. I ended up using unity navigation stuff. I also have the time limit system set up. When the day ends a guard comes and forces you to close shop for the night. There's a bit of UI in there too but its just the bones. Speech bubbles? Im thinking the non ui ones will contain symbols representing the characters intent while the UI bubble is a upgrade magical-wizarding-device that reads minds or something. Not sure what to do yet hence both being present and jarring. I made a clock too with a cute face. Itl be the main means of indicating time to the player. Iv been trying to keep UI to an absolute minimum incorporating as much as I can in the scene itself. Im hoping this forces the player to do everything with some degree of intention. Rather than being able to glance into the corner of the screen they have to at least mouse over the relevant object to see its value. Time is the main resource so ill try force the player to manage it carefully. The protagonist is afterall a mere apprentice wizard filling in for their master, bumbling about and fucking things up. Anyway it seems like ill be done with the core this week so I can spend the next getting assets finished and pretty(ish). For now bedtime.
  18. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    Dope! cant wait for this jelly.
  19. [Release] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    Those computes are ace.
  20. [Released ] The Wizard

    Yesssssss please. A bat wing would be sweet! If you can send the blend file thatd be ideal. Ill probably switch up the textures to match the other objects if that's cool.
  21. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    Dope, im looking forward to playing.
  22. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    This looks great, cool style.
  23. [Released ] The Wizard

    OH NO
  24. [Released ] The Wizard

    Coin system now in place.
  25. [Release] Classic Dogs & Demons

    I love the dogs, all of them.