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  1. ISC's Dev Thread

    Im going to expand this thread from just art to a general bloggy random crap hole. Messing around with ideas for my next project. Drew some sketches of a team based racing thing in minecarts. I like the idea of being fixed to the track changing the way overtaking would work. . Also working with other players within the cart would be cool, one person on the cart brakes and hitting track switches, another takes care of fighting, another repair... I dont think ill actually do anything with it though.
  2. [Released ] The Wizard Hey yall, So i'm thinking a game where you play as an incompetent wizard apprentice. Sent by your ailing master you manage the old wizards trade cart at the kings yearly festival. From this cart you concoct then serve each customer with a potion for their ills. The festival lasts a week and you take the game day by day, your progress reflected in letters from the stern master. Brainstorm/How will this work?: You are movement locked in your cart and have access to a large variety of objects. Each object can be picked up and put in your cauldron. When ready the player can serve the potion from the cauldron to the customer. Each day functions as a level, much like papers please. For this jam ill aim on finishing only one day but I might make more if this game is actually fun. A range of object types.. Guff (beasts heart, troll skull,mushroom, etc): the bread and butter, each has a handful of attached meanings( Beasts Heart: love, beast, heart, blood); Essences( Essence of absences, Essence of presence): These define one of two ways the potion interact with the customer. One adds one subtracts. Books/scrolls(tomes of ancient ill meaning, wizards guide to potions, etc): These include tips for the player as well as recipes for more extreme cases. Some can be dangerous to use, invoking dark magic. These too can be added to the potion but usually for little gain. The loop is something like : Customer indicates illness(Warts) > You devise a treatment(toad combined with the essence of absence) > The customer reacts accordingly(the warts disappear or not) > You know how to treat warts for future cases, next customer with new illness> repeat until the end of the day where the player is presented with a summation of their earnings and customer happiness. > The master scolds you via letter > next day. Interaction is straightforward, this isn't surgeon simulator.. The challenge is similar to PP in that you have to calmly work through the process curing colds, lonely hearts etc while also dealing with curveballs. A wrong ingredient can have unintended consequences. I don't entirely know how this is going to work. I am afraid. But whatever Ill give it a go. Anyway looking forward to everyone filling this jam with dopeness. Good luck humans. EDIT: If any one wants to send me 3d objects to include feel free. Suggestions for weird items is welcome too.
  3. How to back up your game projects with GIT

    Upbump for usefulness, thanks Hedgefield Sticky maybe?
  4. [Released ] The Wizard

    Hey thanks Dino 😊 Iv putzed around on unity but this was the first project I got past the base stuff and actually finished. Also thanks for streaming Phil, watching people play is sooo useful for ironing out the crud. 👍
  5. [Release] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Nice write up! I don't have a controller so I don't think I can play. I tried a bunch of keys but nay, no dice.
  6. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks for the feedback folks. Im going to make a list out of everyone's suggestions and knock it all down. Sooo with the jam weekend behind us I now have to decide whether to put more work into this thing or abandon it. On the one hand I have a ton of other game ideas I want to start working on. On the other i'd like this to be a fully fleshed out thing worth playing. ... I don't know. I'll do a few more updates and then we'll see. Anyway. This update I got the monkey paw working! If your unsure what the customer wants try the monkey paw. You can use it three times until it.. err.. nevermind. Unlike an actual monkeypaw there is currently no drawback per wish, but I may change that in the future. If I do include a drawback mechanism Im thinking on a larger scale than just customer. Maybe it makes you deaf, maybe slows time, maybe makes you colorblind. Im not sure. Probably random roll something. Iv also done a bunch of tuning. Iv read all the feedback and while I haven't addressed it all yet its been invaluable.
  7. ISC's Dev Thread

    Been busy with wizjam but heres an update Bought an intuos draw about a month ago and just doing gesture while I work on game stuff. Heres something from this week I used dropper a fair bit for colors so the shadings pretty cheaty. The dudes face is pretty bad, I gave him a beard just to cover the awful lower face but whatever I wanted something to post.

    Those high scores are insane, im like 50th. Love it though, good to see it being played a ton. Also your music is always dope Zero so proppsss !
  9. [Released ] The Wizard

    haha that clunkiness is my incompetence. Not really intentional, just the result of trying to use my noob hands to make a pick up drop system. I really appreciate the feedback, my current mission is to dejank this thing.
  10. [Release] Nick Breckons: 1, Mackle: More

    Yuss! Im looking forward to playing this tomorrow.
  11. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks for the feedback Brendon :). Thats really useful info about the book, ill have a go smoothing that out.
  12. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks ! I got my evil wizard imposter working. This old rival will steal your superior potion ingredients if you serve him. His jealousy knows no bounds and he will disguise himself in order to receive your aid and then snatch your belongings. A few bugs fixed and the tutorial post it notes were shuffled around.
  13. [Release] Super Hollyweedland

    Just wanted to add plus 1 for the nostalgic mischief vibe. In particular the guitar playing person over the city was a really nice touch.
  14. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks Ben. Particularly appreciate the comment on character, its something I was going after. Update:Patched some of the core breaking things. Should be able to go through to the end now haha. Big ups to everyone for the sweet content, im going to play yall games this weekend.
  15. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    Ill have another go at it and let you know, I didnt spend ages trying and iv been stuck in adventure games wayyy longer so ill have another crack. Haha how about an air horn and then the space jam song, thatd fit the tone right ?
  16. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    Fabian this is sweet. My computer can only just run it but its great. Im very envious of your movement/interaction stuff, mines so jank. There was an issue starting a game when I first loaded it up, I restarted and it worked but I thought id mention it. Also im on the mountaintop when the thing wont power up and not sure what to do, should I head back down? . Also I scored a hoop with the bball. Top notch
  17. [Release] Super Hollyweedland

    I dug that, short and sweet
  18. [Released ] The Wizard

    Some gifs
  19. [Released ] The Wizard

    Alright my brain is made of jello but its time for a quick writeup. Firstly, this is more than unfinished. I basically managed to close the experience from one end to another but that's about it. Aside from endless bugs there's a lot of temp assets/writing and useless objects that dont do anything. For instance I never got around to doing a pass over the particle fx, some bubbles work others dont. The writing for descriptions I did was mostly within the last 8 hours and I know for sure its a mess. A lot of objects don't do anything and haven't been hooked up properly too. Then the seas of bugs that cause odd behaviour such as characters rotating slightly and the puffer getting stuck down. I am however pretty pleased with how far I got, I kind of thought I would fail at this but most of my idea has made it. I have to say though Im not sure this is actually going to be a fun game, which is fine, in my next project ill do better. If you play till the end congrats and sorry for the exit game button which I now realise doesn't actually work. Now its time for a rest.
  20. [Released ] The Wizard

    Aeee and I helplessly fumbled at my itchio page as the timer ticked over, though I think through unsavoury bribery itle still find its way there. I am a tired human after little sleep for the past few days. EDIT : it works now and i had actually uploaded it fine im just a fool.
  21. [Release] A Thousand Dormant Machines

    That's so unsettling in the best way.
  22. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    daymn, <3 your asset creation game is strong.
  23. [Release] Cruisin' for a Word that Rhymes With Cruisin'

    I cant handle. its good, very good.
  24. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    i dig bigly. this color scheme has a pingpong table vibe
  25. [Released ] The Wizard

    Thanks yal! A couple of gifs from the previous few days, Iv been making the meat and veg ailments/solutions. Got all sorts: cures for the blind, immortality, broken heart remedies. Heres an escaped prisoner tailed by the devil. I doubt this isn't going to be janky when im done id hoped to polish it a little but i think ill be lucky to get it all tied up. Heres the inventory book, still a shambles and missing many things. Anyway, a few more ailment/potion object stuff, filling the inventory book then on to sound and the intro sequence. Also I need to peruse the devlogs again, iv been so busy.