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  1. Things are still going very slowly, lots of annoying and distracting stuff happening.


    Making cutscenes is completely new territory to me, so I'm not sure how to quite approach it. Currently all the timing is simply hard-coded in a script but it makes tweaking a bit cumbersome. But it mostly works, so I'll stick with it for the duration of this jam, i think.


    The car approaches:




    This weekend I'll focus on making some plants, they will play a very important part in constructing the environment, and I'm still unsure how to best do it.


    I also need to cut the scope wayyy down. For now I'll focus on getting the intro sequence on the street done and maybe try to build the radio tower location.

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    I need these words of encouragement, things have not been going well in the last days. After work I'm often simply not in a state to really do any productive jamming, something I had not really expected. So thing have been going slow as is.

    But just now I also discovered that the camera control system I have built is actually broken. And then i fixed it. Complaining in Slack has once again worked wonders.



    With that stuff seemingly working i was able to create the intro 'cutscene':




    I want to use those 'cinematic' bars to show the player when they don't have control.

    Pretty happy that I made some progress today, despite that rocky start.

  3. So far I've done only programming, so there's nothing to show.

    Got the subtitle system to a state that only breaks sometimes in pretty specific circumstances, I'll leave it at that for now.

    Also had to make a character controller from scratch, the Unity one was too convoluted and I need to take control of the camera for the cutscenes. It's still very basic but now I can rotate the player's view without weirdly snapping to a position.


    With these things done, i can start working on the intro sequence. Not sure how to best coordinate it but Unity's timeline feature seems made for it. Time to learn how that works.

  4. 5c38b307e3818_Devlogtitle.png.3c310a08270fd3dd66f6928faca4173c.png


    It's done: https://zirrrus.itch.io/tfe-wj8




    I'll continue working on my previous entry. During the last jam I simply didn't have enough time and the result was pretty disappointing to me. I ended up just dropping the project and so I can just pick up where I left off.


    These are my current goals for this project:

    • Basic, reusable systems for interaction with objects - basic framework still exists from last jam
    • UI system for displaying subtitles, hover text etc with proper transitions - already made a bunch of progress(I sneakily did some pre-jamming)
    • A simple starting cutscene/intro sequence - sequence of events is planned with some ideas on how to actually make them happen
    • A somewhat cohesive narrative/quest - very basic structure is planned, might need to cut down the scope
    • Learn how to make video game foliage - this is really difficult, actually...

  5. 20 hours ago, fabian said:

    Just played it, nice atmosphere, but could use some scary swamp sounds maybe :)


      Reveal hidden contents

    Am I supposed to buy new shoes for the main character with that credit card so I can replace his flip-flops? :D 



    13 hours ago, SharedControl said:

    I second what @fabian said about the sound.(the hidden content had me laughing so hard)


    Once again I pretty much forgot about sound. It's a really bad habit, I know...


    With the footstep noises in the end I simply forgot to change them. And you had sent me such nice ones too, @fabian!

    I had put them in as a funny experiment. That's also the reason you can run. Hearing that just absolutely cracked me up at first.



    20 hours ago, fabian said:

    Are you going to continue working on this?


    Probably. It's my first first person 3d game and gave me a chance to try out and get frustrated by a lot of new systems, like Unity's terrain and tree creators. It might eventually lose the Wizard Jam theme but there are a bunch of things I wanted to do and just didn't get to.

    For example some sort of inventory or at least a way to examine objects more closely...you can't check out the credit card in all its glory, which is sad:


  6. This was cool!

    I have zero context for Frasier apart from it being a popular show at some point in the past...so it was probably even more surreal for me than most people.


    That slow build towards something more 'authored' and sinister was really cool. For me the change was a bit sudden because I didn't recognize any classic lines or anything non-generated appearing except that some sentences seemed to make a little more sense than others. Made it even creepier perhaps.

    Very good use of Markov-chains too. :tup:

  7. Thanks!


    4 hours ago, SharedControl said:

    Are you using particles for fog or just doing it from the object distance like old ps1 games?


    Both! The distance-based one to properly hide objects and a particle system which moves with the player but creates particles that stay in place so you get a sense of actually moving through the fog.


    Today I started building the central location:


  8. 5b2a2423a1ab7_TFETitleweb.png.2d35f32381ab7d6ab9e130ce41d1061f.png

    You can play it now!



    - - -


    I've been tinkering on this since the start of the jam but don't have much to show yet.


    It's supposed to be a simple horror game, set in the foggy Fresno swamps(which I assume exist). You walk around and are stalked by a terrifying monster while collecting items/clues to solve a puzzle.

    That's the idea anyways. So far I have spent most of my time using Unity's tree creator to make some trees(which always end up looking way too vibrant and cheery the intended atmosphere):



    Played around and found pretty good settings for an ominous fog:



    And the monster:



    I've since had to tweak the appearance to a slightly less cool setup because the wind zone that was keeping the particles near the center made the trees go absolutely crazy. It's fine though.


    Right now it looks like I won't be able to make the game I had in mind originally but a heavily downscoped version should be possible.

  9. Thanks for the feedback!

    This feels like a really good project to keep expanding on. But I'll most likely start from scratch and actually plan the systems this time around.



    @Mythalore Yeah, right now there is just no point to the mining, it just makes you better at mining. Sort of a mining ouroboros.

    Having some sort of structures to discover underground would be super neat. Building a system that generates more than just smoothed random noise is probably an interesting challenge.

    The way I ended up implementing the Danger Layer was really lackluster. At that point I had pretty much run out of steam. It wasn't even supposed to just always advance - only when there were enough unstable blocks. The whole stability thing fell by the wayside in general.


    @Nappi I had noticed that it can be quite fiddly but had no idea what I could change besides the size of the character - to which I was, for whatever reason, quite attached. The movement in general can use some work, it feels pretty jerky right now.