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  1. [Dev Log] Cool Robot Future

  2. [Dev Log] Cool Robot Future

    Thanks everyone! Here is a the first cool bot: It took me a bit longer than expected, modeling round things is hard... I also tried making a little walk cycle. It didn't turn out too well but in a way that makes it look more robotic: The next step is to give them the ability to display different facial expressions (and possibly other stuff).
  3. Update: This project is abandoned for now, I keep having to do more important things this week, I probably won't be able to finish anything this time around. ----------------------------- Hey wizard jams! After throwing out several hopelessly overambitious ideas I've decided to make another surreal walking-simulator/vignette thing. (I made Zombie Train last jam, the 3D one.) The title is derived from the episode "Cool Blob Future" and the recurring robot-news discussions of the podcast. I've been exploring this idea of robots with a big screen for a face that I can display things on: Diversifiers: Wizard Jam Shared Cinematic Universe Building A Legacy (There will be Dot Gobbler) Box art Nice Segue
  4. Pixel Daily with Me

    Yeah, in retrospect I like your version better. It looks more unsettling (in a good way). I'll second that.
  5. Pixel Daily with Me

    I like the look of that bug. Not sure if this helps but I'm teaching myself to paint (digitally) and one thing I learned is that it's important to use a wide range of values, even in dark scenes. In your image the darkest and the lightest bits are pretty close together which could make it feel a bit dull. I did a quick edit, I'm not sure that it turned out that great but hopefully it illustrates what I mean.
  6. This sounds cool. It will help me procrastinate when I'm supposed to be working on my own game. (Sign me up)
  7. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Far Cry 2 speedruns could turn out to be amazing.
  8. [Release] Zombie Train Beyond Earth

    Thanks! That's a really nice compliment . Thank you. Yeah, the dining car was my initial idea and probably the strongest part, the rest of the game is sort of built around that. I guess for a jam game it's actually not that short, I think I just felt it was because I wanted to put in some more carriages and maybe make the zombies show up again at the end. But now that the jam is over I somehow can't bring myself to continue working on it. I posted this in the Slack already but I'm of proud of how it turned out so I'm putting it here as well. I played around with Inkscape the other day and made a poster (inspired by/a rip-off of an old advert for the Orient Express):
  9. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    I finished the game today, and I really enjoyed it! Often when games try to do deserts they can end up feeling a bit small and constraining, but you managed to convey a real sense of scale without it feeling too large for a video game. I especially enjoyed the atmosphere of the different places in the world, driving towards the power lines in the distance, or looking down from the plateau behind the canyon, it felt really immersive, for lack of a better word .
  10. This is really cool! The beginning is very cinematic and the animations feel really satisfying. I like how the music makes it seem like everyone is dancing. Or maybe they are.
  11. [Release] Zombie Train Beyond Earth

    Thank you. Brendon Chung's characters were definitely an inspiration. And thanks to everyone else who said nice things about my game! Don't hesitate to comment if you've played it, I love hearing any kind of feedback. I might work some more on a post-jam release, add some of the sounds that are missing, add proper pause and main menus and expand the train a bit...
  12. [RELEASE] Shoot That Pizza

    haha, this is gold.
  13. [Release] Zombie Train Beyond Earth

    I kind of lost interest in this project for a while so it's far from finished. I migh work on it some more next week but for now, this is Zombie Train Beyond Earth, based on the title of Idle Weekend Episode 6, the shortest and most linear walking simulator you'll ever play: https://oddjumper.itch.io/zombietrain Controls: WASD + Left Click You might have to turn up your audio a little, I think I mixed it to be a bit too quiet. Also, there is no pause menu yet.
  14. [Release] Zombie Train Beyond Earth

    Just to manage expectations: Right now the game is very short.
  15. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    That looks so good!