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  1. Kraft - a text based iddle game im working on.

    Thanks for the feedback, english its not my native language, so corrections in typos are very welcome. The game its days old, so its very early in develpment. About the farms, people dont die yet when food reaches 0, but they also dont produce anything, so they are as useful as dead, some units later in the game are very expensive, so to let them die seems a bit harsh, although with good management it shouldnt happen so i think it can be fun.
  2. Hi, i came to this forum because its not easy to find iddle gaming communities, and this one seems pretty helpful, im working on a new text-based incremental game, im trying to get away from the sky-rocketing numbers, and trying to create a game with some complexity to it. My long-term plan its a game that requires some strategy and planning, and not just mindless clicking.(tho i love those games too). Its a long term game, i add new content everyday, in case you reach end game too soon, just refresh for more content and bugfixes, i will assure the game will be retrocompatible with all saves in the alpha. Its saves the game in a cookie each 5s, you can also save yourself manually. Some feedback would be appreciated