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  1. I'm thinking Dougie will return. I bet the question about the seed is to make a replacement for the Joneses
  2. I'm thinking Charlie has been put in place to gaslight Audrey. By Mr. C? I figure the Billy connection means she is actually awake and functioning, but Charlie has to keep her confused and from the truth. That mention of a dream last episode also seems to point to Mike or something try to influence her, like with Belushi Mitchum.
  3. As someone that got into Lynch way before ever seeing Twin Peaks, this episode was wonderful. Oh, hey Frenden!
  4. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    The next one has to be called Wizard Jam 1
  5. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    Time to let this out: https://mmascorro.itch.io/you-gotta-have-spice My Unreal Engine Internalization Level meter has increased greatly. This was the biggest goal. So many things left to improve on though. It's 5:30 am, so I really need to get to sleep.
  6. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    I'm horribly behind schedule I'm getting the worm to eat the player. Come back Shai Hulud, you can't fly. Ok, thats better
  7. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    Been trying to crash course on Blender to get some models made.
  8. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    That Gobbler is wonderfully unsettling
  9. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    Continuous rhythmic walking will attract the worm. Which is just dying and restarting the level, for now. So the game is basically a walking simulator now. I'll likely really need to tune this part the most.
  10. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    5/22/16 Update: It's an itchio at: https://mmascorro.itch.io/you-gotta-have-spice Long time reader. First time forum poster. I finally have time to try and participate in a Wizard Jam, so I'm giving a shot at the idea I had last year. Basically a shitty Dune-inspired first person thing. Lord Emperor Nick Breckon IV has commanded: "You Gotta Have Spice" Using Unreal Engine 4. First time actually trying to make something with a goal with it. I have a desert, and spice can be picked up. I hope to have Sandworms.