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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! This one's going to be a bit of a departure for me, as it'll be the first time that I'm not using Unreal Engine 4 for Wizard Jam. A month or so ago, in order to distract myself from learning C++ for UE4, I bought PICO-8 and started learning that instead. My immediate thought was to make a 90s-era platformer starring Dot Gobbler, but given that Wizard Jam was coming up, I thought I'd hold off for a while, and instead started a demake of the Amiga/ST game Fire & Ice in order to learn PICO-8 and Lua. This is basically where I'm at with it: I've hit a bit of an impasse recently, trying to get slopes working. I had one approach that wasn't quite working, so I tried a different approach, which didn't work at all (and I still have no idea why; as far as I can tell the maths make sense and it should work, but it just doesn't). In doing that though, I managed to iron out most of the bugs in my original approach. There are still a couple left, but I think I can squish those tomorrow. So, what about Wizard Jam, then? I figured I'd take the lazy approach, and make re-purpose my existing platformer code, and basically make the Dot Gobbler game I initially wanted to make, but with one of the endorsements as a slight modifier. I landed on 'Polar Feet Adults' Non-slip Fleece Socks', and so will be making a game where Dot Gobbler can collect power-ups to change his socks, which change his movement and abilities. It's not particularly clever, but I think I can make it work within PICO-8's constraints (Remember, I'm limited to 128x128, a fixed palette of 16 colours, and a single 128x128 spritesheet, half of which is shared with the map for some reason!). I'm not really happy with the title, either. By the end of the jam, I may settle on one of the following: Dot Gobbler's Sock Quest Dot Gobbler's Sock Opera Dot Gobbler's Sock Justice (After this Hbomberguy gag) Title suggestions welcome!
  2. Download it on! Also download the soundtrack on Bandcamp! Credits: Art, Animation, Game Design, Sound Effects: David Thatcher (Giraffe Cat). Music: James Starkey (5 of 6). Vocals: Chris Remo. Original Post: