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  1. The final day (squad matches) was the only day where I thought the camera work was any good. The previous days were really shockingly bad in terms of camera; they kept missing engagements and even when they finally watched one, they kept cutting away from the fight before it ended.
  2. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

    Commander Battles is my favourite multiplayer game mode in the Napoleonic Wars DLC, so I'm glad Bannerlords will feature this!
  3. DeepMind & Starcarft AI

    I did want to expand a bit and touch on what you suggested, but then I actually don't know anything about football and decided to stop it there, haha. There are StarCraft pro players out there who have lower than average APM (well, they may have since retired) and they do have different playstyles that is more dependent on maintaining centre control and positioning rather than the popular (and popularly watched!) tactic of multi-prong attacks to harass enemies in multiple locations simultaneously to strain their focus. The interesting thing here is that normally, the aggressor is at an advantage due to the defender needing to react to things and make a measured response according to the scale of the attack, and thus may make miscalculations under pressure that the aggressor is not subject to. An AI is far less likely to make a miscalculation in a straight up numbers game, and they will never "lose focus" the same way a human would under pressure.
  4. DeepMind & Starcarft AI

    APM matters as much as being physically fit matters for an athlete. Say you made a robot with AI that can play football, but then you make that robot able to sprint at 80km/h. It would be as though you allowed this SC2 AI to have way more APM than the fastest pro players.
  5. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    I ran another LAN tournament in Sydney on the weekend. One of the attendees was a young boy who came with his mother, who posted about it to reddit, where it gained 50K+ upvotes ;___; We piggybacked off the local Smash community again for this, so it was pretty cramped for space, but we'll probably do it again next time; I think most people had a good experience.
  6. DeepMind & Starcarft AI

    I'm very much looking forward to this! I think I read that the AI will be arbitrarily limited to 180 effective APM, so that it doesn't just balloon out of control in terms of its micro-management of single units
  7. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    yup, when I'm at university, I tether my Switch to my mobile hotspot.
  8. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Dogecoin got big because doge was a real big meme at the time, and then folks with a lot of dogecoin leveraged the recognition of doge for some high-profile projects like helping fund the Jamaican Bobsled team for the winter Olympics and sponsoring a NASCAR driver. Dogedriver (Josh Wise) gained a following large enough that he eventually was voted into an All-Star race, which is a big deal for someone who was without a sponsor and wasn't placing very well in races. Several huge disasters in the dogecoin space led me to decide that despite its resurgance in price, it wasn't prudent of me to keep my dogecoin and decided to convert it to bitcoin, since I found a service that allowed me to do so easily. Converting my current bitcoin into fiat is a little more difficult, so I plan to spend it in the Steam store and maybe other places.
  9. bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    I own 0.053 bitcoin, having gotten my start in dogecoin before deciding to convert most of my dogecoin to bitcoin when I realised the amount of dogecoin I owned was no longer a trivial amount after it surged in price. I plan to use it for things like Steam game purchases since I don't know any other marketplace I trust that accepts bitcoin; but for now my bank is offering 10% cash-back on gaming purchases so I've been using my bank debit card instead. I don't fully know exactly how bitcoin works behind the curtains but as long as platforms like Steam accepts it as payment, I'll consider my crypto investment sound. For the record I dropped about AUD$50 into dogecoin a couple of years ago and ignored it for a while. After making some purchases with both to test things out, I'm still sitting on about AUD$250 worth of bitcoin/dogecoin.
  10. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Rainmaker is my favourite ranked mode because although it still centralises on a singular objective, the gamemode requires more of the map to be relevant than the other two ranked modes, which focus on smaller subsets of the map. The ranked modes in general will see far more action than a typical turf war match. It's often a good idea to focus on combat before the objective; it's simply easier to actually take the objective when you're up on players. However you still have to look for opportunities where you can sneak in a few extra points from unsuspecting opponents. You win by having the lead, whether it's by 1 or 100 points. The goal isn't to get a knockout every time and playing for the knockout usually means being way too aggressive or way too timid, depending on the situation. Being able to read the current state of the game is extremely important, and the game does present a lot of information to you that helps you figure out what's actually going on. Anyway, welcome to ranked mode, enjoy your stay
  11. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Unless you are gunning for S rank in the competitive modes, wear whatever you like
  12. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    The grillers always go for a specific person, and their weakspot is behind them. You need to maneuver so that the person being followed ends up on the opposite side to the other 3 who are focus-firing on it. Gotta still be quick because that person being chased is going to run out of room quickly.
  13. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Hi yes I'm Hiero, haha. I've been playing way too much and I'm over level 20, and also due to my region I get matched against Japanese players a lot.
  14. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    I've sent friend requests to the folks in here if y'all are on the idle thumbs discord, we can use that for voice chat. I don't think I'll ever use the Nintendo app for voice chat, it seems real bad.
  15. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    A demo for Splatoon 2 will likely be another limited-time multiplayer offering with limited options, it's what they did in the past with Splatoon 1. The default controls really clicked with me way back when I started playing Splatoon 1's testfire, so I was instantly hooked on the game. For someone who doesn't like the motion aiming though, it's hard to recommend the game. You can play without motion but you might have a rough time anyway.
  16. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    I'll tell you right now Splatoon 2 is far more likely to still have an active playerbase a year down the track. It's already hard for me to find ARMS players online a month into the game...However if you have a friend to play with, that's not that big an issue!
  17. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Sorry for late reply but yeah it was possible; you just needed to make separate accounts set to different regions and download the app from the different eshops.
  18. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Hi, me again, your resident Splatoon poster. The Splatfest demos for Europe and America will go live in a few hours/a few more hours after that respectively! I'll be playing in the "American" one since it's the one that was set for Australians. I also played the Japanese one which finished up just now, and had a ton of fun! This game is still fun! Anyway didn't feel like making a new thread for Splatoon 2 when this thread is still perfectly serviceable. Hope to see some folks in the American Splatfest!
  19. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    My bank has a 10% cashback deal right now on gaming purchases, including steam, origin, battlenet, and recently included the nintendo eshop, so that's making my decision to go digital easier
  20. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Yeah I've been all-digital so far on my Switch; Nintendo makes that tiny 32GB storage space hurt less by making their games smaller on average than other companies, and I probably won't need to get an expansion of any kind until next year. I assume Mario Odyssey will be about 8-10GB, going off their other games (Zelda was about 12GB). It does look a bit concerning when I walk into a game store and the Switch games take up a single shelf whereas the other platforms have entire walls dedicated to them though.
  21. So the preview embargo lifted on this game recently, and the various outlets seem to be unanimously in agreement that this is an extremely impressive game that many are calling the best Zelda of all time. I've only read two previews, and don't intend to read more, though there are still a lot of embargoed elements of the game so these previews don't go into spoiler territory at all. I've linked the two that I've read here: What is interesting from the Polygon preview is its discussion of how difficult the game is, which is a sentiment shared by other folks I've seen comment on Twitter/other forums. The open nature of the game means you have to pay close attention to where you are wandering, lest you enter a zone filled with strong monsters that you are ill-equipped to deal with. There are no more hearts that drop in the wild, and instead it seems healing is done entirely through eating food, and more elaborate recipes that you cook will let you recover more hearts or give you a temporary boost in health. The dynamic weather system adds extra challenge through the temperature gauge, which freezes Link to death if you are not wearing enough clothing, or thunderstorms that strike you if you are wearing metal armour. Despite being such a huge game, however, evidently the game has a far shorter "tutorial" than recent 3D Zelda games, allowing you to start roaming free within the first few minutes. I enjoyed the Waypoint preview for its paragraphs briefly touching on the history of the game franchise and the author relating his own childhood to Miyamoto's. The main criticism that I've seen echoed is the weapon durability system, which seems to be a slight nuisance. When I played the demo last month, the early weapons you can pick up will break very quickly; within 5-10 hits. Hopefully you can quickly find weapons that last a lot longer, and I hope there is also a way to repair weapons. The lack of touch screen to do inventory management is also going to bother me a little, but I imagine folks who aren't accustomed to playing the Wii U HD remakes of Zelda games won't really miss it.
  22. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I got a Switch today! So far I've just gotten Snipperclips, which I'll play when my friend comes over. Otherwise, I'll check out the ARMS demo tomorrow and decide if I want to buy it or not. If not, I'll probably not buy another game until Splatoon 2 comes out in July!
  23. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I went down to my nearest electronics/entertainment store and asked for a Switch and they were sold out. So uhhh, hoisted myself.
  24. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    just time-zone shenanigans at work here. Technically around the globe it'll span 4 calendar dates all told per test punch weekend. Also this is probably a good time for me to finally buy a Switch. They're still pretty common around in Australia I think, so I won't have much trouble tracking one down.
  25. I play competitive but I'm at like 1400 SR soooo. I just play it over quick play because a game with 5 DPS and a lone healer that tries their best to wrangle the dumb kids gets old really really fast and it feels like it's slowly becoming TDM instead of an objective based game. At least in comp people pretend to care about the payload.