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  1. Cheaters almost exclusively play third person. I think most of the cheaters in Western FPP servers are probably doing it to snipe and kill popular streamers, whereas the common cheater in TPP are actually mostly terrible players who can't get anything done without cheats (a lot of clueless play that just gets carried by not being able to miss).
  2. AGDQ 2018

    Things I'm looking forward to watching: Splatoon 2; I'm probably the biggest Splatoon fan on this forum! Batman: Arkham Asylum; great game in general, and it's been a while since I've played it Metroid Prime 3: A little underappreciated compared to the other two Metroid Prime games, I think, due to its increased linearity, but I think it's great anyway Super Mario 3D World: fantastic game all round Animorphs: Shattered reality: I've been on a real Animorphs kick lately due to listening to the Morphclub Podcast, so keeeeen for this Jedi Academy: One of the few games I ever considered speedrunning; I've beaten this game about 8 times but never committed to a speed playthrough Super Mario Galaxy: even better than 3D World so I gotta watch this too Breath of the Wild: what a great game to end the marathon on Not gonna be able to see everything because of the times, but hopefully I'll be able to catch most of these. Looking forward to the event!
  3. There's a huge problem in this game with cheaters; some are very blatant, while others are a bit more subtle and perhaps more problematic because of it. Besides that, unfortunately the only way to get better is by playing more. I only got competent at the game after several hundred hours into it, but I spent that time playing in squads with cool people so I wasn't really fussed about how a particular match ended. I think the biggest issue people have is the idea that they must stay hidden as long as they can. This is 1) not really fun? and 2) a good way to never get better. Staying hidden for as long as you can might seem nice, but you WILL eventually be seen, and whoever sees you WILL shoot you. Now, not being seen isn't nearly as important as not being hit. Staying mobile is the key to surviving a combat situation. Going to toot my own horn a bit but here's an encounter where someone gets the drop on me, but I stay calm, stay mobile, and win the encounter: You can see that even the first time I scope in, I'm still moving, because I wasn't ready to take the shot at that point. It's only at the moment I shoot that I ever stop moving.
  4. I still much prefer the original map, because after so many hours spent in it, it has a familiarity to it that gives me comfort in an otherwise very high-tension game. That feeling will change over time, I imagine! Right now, though, the new map has a ton of issues like random holes in the ground you can fall into that either you can't climb out of, or kills you instantly when you fall into it. Sooo it could use some tweaks. For example:
  5. Tycho come play with us. Now that you're also in the slack, organising games will be easier There, I am sprouting the seed.
  6. You also hit a bunch of people! 35 points of damage is a decent contribution; in squads that actually translates to roughly 350 damage. I did a fun thing yesterday:
  7. StarCraft (2)

    Not a lot of folks here play StarCraft; though I know a few who like to watch the esports side of things. However, SC2 went free to play today! (And SC1 has been free to play for a few months now), so lets see if more people decide to try it out. I'm superhiero#6656 anyway; I don't currently have any interest in playing SC: Remaster with how laggy and buggy it is, which is rather unfortunate. for more info for anyone interested in getting started I guess!
  8. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    The fee is $20/year, so it's quite a bit cheaper than PS+/Xbox Gold, but of course you get less from the Nintendo service. Splatoon 2 does have a very fun single player mode, but it's rather short (4 hours or so?) so it won't necessarily justify the price of the game. If you have lots of friends at school or work who play the game though, you can play multiplayer locally even after the servers have paywalled.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    This is probably the first Nintendo game where I'm actually going to complain about the motion controls. They're not necessary to complete the game from what I've seen, but I like poking around places and using directional throws is often really important in a pinch and I need those to work when I want them to. But anyway, this game is otherwise excellent and I'd be playing more right now if I didn't have a headache.
  10. Ah, you see, I have 400 hours in the game. Honestly if you don't play in groups, there are very few avenues for you to absorb new knowledge.
  11. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Mario is really good, folks Played for a couple of hours since I live in the future; some of the issues others have expressed with motion controls can definitely get in the way of a smooth experience, but otherwise everything has been wonderful. The levels are a lot bigger than I expected and truth be told I wasn't sure exactly what kind of experience I was going to be getting, since people compared this a lot to Mario 64 and Sunshine; neither of which I've played.
  12. General tips: Parachuting is an important skill to learn Looting efficiently is an important skill to learn Hold alt to free-look around you without changing your run direction or even your body orientation By default, the = key is auto-run Hold shift to hold your breath and steady your aim while you're looking down sights First aid kids and bandages can only heal you to 75HP; you need energy drinks (a single one heals over time for 23HP) and painkillers to top up. A medkit always heals you to full health. You can crouch jump (will be removed/made obsolete when vaulting/mantling is added) by pressing crouch and jump simultaneously, which currently enables you to jump over terrain and windows you otherwise can't Get a feel for how every gun feels to shoot on full auto; attachments like foregrips and compensators greatly improve the ease of handling a gun on full-auto At long range, learn the distance a gun needs to adjust for bullet drop and its bullet travel velocity; this will be different for most guns When playing in squads, pay attention to the compass along the top side of the screen, which shows cardinal directions as well as number of degrees When playing in squads, you can revive team-mates as long as they did not die: due to a vehicle explosion, or deep under water When a gun is fired at you and misses, you hear up to 3 sounds: the sound of a bullet whizzing past your ear, the sound of the bullet impacting nearby, and the sound of the gun firing; usually in that order Certain guns and equipment can only be found in a care package; don't be surprised initially if you are killed by a weapon you have never seen like the light machine gun or the AWM sniper rifle
  13. An Archon mode game where I go up against Nick+Janel could be interesting :thinking:
  14. Mouse Wrist Pain

    I rest the ball of my palm on the cushion, when I use a mousepad with a cushion.
  15. Something that Nick and Chris allude to in StarCraft: a lot of StarCraft professionals mask their identity when playing online so that their strategies don't get revealed too early. Either so that opponents don't immediately counter them by knowing a specific player's playstyle or so that a new tactic they are developing is not leaked before a tournament. Dedicated fans and other players take replay data and analyse the command group hotkeys that a pro player makes and sort of uses that as a sort of "signature" to help unmask a pro's identity when they are trying to learn their strategies.
  16. I accidentally played on the Asian server for once due to that bug that keeps defaulting everyone to the Asian server. Because I hadn't touched the server, my rating was low and so it seems I was matched with other low-rating players; players who didn't notice I was firing my gun (it's very loud!) when they were very close to me, players who don't register footsteps as I descend a flight of stairs to get line of sight on them, players who missed me 5 times from close range only for me to kill them near-instantly as I turn, and players who hit the dirt in the open field as soon as they are hit, making them an easier target. I ended up with my record kills (13), though I didn't win because I ultimately was shot at mere moments after getting my 13th kill. It highlights rather well what new players should or shouldn't do as I recklessly (I meant for it to end quickly because I picked the wrong server and I wanted to group up with some folks) ran around picking people off who lacked awareness and other skills.
  17. Haha, excellent. How do you normally consume your Korean SC2 content? As someone on the west coast of NA, you're probably in the worst time zone to watch the GSL live. I haven't needed to watch archives in a while, but seems like these days it's all on youtube without the need for a subscription;
  18. StarCraft is still my favourite esport to watch, having been a fan for almost a decade. I started watching Brood War during the peak of the Flash vs Jaedong rivalry, and I personally transitioned to StarCraft 2 relatively smoothly. StarCraft I think is pretty easy to get into because despite all the systems in play, from a spectator perspective, there's usually only ever one or two points of interest to pay attention to, and a 1v1 competition is easier to follow than a team game. In terms of Korean competition, the Afreeca Star League (Brood War) and GSL (StarCraft 2, now also owned by Afreeca) are the premier tournaments that rarely fail to deliver interesting matches. They're usually live at bad times for America, unfortunately, which I think was one of the main issues that StarCraft as a spectator esport suffered from (besides lomas eating into its fanbase). Anyway, Nick whenever you want I'll give you a rematch; I'm game for StarCraft: Remaster too
  19. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    oh duh how did I not pick up on that. Anyway I'm gonna miss miiverse. I loved just browsing it and seeing all the screenshots people posted and all the fun silly posts people made. Gonna miss the badmiiverseposts account (though I think that was retired a while back).
  20. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Hey I think the Switch has an arbitrary limit of 1000 screenshots if you're saving them to system memory; so I hope you have a microSD card in there for that
  21. Actually at the Gamescom PUBG Invitational tournament, players had access to the internet and were allowed to stream the event to their personal channels (on a delay) and some were also seen with the stream open in front of them prior to the start of the games (hence they were watching the back of their head). They did have staff on hand monitoring the players, however. Also: Nick 1v1 me StarCraft remaster
  22. I'm the boring kind of person who just calls everything by what they are known as in-game as to reduce confusion. I do play with a lot of different groups so that is a big part of it.
  23. Yeah FPP doesn't record any stats at all at the moment, so there's no matchmaking involved. You end up playing against both the best players who have thousands of hours of experience against people trying out the mode (or heck the game) for the first time and not knowing how to use sound information.
  24. The Idle Thumbs community for PUBG (and basically every other game) exists mostly in the Slack. There's an Idle Thumbs discord too that is used solely for voice-chat. It's a bit difficult having things spread out between two platforms (three including this forum) but that's just the way it is.
  25. Nintendo Switch friend codes

    Oh hello I am SW-5105-6642-5329