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  1. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    Just finished the game! I started it a few days ago and got stuck on a room, but I cleared it today. Great stuff. Would be keen to see an expanded version of this.
  2. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    Ah yeah. Implementing a pause in game-maker isn't something I've ever tried, though it sounds like I could really use it in my game. You're not the first person to assume ESC is pause. I suppose at the very least I should make ESC do nothing until the credits (I left it in there for me to debug things. Fun fact, pressing home and end takes you back through the wormhole, and to the credits, respectively. I left those in there for debugging purposes, too). Also I should definitely implement a check to stop dialog lines repeating themselves. Shouldn't be too difficult, just something I looked over for one or two of them. Thanks for playing EDIT: I've implemented pausing! I've made Esc pause the game, except during the credits, where it will still send you back to the title screen.
  3. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    I haven't finished the game yet, since I got stuck on one of the levels last night, (thanks for letting me continue from the most recent level when I quit out!) but this is really excellent!
  4. [Released] Our Weird Monstrosity

    This is really cool! I made an andalite because that's just who I am right now
  5. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    Thanks for playing my game! The yellow number next to the system online/offline indicator is your distance to the nearest space station. It's a bit subtle but the opening dialogue does tell you that your ship is able to detect nearby "artificial structures in the vicinity". Sucks about the frame-rate though; I never encountered that through all my play-testing.
  6. [Released] Buried Treasure

    Thanks for that! I'll play again today!
  7. [Released] häx_processer

    All haxes processed! Some of these were quite tricky, but I enjoyed the game a lot!
  8. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    Update: Game is released! It's still missing the voice work, soon to be provided by coughlinjon, but for now, all the systems are in place and fingers crossed there are no major bugs I might have missed. Hope y'all enjoy the game
  9. [Released] Buried Treasure

    I played a little of this game, but the extreme depth of field effect blurring the environment made it difficult for me because I started to get eye-strain anytime I wasn't just looking straight at the player character. Looking at the player character all the time isn't great since I need to be looking out at the environment for the clues in the map. I reflexively try to focus my eyes to try to reduce the blur but obviously that doesn't work, so I strained my eyes after a few minutes.
  10. PUBG esports and other "high-level" play does kinda boil down to securing a tactical position, usually in a small set of houses, and waiting out the circle. It can get pretty boring, but hopefully there are a dozen other teams doing something more interesting, even if it does mean all their actions are "sub-optimal". Moving into the playzone by running just ahead of the moving circle can work out if you know you have a good set of cover between you and the playzone, since it means you only ever have to worry about enemies from one direction. Most of the time, though, teams are eliminated during these "rotations", so teams often play very conservatively and will try to secure those central areas sooner than later, resulting in lulls in the action, until suddenly everything erupts in the final few minutes because the circle is half a kilometre across and there are dozens of players still alive in it.
  11. [Dev Log] Mystery of the Ravens

    The raven animations are incredible!! I've just been watching that gif on loop for a while now. Can't wait to see more of it in action. (also that head position animation web is intimidating!)
  12. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    I went and added both the derelict AND active space ship to my game anyway. Surprise! They're the same ship; its state is dependent on the context that you find it in. I did this because the B ending felt really lacking to me, since it was strictly worse than the C ending (I still consider ending C to be the "best" canonical ending). So now hopefully eager players will want to try to see all three different endings. also small updates I made to the game: map indicator is now blue, because blinking red lights are usually reserved for alarms map path marker is also blue, and fades over time instead of changing colour the HUD indicates which ships have been met via those 4 little dots allied ships no longer destroy rich mineral asteroids, and just pass through them harmlessly. The player ship can still crash into these asteroids booster can now be toggled off once obtained, and the jet flames of the ship now change colour if the booster is active the player ship's maximum speed is capped during the introduction, and certain events won't begin until after the introduction ends, to minimise clashes between the opening dialogue and other events the introduction can be skipped with a button press the ship stranded in the asteroid field gives the player a bunch of minerals when met, because it ensures everyone can get back out promptly it makes up for the added trouble of reaching this ship it sort of makes sense for the ship to be near the asteroid field to have been mining minerals it just speeds things up a little
  13. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    I had been meaning to add a little easter egg object into my game from the start. Something inconsequential and one-of-a-kind that's also a little out of place. My original thoughts were maybe a derelict space ship, but that's a bit too spooky, or maybe an active space ship, but I wouldn't know how to justify that existing without it being able to fly around all over the place. So Joel W in slack said something that made realise the perfect easter egg to hide away. A space diner on a floating asteroid: The Diner sign lights up of course.
  14. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    The camera bone connected to the... HEAD BONE.
  15. [Dev Log] - CloudWalker

    Hehe, shaky ground.
  16. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    I've added a few new features to my game. One of them was something I actually wanted from the beginning, but didn't know how to implement. Someone play-tested my game and said she couldn't find any space stations while she was playing. I knew people would have trouble finding space stations, since even I couldn't find them reliably, and I'm the one who placed them on the map. So I basically just put more and more space stations in without trying to make it feel overcrowded. Anyway, the actual feature I wanted was some kind of range indicator to the closest space station. I discovered that game maker has a function called "instance_nearest", which solves my problem of trying to find a distance between the player and one of many identical space station objects. So there's that. The other, more superfluous feature is an indicator of the path the ship has traveled in the last 3 minutes. I took inspiration from Breath of the Wild's map feature that shows where the player had traveled in Hyrule. I wanted to find a balance of being able to show the path without cluttering up the map too much, hence why the path disappears over time. The path changes colour from red to orange, to yellow, etc. as time passes for that point in time, although thinking about it now, I might change that to simply fade away by adding an alpha layer over time. I'll see what feels better. In any case, this is a pretty useless feature and I added it simply to see if I could implement it. Also I had a placeholder timer that just counted up in seconds very crudely, but now I have a timer working that shows minutes:seconds, so I might just leave that up since it's not ugly anymore. One thing I've been considering is whether or not to alter the random spawn behaviour of the game objects. I made things random so that people would have a different experience to one another, give a little spice to replays (since there are multiple endings), and because story-wise, it sort of makes sense for everyone to appear in a random spot. But part of me wants to see speedruns of the game, so making it less RNG-heavy might be more conducive to that. But I very much doubt anyone will be speedrunning this game besides myself ^^;
  17. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    I'm more or less done with my game! I'm missing music and voice-over though. (Worst case scenario I voice every single character. And...hum the music?) I'm also concerned my game will take too long to complete (I want it to be done in 15-30 minutes), and it doesn't currently have any kind of save system. The player might also go long stretches of time without anything interesting happening, which might get boring real quick. I can finish the game in that time reasonably well, but I'm not sure how other players would take to it. If anyone would like to playtest my game, please message me here or on slack! About the game itself in its current state: Your ship has found itself stranded in an unknown solar system after emerging through a wormhole, with some of its instruments damaged. The captain and navigator of the ship will set up some exposition, and also inform you of some of the controls (which are pretty basic). The main gameplay loop will be to collect minerals from asteroids, trade minerals for components, use components to upgrade/repair the instruments, and find other ships that also emerged from the same wormhole. There are three endings, which are unlocked depending on how many ships the player has encountered. Players are free to choose from any of the three endings if they have recruited all four friendly ships. Generally speaking, choice number 3 is simply better than choice 2, but choice 1 is a very different outcome. Choice 1 allows the player and any ships they have recruited to return through the wormhole, back to the solar system they escaped from. The game continues until the player has "fixed" the situation here. Anyway, I do have a few other things to work on for now. I want to add something to make navigation a little easier, without outright telling the player where things are exactly.
  18. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    Here's a gif showcasing the different upgrades in the game (booster, shields, and map), as well as the feature for joining together with other ships in the game. The light beam that shoots out is a repair beam that your ship can use to repair other ships. Otherwise, when you right-click on another ship, it'll simply start following the player ship (working on some short dialogue that plays whenever a new ship is recruited). This particular violet-coloured ship is also equipped with a repair ability, but it affects only the player ship, in a small radius, so repairing other ships is still the player's responsibility. The violet ship slowly makes its way towards the player ship from the start of the game, which I decided to do because 1) it guarantees the player meets at least one other ship without much effort, 2) the ship can repair the player ship, meaning if the player gets "stuck", they can recover from that state, and 3) the four different ships all have different initial behaviours before meeting the player, so I thought it would be good if one of the ships simply just sought out the player ship anyway. Anyway, so: the booster increases maximum speed by 100%, and is highlighted by the orange glowing border around the (new!) speedometer the shields reduces damage taken by 90%, indicated by the blue glow around friendly ships damage taken reduces a ship's maximum speed. Ships can't be destroyed or completely incapacitated just because that's not the kind of game I'm trying to make the map toggles to a different, zoomed out view, with a red blinking dot indicating the player's position
  19. E3 2018

    Nintendo's Direct starts in a little over 7 hours, which also happens to be about 2AM for me. Which sucks, but I know I'm not gonna be able to sleep since I'm always so excited for Nintendo at E3. So I will sacrifice sleep to catch it. Unfortunately Nintendo is also doing the Splatoon World Championship finals 4 hours after that, then followed up immediately by the Smash Switch Invitational. Basically I'm gonna be a wreck tomorrow, but I'm gonna love every minute of hoisting myself. Apart from Splatoon/Smash content, I am super duper excited to see what Metroid Prime 4 has in store.
  20. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    Whoaaaa I love the way the fish move in the aquarium! I could watch that all day
  21. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    I've implemented the ship upgrades, and developed a rudimentary UI that allows for "purchasing" the upgrades and display whether they are online or not. Components are normally obtained by trading in minerals at the space stations, but for testing purposes, I gave myself 25 components (as you can see, the total components required for all the upgrades is 24). Space stations replenish components over time, but it's better to fly off to find another space station rather than wait. The map screen, shown below, just shows a different game view that is much larger, and hides the stars in the background and the HUD. Space Station and Map view: Anyway, here's one more screenshot showing the player with some ship friends they've made along the way: For whatever reason, the HUD image can't keep up with the view scroll-speed when the ship is moving, resulting in it shaking about as the ship flies. I soooorta like that effect anyway so I might keep it in, but the downside is that the text of the HUD, which DOES keep up with the scroll-speed, mis-aligns.
  22. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    I've set up a spawn system for the star, the player ship, and the other ships more or less the way I intended. I set the star to spawn in a random location, then I set the other ships to spawn at set quadrants in the map, and then the player spawns somewhere on the map far away from the star and ship 4. Being far away from ship 4 is important, since this ship is always surrounded by an asteroid field that can damage the player. I've also set other asteroids to spawn randomly, including some that can be mined for minerals. These minerals are used to repair the ship and to trade for components at space stations, which will then be used for ship upgrades. For now, the ship upgrades I have planned are: Boosters that increase the maximum speed of the player ship and friendly ships Shields that protect the player and friendly ships A map that shows a larger view of the area around the player The main thing I'm gonna probably struggle with is some kind of rudimentary menu system. I might just create a series of objects that represent menu choice buttons that can be clicked on to select. I don't have too many things to make so I think it's ultimately pretty manageable.
  23. E3 2018

    Sea of Solitude looks neat. Unravel 2 looks neat. Cyberpunk I'm kinda lukewarm about, honestly! Just Cause 4 I will happily watch Chris Remo stream
  24. [Dev Log] Pegasus Launch

    Your game sounds like it shares quite a few similar elements to mine! Looking forward to how this turns out
  25. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    Well I loved Monument Valley so I'll be looking forward to this! Also you used the same episode title as I did, so I am automatically interested in how your game shapes up.