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  1. [Dev Log] The Genie of Hoisting

    I've tried playing this - it doesn't seem like anything happens when you press the advance time step or generation buttons?
  2. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    This looks great! The happy accident of the music from your earlier video fits well to ambient exploring music to me, is that the sort of music you'd want to have in ideally?
  3. I love the bright colours! It looks like you went with only letting one star affect the trajectory at a time then?
  4. Priority Businessing

    It's a well known fact that high-powered Business People have too much to do to look up from their phones. By utilising the Power Of The Cloud, a new tart-up uses hi-tech AI to steer phone users as they walk to ensure they avoid lampposts, other pedestrians, and the like. It is set to revolutionise how people move around and save many lives from minor walking related injuries. However, actually creating an AI to steer people around was too complicated. The cheaper and easier solution was to hire someone to watch as Important Business People walk around and manually steer them away from each other. In this game, you will play one of these operators, guiding users to their correct destination without causing them to walk into the surroundings or each other. I am envisaging this being a top-down 2D Flight Control type game, where the player has to guide phone users to their correct destinations. I've played about with Unity a bit in the past and might do so again but I have very little game dev experience so I am open to trying out other things. I saw LÖVE suggested somewhere else and that looks relatively simple to use so that is also tempting. I'm also not sure how much time I'll be able to put in between family Christmas things and the work I should be doing for university, but I'm hoping this should be a good diversion!
  5. This idea looks great! I love games which play about with orbits and orbital mechanics. Was the gravitational system difficult to come up with?
  6. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    The Grillers in Salmon Run are super tough, I've probably only survived about 1 in 3 rounds where they've shown up. Does anyone have any good strategies on how to deal with them? I've got into a groove with the Aerospray MG. The super for that weapon is so strong in quickly covering an area with loads of ink.
  7. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Yeah I managed to figure it out, it just required changing the country of residence on my Nintendo account. I enjoyed it as a first taste of Splatoon, having not played the original, but I don't know how much I would play it for it to be worth buying. A friend is also trying to persuade me to get Arms which is kinda tempting but I can't afford both! It feels like the Switch will be in a fairly solid position.
  8. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    It's possible to play in multiple Splatfests? I'm working this evening so thought I was going to miss the European one, so I'd be pretty stoked to be able to give Splatoon 2 a go if its possible.
  9. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    This seems to contradict this article from around when the Switch was released: This seems to say that all Switch games that have a physical and digital release are more expensive, as Nintendo don't want to undercut the prices for retail stores. Has this already changed? When I looked at the price of Puyo Puyo Tetris, it was £5 cheaper digitally than physically. That's still £15-£20 more expensive than the PS4 price though. I'm getting excited about Mario Kart as well - it'll be good to have a game I can multiplayer, although I am nowhere near finished with Zelda yet!
  10. I Had A Random Thought...

    A friend of mine often insisted on using a scale from -10 to 10 for rating things so that a 'normal' or average experience would be a 0, and everything was rated relative to that. I guess you end up with the same difficulties, instead it's about what a 0 is on that scale.
  11. The Young Pope

    I missed when it aired here in the UK, so I've just watched the whole season online instead. I agree with the inscrutable nature of the show, it was one of the things that kept me watching throughout. I look forward to discussing more once more episodes have aired in the States! Another thing that I enjoy about the series are the scenic shots of 'normal' life on the Vatican. The peaceful shots of nuns playing in the garden seems at such odds with the nature of the intrigue often going on.
  12. Readerwatch 3v3 Triwizard Overwatch Tournament

    Great, thanks! I was interested in taking part, but I was busy at the time and I haven't played much Overwatch at all. I'd be up for giving it a go if it was to happy again, though!
  13. Readerwatch 3v3 Triwizard Overwatch Tournament

    Are there any twitch archives for the previous tournament?
  14. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Is the high price of the games due to the fact they're on a cart as opposed to a disc? I remember seeing an article a few months ago when it was rumoured that carts would be used and it said that they would be more expensive to manufacture than discs.
  15. I remember Time Commanders! The original series came out before the first Rome:Total War. From what I can recall, it had random groups of people (like families or groups of friends and coworkers) re-fighting a historical battle. They would split into a 'tactical' group, who would stand at a big table with the map so they could do planning and things, and then others who would relay the commands they wanted to happen to people who were using the computers. Every now and again you would get a glimpse of the screens and it was clearly just a Total War game. It was on TV around 6 months before the release of the actual game, I think, because I remember being excited at getting this little glimpse of what the game would be like on TV before I could actually get it.
  16. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Overwatch is also currently on sale (for EU PC at least). Not a huge saving but that doesn't surprise me for a new Blizzard game.
  17. Recently completed video games

    I enjoyed Quantum Conundrum, but its puzzles are definitely on the twitch/timing side of things more than anything else. The story and stuff is also much less interesting than the Portal universe. I had an okay time with it and ended up finishing it, but I have no desire to revisit the puzzles to complete them as well as I could like I have been tempted to on occasions for Portal.
  18. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Kotaku published an interesting interview with Michel Ancel today: It would seem that the reason BG&E2 has been slow in coming is because he has a ridiculously large scope for the game. I was also curious about the fact that they wanted the for the original but never had time/resources, as one of the things I liked about Hillys was that it felt like a realistic, contained world without being too large.
  19. I'm pretty sure Idle Thumbs was the first podcast I started listening to regularly, in 2014. I think it might have been from following the Amnesia Fortnight from Double Fine, which included Chris at some point? Or maybe had him from the previous Amnesia Fortnight? That was around the time where I started getting in to Twitter as well so maybe it was from finding the hosts on Twitter. To be honest I have pretty much no idea!
  20. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Be still, my beating heart... It was also tweeted about by Ubisoft's French twitter account, saying "Michel Ancel has an Instagram account, and we advise you to follow closely." Maybe it's time for another one of my periodic replays of the original.
  21. Other podcasts

    This latest arc has been very strong - I think they handled the change from a more action-orientated situation to a more discussion based one well, and I felt Griffin led them through it pretty well (although this comes from someone who's never really played D&D so I don't know if that's actually true!). I'm looking forward to the resolution of the various threads that are hanging around. I think it should be heading towards a pretty interesting conclusion. I've started listening to Friends at the Table recently (at the beginning of the most recent arc/campaign) and it's a very different beast to TAZ - less goofy, but with a better realised world. As a D&D/roleplaying novice, the contrasts are pretty interesting.
  22. Nonviolent Ant Farms

    I think Zeus/Caesar 3/Pharaoh still hold up, and they scratch this itch for me. That said they clearly also show that they were made 15+ years ago.
  23. Solitaire: The Lonely Hearts Club

    I finished Regency Solitaire last night after picking it up in the most recent Humble Bundle. It was a lot of fun! I'm gonna check out some of these other games too. I've played a little bit of the demo of Pocket Card Jockey, and it seems like one of the most bizarre combinations of themes and mechanics. Watching videos of people trying to explain the game are highly entertaining.
  24. I don't think Chris is as behind the times with Lumines as he thinks - there's definitely been some new version/update in the last week or so, and it was significant enough for it to be at PAX, according to this article. There is also a hint at a return for Meteos too, apparently they share the same creator? I've never played Meteos, but Lumines was a lot of fun on PSP. I think I played the demo for quite a long time without realising that you could rotate the blocks, and when I did it completely blew my mind (and also felt like a complete goon).
  25. ketchup on pizza