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  1. Assassin's Creed Origins

    Nice! Thank you for the info!
  2. Assassin's Creed Origins

    Quick Question: Does Oranges do the thing at the end of a mission, where if you fail an optional objective it honks at you and flashes a red X in the corner of the screen? First time I noticed that was AC3. It was awful.
  3. Chris, With love, if you were worried about readers' characterizing you as Old Man Remo either seriously or as "a bit," it did not begin with the IIT recommendations segment. Also: there are whole Reddits and blogs and other junk for Millenials etc. about How To Old Man. Shoe care, dressing properly, performing ablutions the old-fashioned way – this community of Young Old Mans is much larger than you think, evidently. My gateway was Jesse Thorn's Put This On blog. See also: ubiquitous podcast ads for shaving services and services to help you dress properly. There is much pleasure to be had from owning nice, well-made things and both using and maintaining them properly. It's nice when something feels reliable and stable in a time where every app, OS, or service update introduces fresh new stresses.
  4. Also, re: Great British Bake-Off 1) apparently the hosts, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, kept the show from participating in the worst tendencies of reality TV. If one of the contestants started to cry or fall apart, our hosts would swoop in and start swearing and making rude gestures toward the camera to effectively ruin the footage. Not sure how accurate this is or how often it happened (might be apocryphal), but it suits their character and is nice to believe. 2) If you love Sue as much as I do, you owe it to yourself to investigate "The 99p Challenge" - You will recognize some of the guests as now being Famous People.
  5. Re: plagiarism For a creative writing assignment (or something like that) in elementary school, I basically copy-pasted the text from a Readme that came with (ATTENTION JAKE) the Macintosh extension "The Talking Moose." It wasn't just regular old readme stuff, I remember it being an exhaustive, amusing backstory for the Talking Moose. Obviously my teacher detected the plagiarism and confronted me with it at a parent-teacher interview. She and my dad prodded me to fess up to the plagiarism, but I stayed on-message and claimed it was my own work. Dad knew it wasn't, but it's possible my teacher earnestly wondered if it was – I apparently had established myself as being a decent-enough writer that there would be a shadow of a doubt. Either way, for some reason dad didn't straight-up narc me out. He gave me a real earful on the walk home though. I also used to trace pictures of horses out of books and give them to girls to get their attention, and will you be surprised to learn that it was effective? I am now rich beyond belief after selling a series of immaculately forged Jackson Pollock paintings. Do not tell anyone.
  6. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    +1 on this sentiment. In retrospect, at the bittersweet end, I appreciated how FW evoked that feeling of maybe-idle summertime flirting. But that's just "in retrospect." In the moment-to-moment, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Henry's wife feels like such a heavy element in his life and Henry's interactions with Delilah are so weighted toward her giving him assignments and him asking her about features of the park, learning the ropes. The flavour in those interactions carried that flirty feeling pretty well, but I can imagine the feeling being improved by adding (like you say) more breathing room in the middle, where the long hot summer might be filled with idle chatter. Like just killing time by hailing Delilah on the radio and saying, "hey, so what are you up to?" A moment or two like that would have gone a long way. … But then maybe that's just what I got from the game, or maybe I didn't pick the right choices to pursue the elements like that that exist in there. Anyway, it's easier to go on at length about criticisms than it is to go on at length about praise, of which I have no short amount. Suffice to say, what a beautiful, intriguing game.
  7. It's like Bomberman, but everyone's invisible (most of the time) (strategically)! Here's the campaign page. I recommend watching the intro video if only for the puppet and the cute, clever ending. Here's a YouTube search. You definitely ought to see it in action, but definitely check out . Yep, I'm definitely biased, and yep, I feel like I'm spamming you guys here, and yep, I agree supporting games on Kickstarter deserves caution. But Invisigun seems to be in great shape, looks like it went over really well at PAX South, and ought to be really enjoyable. I hope it gets funded!
  8. Super Mario Maker

    If you're not burning to play it, I'd wait. Will anyone still be talking about MM in six months? My guess is that it will be as hard to find good levels then as it is now. If you've got a Nintendo platforming itch, I think Yoshi's Wooly World would provide better value. My experiences with the 100 mario challenge is that the levels are either difficult in a way that is not interesting/fun or they are easy to the point of being boring. I usually find 1 out of the 18 levels in a 100 mario challenge to be worthwhile. I usually skip at least a dozen (i'm guessing).
  9. Been following some friends of mine as they've nurtured their precious Little One through production, and now it's all grown up and I'm so proud to see it out in the wide, wide world. It's a local-multiplayer punch-em-up! Out now on PC, coming to XBONE early next year. I've played an in-progress version at a local indie event and it felt really good. More demanding and intricate than I was expecting it to be based on the visual style (YMMV). I'm looking forward to playing the finished version, but alas I don't have anything that'll run it. <sigh> The local-multiplayer genre seems to be pretty well-stocked these days, so I hope these guys are able to get their fair share of attention. If any of you folks end up giving it a shot, share your thoughts here! I'm interested to see what everyone thinks! More info over here at dadbeatdads.com. *Disclaimer: I know the devs, but they neither paid for nor encouraged this posting, nor do they necessarily endorse this post and they don't even know I put it here, I'm just so excited for them. EDIT: Clearly I don't know how to embed a video. Oh well.
  10. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Re: Japanese players: I've often entered ranked matches as the only person whose name ISN'T spelled out in Japanese characters (I'm on the West Coast, Canada, fwiw). I used to agree that the Japanese names were a reliable indicator of good-at-this-game, but I'm not so sure any more. ANYWAY, did you guys notice that if you stand in the lobby (plaza?) and spin around to face "out" of the plaza, there's just a billion Splatoon Miiverse post billboards? It looks like the Futurama episode where they enter the internet in VR and are attacked by flying ads.
  11. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    @henroid: if you want to get up to speed real quick, someone put up a really good post on Metafilter. How do you guys spend your time in Splatoon? I used to stick mainly to regular battles, but the task of juggling ground coverage and fighting off kids/squids got kind of aggravating, and now that I know the maps better I'm finding the ranked game modes much more exciting, offering a lot more of those interesting moments that make online shooters worthwhile. Wish I were better at it, though, because it's a real bummer seeing that ranking slide down.
  12. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    It's Splatfest time again. I haven't played since two Splatfests ago, and was having a good night playing regular and ranked matches when the splatfest dropped in, and now uh oh everyone's really good. The warehouse level seems to be particularly cruel - in most of my matches, one team has almost crushed the other.
  13. Far Cry PRIMAL

    Like maybe there are a bunch of tigers in a hideout and some are smoking and some are talking to each other, shooting the shit (using crude language), some are watching tv, and then maybe i sneak in one by one and capture their hideout
  14. Far Cry PRIMAL

    Yeah, this could be pretty good! A lot of my FC experience has boiled down to arrows and knives and stuff, so why not? Just don't make me hunt a bunch of dumb animals. Or make the animal hunting funner. plz
  15. Super Mario Maker

    The latest jam: THE ICE-WRECK OF THE HMS KOOPA 7EDF-0000-0078-0D79 Sorry, Rubixscube, it's a giant epic experience which has to be done without checkpoints… but at least it's forgiving. Hopefully it's fun to explore and poke around in!