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  1. Guess you Steam top 10 most played

    Oh geez. Well the top 3 should be easy because I recently checked the hours played on those. But the rest I have no clue. I played a lot of Fallout 3, but I bought a boxed copy so that is probably not on my Steam list. 1- Dota2 (1000-ish hours) 2- Team Fortress 2 (350-ish) 3- Civ 5 (100 ish) 4- XCOM 2 5- Dark Souls 1 6- Civ 4 7- FTL 8- PUBG 9- Binding of Isaac 10- Spelunky Aaaaand here's the results: Not sure if I'd count Substance since they're 3D art tools I use for work, and similarly I didn't actually play Quadrilateral Cowboy I just had it open as reference for work. So I included 13 items. Turns out I've played way more Thumper and way less PUBG than I thought. And now that I think of it most of my Isaac playtime is Rebirth on Vita and PS4. Really interesting how some games mentally fill more time than they do, and vice versa. I could have sworn I had at least 30+ hours in PUBG and Left4Dead2, but both only lie at around 14 and 19 hours respectively. And Punch Club which I mostly played casually in the background while I was rendering lightmaps I didn't expect to even pass 10 hours.
  2. So what is "it will not be reused" a reference to? They commented on it being a deep cut, and now I can't stop thinking about it. Also. The ketchup/catsup distinction and etymology discussion reminds me of how Peking is just a different spelling of Beijing. I used to think Peking was a region or city in China (or, well, a method of preparing duck) so I was surprised when I learned it was in fact an antiquated western spelling of Beijing.
  3. I was joking early on that maybe Coop's left behind shoes is the missing piece that will restore him from Dougiedom. But now I'm fully expecting next weeks opening scene to be his shoes being sucked out through the electrical outlet from the Lodge and appear on his feet.
  4. I didn't take a closer look, but I swear that when Becky called Shelly it was the typical iPhone ringtone but she picked up an Android? Just a really dumb detail that I noticed. Unless it's part of her character that she stubbornly downloaded the apple mp3 and loaded it in as her Android ringtone. That sounds really intriguing, I love those two actresses. Thanks for the recc!
  5. Rainbow Six: Siege

    Only on PS4
  6. Plug your shit

    I think your Twin Peaks scene is fantastic. Really smart use of pieces for the statue and the patterned floor. Don't let those stuffy Danes let you down. My only objection is your use of photobucket which forced me into at least 4 ads before I could see the full screen picture. Maybe that is why you got the ?
  7. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    @RubixsQube god damn what good use of emphasis. I'd like to recommend the book Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. I'm currently a bit too drunk and generally too stupid to summarize it succinctly. Also I'm only 1/3 through it. But the general gist of it is that Dr. Diamond argues the source of inequality between first world and third world countries is not based in cultural or genetic factors, but rather environmental ones. White privilege didn't occur because white people are inherently superior, but rather because their civilizations originated in areas abundant with wheat, horses, iron, salt, and fresh water. This is a video game forum, so I will make the assumption that most of us are familiar with playing a Civilization game and getting steamrolled by a neighboring civ that had their starting city next to 3 wheat and 2 horses. It essentially boils down to that. I know there are very smart people on this forum who are scholars of history and geography who probably have very good arguments about some fine points of his thesis. But as someone with a very poor base level education in history and who was largely ignorant of social inequality until my mid 20's I find this book quite illuminating. I think it's a very good broad strokes introduction of world history that is quite relevant to contemporary politics.
  8. Post your face!

    Both are quite old, but these two are my favourite pictures of me.
  9. Fake Games

    I haven't followed this issue closely, but isn't part of the problem that they use these fake games to generate Steam trading cards and use them for some weird market exploitation?
  10. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    Ninite is great. Especially if you're like me and format your system drive bi-annually. I've actually graduated to a different but similar tool. It's called Chocolatey. It's a package manager for Windows, and it's awesome. If you're familiar with Linux it's essentially the same as apt-get, though of course more limited in scope. You just type "chocolatey install vlc" in your command line and it will grab the latest version of VLC and install it for you automatically. You can have multiple applications in the command too so for a fresh install of windows I just have a text file in dropbox that is the command to install all my basic applications, and then I just hang back and grab a cup of coffee. It's also great because you can use it to update all your stuff too with a simple "chocolatey update all".
  11. Rainbow Six: Siege

    Hahaha that's great clyde. I kept thinking "oh gosh, they're gonna end up winning this aren't they?" I had a really amazing moment last week where we were defending the garage in Consulate. We had fortified the garage door and put a Mira window there so we could see the inevitable breach attempt. And sure enough the whole damn team rolled up there with a Thermite and Thatcher. When they placed the charge we popped open the window and started firing at them and I tossed a C4 out at them. The the crossfire and C4 made them seek cover along the wall to the left... just where the Thermite charge was burning down. The Thermite charge exploded and ended up taking out 4 of the attackers. The entire killfeed was just filled with blue text. The only survivor was the Thermite who caught a stray bullet shortly after. I love this game. Single greatest thing that has happened to me in this game. But unfortunately my PS4 screwed up and wasn't able to save the clip. I should try to contact the Mira I held down the site with, hopefully they managed to save it.
  12. The Big VR Thread

    Pretty sure Luckey leaving Oculus was over the lawsuit and not the meme-magic. Facebook is not a company that seems to be super concerned with optics. After all they are infamous for selling their users data to advertisers, not to mention that they got literal turbo-republican vampire Peter Thiel on their board of directors. But what they are very concerned about is to not lose millions of dollars over illegal and sloppy decisions.
  13. When Chris mentioned the Cold Shower Capper my mind immediately went two places: 1) A serial killer. 2) An actual shower cap, completely cementing his status as Weird Grandpa of the cast. For what it's worth I used to roll like that by turning off the cold water in order to shock myself into action. Incidentally the only time I've fallen and hurt myself in the shower was during the scurried panicked escape thatvwould usually follow each of these Cappers.
  14. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    If you listen to a lot of music on your PC I can really recommend investing a few bucks in a low end cheap "audiophile rig". Most enthusiast audio hardware is absurdly expensive, and in my opinion suffer severely from diminishing returns. But just getting a cheap pair of headphones with neutral levels and a simple DAC (digital-to-analog-converter, essentially a usb soundcard) so you don't have to deal with the super garbage soundcard that is integrated on most motherboards makes an enormous difference. The difference between investing 0$ and 50$ is way bigger than the difference between investing 50$ and 3000$. I use this DAC: And these headphones: And I'm super happy with them. I used to borrow my roommate's expensive AKG's just plugged right into my PC's 3.5mm jack and honestly just this basic junk sounds much better. Not having the output garbled by whatever agressively corner cutting soundchip motherboard manufacturers tend to use makes such a huge difference.
  15. Rainbow Six: Siege

    I don't know the current state of things because I play on PS4. But to my knowledge they did implement some third party anti-cheating system that is apparently working well.