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  1. [Dev Log] If On A Winter's Night A Gamer

    Hang in there! I'm really going to have to dig deep and jam hard for the duration to complete my game. I though I scoped down enough, since I'm also doing my first game (and also in Twine). Yet, I hit a major wall over the past two days or so! Huge resistance and I really stalled out. I think I've momentum back today though. So STICK WITH IT! I'm really excited to play other Twine projects at the end of this jam.
  2. [Released] Sit in a Row and Stare at the Wall

    Oh gosh, there's so much I like in this thread. The robot is really solid though.
  3. WJ5 Team Recruiting

    Scratch that, I think I've got someone new helping!
  4. WJ5 Team Recruiting

    My artist has actually fallen through. So I could use help with illustration art also. Pitch is above. I have an asset list of art I need an some reference images built out for direction. Hit me up on the at thermaldetonator or message me on the boards if you're interested.
  5. I really love the style and world building. honestly, if you pitched me on something so referential cold, I'd probably think I wouldn't be into it. you really made this your own though. I love it.
  6. [Release] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    I love this whole thread. That is all.
  7. [Release] Nick Breckons: 1, Mackle: More

    It's too bad you've had these setbacks. Looks awesome though.
  8. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    This was a good choice. The visual polish is really slick. Awesome that you're making your first game.
  9. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    I agree that it's really cool that you're doing something so different. I love the breadth of games.
  10. WJ5 Team Recruiting

    Pitch: I'm making "BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$". It's an economic sim a la Lemonade Stand or Game Dev Story about running a slightly seedy game studio called--Big Game Hucksters. It is my first game; I've settled on making it in Twine. What I need: One or two longish music tracks. Ideally they'd fit a lost Maxis game from the 90s or the vibe of Randy Newman in a parlor entertaining rich folks. What I'm doing: Writing and scripting it in Twine. I'm very open for ideas and assistance though. I should be getting help from another member of the forums with the art already. Contact info: I don't check the forums as much as Slack, but you can reach me on either. Time zone: PST Portfolio: I don't have any game design experience, but I can send you my old published game journalism. You can learn more on the Dev Log here:
  11. [Dev Log] BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$

    I'm putting out a call for some background music. It would just need to be one or two longish music tracks that would be at home in a lost blizzaro 90s Maxis game. Some ideas for reference:
  12. [Release] Order Order

    I'm very into this. I'm excited to see where this goes and to try it.
  13. [Dev Log] BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$

    Major progress today. I think my variables from other passages are being called to the rest of the story and being operated on correctly. Yay! Someone in the Slack today suggested trying Ink/Inky instead of Twine. I tinkered with the idea a bit (actually dove into the tutorial). I'm sticking with Twine, because I don't want to add learning Ink to my list of tasks. I also got things working, really rapidly today. I'm getting hopeful this game might actually be playable and have some fun bits! I do like a lot of the advantages of Ink though. I'm very intrigued to tool around with it later. I definitely I can get my basic prototype up by Friday. Hopefully I'll be able to ask some friends for a little bit of feedback. It would be good to get a sense of which things to prioritize in adding complexity if/when time allows. Lastly, I'm hoping I can also get some help with music. I have a weird vision for it and I'll post a separate reply with my basic though here and on the other thread.
  14. [Dev Log] BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$

    Yesterday was the most productive day I've had yet. I've committed to the episode and concept. I didn't get the actual game where I wanted it. I attached a picture of the tiny, tiny bit of story I built in Twine. However, I watched a number of tutorials that will end up saving me a lot of time in the long run. I haven't built anything in Twine before, so just seeing that you can make if/then behaviors and basic variables in Sugarcube was a revelation. (I woke up planning a really complicated work around. Additionally, I learned a bunch of Javascript that may or may not prove useful. (It also mixed me up a little with distinctions between JS, Harlowe, and Sugarcube, ugh). Most importantly, I recruited the amazing root from the team seeking forum to help with art for the game. I'm so thrilled about that. Work is really crazy this week. I'm way behind where I'd like to be though. My number one priority is to get a working bare bones prototype as soon as possible. I just want it to let the player build a couple games and get a response in their resources (money and prestige at this point). If I can get that basic gameplay loop then I can add things like more variables for the games, possibly other resources, and some elements of randomness. (I feel like some element of randomness is super key to the risk/reward and fun of strategy games and economic sims). So my goal is to get a bare bones prototype running by Friday. We'll see how things go today. I'm having trouble getting variables from passages outside the main story chain to populate in my story. Hopefully I can figure out those small bugs and get going! I'm also going to try to recruit someone to help with music.
  15. [Dev Log] BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$

    That was a super bear bones explanation, but I've been super busy today. I'm making the game in Twine. My design pillars are: to make it silly and fun to prioritize player choice making the game company gross I'm trying to keep the scope pretty small, but I've never really seen a sim in Twine;it'll be interesting to make.