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I play a lot of strategy games on my mobile. I recently came across a game on Google Play that holds very high standard to a low price. And I only paid when I bought it and I got all content. No IAP. I can recommend it, it's a special game. It's probably out on iOS too.


It is called:

BattleRex: Genghis Khan


There is a demo to try out too:


First time I played it after I bought it I ended up playing for more then 3 hours. Unusal for me. It has this addicting gameplay, at least to me.




Anyone else play strategy games on Android or iOS?

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There are not many good strategies on Android =(

I like "Game Dev Story" and all games from this developer


Also i d recomend to try game called "Z" which is a remake of old but awesome PC game. The only one real strategy for Android as far as i know

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More shameless self-promotion, we're working on a strategy game for PC/OSX/iOS/Android (with cross-platform multiplayer) that's currently on greenlight and Kickstarter. Right now there's a free Multiplayer Demo for PC and iOS; I just uploaded the OSX version to our internal QA, if they okay it, we'll put out that link as well. Android's next on the list, but it'll probably be a week or two until I've got a tested build ready for that. 






You can alternatively watch one of the Youtube

. If it sounds interesting, please rate us on Greenlight (and/or back us on KS ;) ). My ingame username is Odin, if you want to beat up on one of the programmers :D


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A game I'm currently playing is called age of fantasy on android and it's amazing.It's a turn based strategy game that has lots of maps to play on I highly recommend it.

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Hello there,


I'm a huge fan of Plague Inc. and Age of cilization on my android phone and of Civilization on Pc.

I like when I feel I'm dealing with reality and to change the world in a rather realistic / interesting way.


I'm also a bit aware of Global warming kind of facts and I have been thinking for a while how i could make an apocalyptic game out of that complex story, that would remain simple and funny to play.


So I launched myself and I learned how to Unity3D (it was not so easy, i can relate!) And after many nights, I did this game, called "Energy Wars" foundable on the store.


It's hugely difficult to promote an app ... I feel like I'm atrocioulsy lame at it and I hope you guys won't find me too much of opportunist talking about my own creation here ... (but as I saw it seems a place for shameless auto-promotion)


Here are some caps of my game. If you like to manage cities sprouting out of nowhere, and lots of nations that can fall in wars, and to see these cities and countries being destroyed by hurricanes, this game may please you ^^'







The goal of the game is to find and activate mines and fossils reservoires (such as coal, oil, gas and uranium) to make your countries richer and richer.

This wealth make your countries able to build renewable energies devices (such as dams, wind power and so on ...).

When you reach the right amount of green cities on the map, you must stop activating any new fossil production.

By doing so, you lead the world through crisis, wars that may brutally destroy cities but you must protect your precious green cities till the fossil production curve falls to zero.


It's a rather complicated story but I really tried to make it simple when you play it !

Your reviews and commentaries may be much appreciated if you try it. I would really like to have advices about what I should arrange in priority...

Sorry for my rude english which is not my first language !


The link to google play


Have a nice day.

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