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  1. On the campo blog they posted how they did Mecanim Animation Callbacks In Unity.
  2. Space Cowboy Game Jam

    Brendon Chung is doing a game for this jam : https://twitter.com/BlendoGames
  3. Unity Tutorials

    itsamoose, I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say, that would be amazing and greatly appreciated. To add to this whole AI thing, it's really easy to make things/NPCs/whatever you can dream of, move around in unity. Just watch this super short series on nav-mesh baking and nav-agents: Unity > Tutorials > Navigation. Maybe there should be another discussion thread about AI, I didn't mean to hijack this thread.. EDIT: The AI discussion has graduated to get its own thread here, yay!
  4. Unity Tutorials

    Alright wow, so in the last couple of days, looking at this, I think I get it now. I had vaguely heard about event handlers and state machines before, but now it all clicks. Actually, after I posted yesterday I watched the AI chapter in unity's stealth project. Today I also watched the State machine tutorials for Playmaker, I don't have playmaker, but even then it helped. Thanks for the help, I feel kinda silly now. Though one takeaway is also I'm amazed at how much Unity has out of the box. Ugh, alright then. Beginner Stealth : Chapter 4 Edit: This forum is very nice place, thanks again!
  5. Unity Tutorials

    For the purpose of discussion, what about the AI in a game like Thief or Dishonored?
  6. Unity Tutorials

    Has anyone any experience on making AI in unity/ue4? It's always there in the back of my mind, I generally have game ideas with NPC's in them. Is it feasible for an artist with some coding skills to do AI? It seems like a big undertaking and steep learning curve. Would you just get a real programmer? What do you guys think?
  7. Amateur Game Making Night

    Very evocative, I also love the esthetic of the intro. What are you going to do with it?
  8. Visual Art!

    Well speedpainting is not very conducive to learning and developing, at least that's what I think you're saying. I think it's pretty clear that proficiency in painting comes from amassing knowledge and careful thinking (I hold your own writings & work as sufficient evidence). Speedpainting as a learning tool seems to (perhaps unintentionally) be more concerned with developing the fine motor skills, whereas that's hardly as important in this context. I don't remember who said it, but the main hurdle to overcome in pursuing proficiency in anything is learning how to teach yourself. Well those are just my thoughts on the subject as another student, and I hardly hold them as an absolute truth. I enjoy your painting, makes me wonder what the person is doing there. I imagine he's a soldier scouting ahead and that the army is just out of shot - though he's clearly not concerned with stealth, maybe he's signaling someone with the banner.
  9. Visual Art!

    This might be the first time I've done a top-down perspective. It's not the first revision. I wouldn't show the first revision. Anyway, the game would be about pushing blocks around in dark dungeons and grisly catacombs. You'd probably use a cool shield bash to push the blocks. That would be cool.
  10. I'm kinda intrigued about the comments Sean made about Betrayer, because I've really liked it so far. I got it during early access when Craig Hubbard was interviewed on Tone Control. I played the first couple of hours during early access, once by myself and once with a buddy. I didn't know how far into development it was at the time so the rough edges didn't bother me. I decided to wait for the release build. Since release I've only played the first 1.5 hours or so. The experience of playing it is largely the same since the build I played in November ( some stuff did change, new clues were added, new characters. They seemed to have shuffled around or replaced one of the early enemy AIs). To me it doesn't feel unfinished. It feels weird, unapologetic, kinda like Far Cry 2. What I like about it is the complete lack of instructions. Exploration & Discovery is key to understand the game-rules, and to progress the narrative. There are some gameplay mechanics that I don't even know why they exist or what they are for. But that's whats so thrilling. It reminds me of playing Trespasser (best game of all time) with my brother when I was like 8 years old(maybe?). It was rough and there were no instructions, it felt less deliberate and all the more boundless and exciting for it. I'll have to play more to confirm my own thoughts though. The release was very unannounced, or at least very unnoticed, as Sean said. No build up at all.
  11. So this is great news. https://www.unrealengine.com/ Edit: Trailer Edit: Editor
  12. Amateur Game Making Night

    False Idols looks cool and it's a great name to boot. And also Ghost Rougelike looks promising for sure. I love planting bombs in games, I think it's spelunkys fault. Here is some of my nonsense. I've done some unity tests with morph targets and I can report that exporting from Max to unity works great - no problems so far.
  13. Sounds like they are dodging the bullet when it comes to non player characters and all the problems that comes with the territory - unless there are other people in the forest. I would frankly be quite interested in seeing them tackle doing talking characters on screen, as an small indie outfit. But it makes sense to do them [radio lady] of screen - if that's indeed what they are doing, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  14. You didn't say the magic word

    Yes! That this exists makes me so happy. This need to be a full game. I'm probably going to keep that loop on in the background for the remainder of the day.
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Oh Hi, I didn't see this thread here. I started listening at the tail end of the kickstarter campaign too, which seems recent in memory but I guess it's been a while. I'm bad at forums, so look forward to reading this post in 2016 and I'll still have 5 posts to my name. Also, I probably finally registered here because of the new Game Development forum. Possibly. Most likely.
  16. Amateur Game Making Night

    Yes it was totally the rare solar eclipse feature I'm working on. No but seriously, you're right, it was too dark. When you pointed it out you could almost say it dawned on me. I replaced the above screenshot and lazily adjusted the ambient lighting for maximum viewing pleasure.
  17. Amateur Game Making Night

    I've been wanting do learn Unity & C# aswell. So after reading and watching tutorials & scripts I did a simple day/night cycle. I also had the craving to do some old school diffuse only texturing ca 1998. The grass billboards are default unity though, this scene is a hodgepodge at the moment. Not sure what I want to do with this.
  18. Artists

    That's a good question. Yes personally I think a janky prototype can potentially be more convincing then a good design doc. Especially if said prototype displays an interesting idea. That said, I'm all about the idea & if it's something I would play myself.
  19. Artists

    I am new guy. I approve of this forum section. I hope cool things will come of it. I want to make cool games too you guys. I can do some 3D art for said cool games. http://www.joachimlindkvist.com So I'll try to hang around this forum from time to time & see if anything crops up.