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  1. Spelunky!

    This is great! So many great close call moments and of course rapidly accelerating chaotic ones too
  2. I love companion lady's character design! I don't think it crosses a line of being too sexualised, and I actually feel like her body type is very similar to mine just slightly more cartoony, rather than the same bombshell hourglass figures you generally see in video games. Her hair is perfect too. So excited for this game!
  3. I posed this in the Slack - but does anyone know if the shot of the traffic light going from green to red is the same one that is in the original series (in episode 1 I believe)?
  4. I think this was really effective given we had just started to get used to the band being there for the credits scene. I'm sure a lot of people did the same thing to me which was check how long there was left in the episode, because it felt too fast to be at the end already! Looking forward to seeing the other ways our expectations will be subverted. Also semi-related about that scene: I'm seeing a lot of criticism about the way people reacted to Richard Horne aggressively grabbing that girl, saying it was unrealistic because no one intervened. The bystander effect is very much real, like there was a news story here recently where a woman was sexually assaulted on a tram, no one intervened while she begged for help, and she was later followed and raped by the perpetrator. I've also been present to incidents where a man has suddenly turned very aggressive/violent, and even in numbers it can be extremely terrifying standing up to a violent man as a young woman, and its normal to freeze in shock. We all like to think we'll be big tough guys in the moment but its often not the case. I'm not sure whether it was here, or in Slack or elsewhere but I saw someone categorise it as the horror that comes from inaction, which I think really is the perfect way to describe this confronting scene.
  5. Something True 8: Babylon

    Just another dropping by to say thank you for an incredibly enjoyable show. Hope there's another series in the future!
  6. There's so much to unpack in this episode but just to note a couple of little things no one has mentioned yet: I, too was a bit bummed out with the nagging wife thing, but hopefully that's actually going somewhere because it seemed like a really unnecessary scene in the context of everything else.
  7. 13 Reasons Why

    Yes Jenna that would be much appreciated if you have them handy! Its what is keeping me from watching the show at the moment
  8. Master of None (TV series)

    Ok so I just finished it and I definitely agree.
  9. Master of None (TV series)

    I'm nearly done with season 2, and man, I love this show. As someone who has made a recent foray into Tinder life, I felt like the first dates episode was very much on point. I think I've loved every episode, but the Italy episodes were wonderful, and I found the Thanksgiving episode particularly touching. I was also talking about it with my friend, and her boyfriend loves it. As someone who is Sri Lankan in background but grew up in Australia in a culture that is both multicultural but also has this dominant 'whiteness' about it, he really found it to be incredibly relatable. He said it was the first time he's ever seen 'himself' in a show like that which is really nice, and I think Dev is an extremely likeable character in a pretty real way.
  10. Twin Peaks Discussion

    It's happening again! A heads up for those who may not know, there is a Twin Peaks channel in the Slack for those who want to discuss the new series.
  11. Important If True 8: Ghosts 'n Goblins

    This was an incredibly entertaining episode guys, I had to pause after the Clooney ghost/goblin bit because I had a stitch from laughing. Thank you!
  12. Cultural Appropriation

    I don't think white australian chefs really do 'bush tucker' type stuff. An interesting thing to note is that a lot of the traditional foods were wiped out by white invaders because they saw fields and thought 'hey this is a good place for cattle', and then dug out huge fields of yams which were commonly eaten by indigenous people at the time. A part of our history that doesn't get talked about much is that the English basically destroyed a lot of traditional Indigenous food sources because they were so blinded by self-superiority to realise all the ingenious ways that Indigenous people maintained the land because it didn't look like their agriculture. I've lived here my whole life and have no idea where you can actually eat 'authentic' indigenous food, because now Indigenous people basically eat western food (and like parts of Canada, often suffer in remote communities with overpriced and poor quality food).
  13. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I should add the Jackbox streams are super fun and also you can participate as an audience member, even if there are the 8+ people already. You don't need to own the game to play, just a browser and Discord! Here are some of the results of the streams so far, some may verge into NSFW territory for cartoon butts and language:
  14. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I'm a big Isaac fan and would love to watch someone else play Isaac! Will follow and coach/give moral support if i'm able to catch any streams
  15. Idle Thumbs !!: With Bagblast

    I've only been a presence in the community more recently, but I've been a fan of Idle Thumbs for probably 5 or 6 years at this point (I started listening shortly before the kickstarter). It's kind of weird to think about how thumbs has been a constant through my whole early-mid 20s, and the podcast has been a great source of both entertainment and comfort through hard times. I'm more active on Slack than I am on the forums, and since I have become more involved I have really found that the thumbs community is the best i've ever been a part of. I really love and appreciate what you do, and while I feel a bit sad that Idle Thumbs in its current incarnation is going to sleep, I'm really looking forward to seeing you all exploring a new direction.