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  1. [Released] Breckon's Similar Sausage Face

    Holy moly this looks frantic and smooth and polished and crazy as hell.
  2. Godspeed, Wizard Jammers!

    Great to hear! Industry life can be tough but I'm glad we can all come together on this and just have a good time. Rock on!
  3. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Thanks guys! I'm just punching forward right now. Got about halfway through the game already tonight, though it helps that the interactions in the first half are pretty basic and brief. I probably left some accidental goofs in some of the levels too, so I'm gonna have to play through it all in asshole-mode on sunday to see if it holds up to scrutiny. Though one goof left to the observant eye is intentional... And I posted another expanded progress report on my blog again with some additional screenshots.
  4. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    Finally got some solid work in on the gameplay side of things today. Got the first scene pretty much done, and I expect to be able to make good progress tomorrow night and all day saturday. I'll probably scrap a few more elaborate scenes and condense the story down to its basics to get it done, but I'm feeling hopeful. Having the character sprites with some expressions in the game does a lot already. (Unfortunately the gif didn't capture the subtitle UI)
  5. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    God this is the greatest. I love the sinister vibe happening. Looking forward to combing the castle for creepers and collectibles.
  6. [Released] A Good One

    Woah that looks really robust already! I love skiing games for some reason, but they never let you do this, just haul ass cross-country or off a mountain for 15 minutes or something. Could be a nice zen experience with the right music.
  7. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    I'm starting to feel the pressure, as I spent a little too much time today setting up the house further. I added curtains, collision to the furniture, and a staircase to connect the top floor to the cellar/carport. I also made the outside lights respond to motion, and hooked up the doorbell. When you ring it the man of the house comes to open the door. All in all I'm pretty proud of how it's looking, I should just get cracking on the actual gameplay now. I wrote a post on my blog with some more in-depth development info and screenshots if you're interested: https://hedgefield.blog/2016/11/26/live-from-the-wizard-jam-front-episode-1/
  8. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Haha hella great characters! This is gonna be a good one.
  9. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    Wow that run cycle looks mint!
  10. [Art] Flay Learns to Paint and Draw

    Was about to say the same! You're making me jealous with those colors.
  11. How to back up your game projects with GIT

    I wouldn't recommend running git from a dropbox folder. Git makes all kinds of shadow copies and cache files in a hidden folder with each change, and if dropbox can't keep up you're looking at potential read/write errors that would endanger both backup methods. But you make a good point that binaries are not part of the git workflow. What I have is a second folder in Dropbox for builds and the accompanying documentation and promo material etc. So all the project files live in git and all the output lives in dropbox.
  12. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Not sure if I have enough time to participate this time, but I woke up with a little game idea and then I saw this, so I guess I'll give it a shot.
  13. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Gosh darn amazing badass lady space ninja action forthcoming looks like. I like the feel this is implying, something outside of the epic jedi/sith struggle for once. Lots of sass too.
  14. Disneyland/Disney World

    Does anyone remember the episode that discussed the creepy disneyland employee housing contract clauses stuff? I think it was a reader mail? Was that even this podcast?
  15. Oh man continued mouse presence is a nightmare indeed. Sometime back we had one crawling in through the gap around the radiator pipe each night and snacking in the kitchen cupboards. Mind you this was a studio apartment so you could actually see it run across the carpet in the middle of the night from our bed... One night it got into the plastic sleeve thingy holding the belgian waffles, and I sort of slammed the opening shut, trapping the mouse inside. Now I was in one of those quicktime events, where the mouse slowly started freaking out and making holes in the plastic, as my hand holding the huge police-style flashlight hovered over it. Eventually I smushed its face in with it. It was horrifying.
  16. Dr Langeskov was actually part of that indiegogo thing to replace the stolen gear of those indie devs last year (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-magpie-collection#/) so I played a different version of it a ways back - and was inspired as hell by it. I didn't realise it was coming out on steam too. To be honest I think they tinkered with it a little too much since then, it was already amazing, but then again I knew the 'trick' this time around so maybe I was less affected.
  17. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    There's a bunch of really useful stuff in some of the other ability tiers, but the things that I've found most useful are in the melee tree. My tree is: -Muscle Memory (fast attack upgrade) -Strenght training (strong attack upgrade) -Lightning Reflexes (slows down time when aiming crossbow, SUPER useful when you're under water surrounded by sirens) -Battle Trance (basically a last stand/second wind feature, refilling an empty health bar by draining the stamina bar) -Sun and Stars (replenishes health outside of combat so you don't need as much food anymore) Other than that a few alternative sign powers, and Delusion upgraded to the max, comes in really handy in dialogue choices. Most of the rest are some really specific usecases so I don't find those too useful, although I'm curious if anyone has a radically different build. I started to get a little burnt out, but then I turned off the minimap and decided to ride everywhere, no fast-travelling, and just wander around for a while, stopping into towns and doing a few quests every day, and it's great how well that captures the drifter mercenary lifestyle. I feel like knowing where you are all the time and having that backlog of quests opressively loom over you detracted from my enjoyment a bit. Some of these sidequests are really great! Especially in Skellige.
  18. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    Well dang it IO Interactive manages to get me excited for every new Hitman game. I'm glad they're reintroducing some of the black humor, even though the trailer makes it seem like the most gritty modern international secret mission time - which I'm also not opposed to, but when I think back to the bizarre brazilian jungle hijinx in Hitman 1, that's what I crave.
  19. The Big VR Thread

    Just wanted to drop by to compliment you on that choice VR Troopers reference. That was a great show...
  20. Looking through the episode titles I got the most vivid game idea from this one, and imagined a Top-Gun-esque scenario where the pilot is pressing buttons and flipping switches in rapid succession to save his failing plane. Also this seemed like the game idea that required the least effort, which is nice as I'm working on three other projects at the same time as a freelancer (although I might have to revisit Osama's Dog and Layer Jake at a later date). Anyway I figured first things first and get a cockpit in there (placeholder photo that I nicked off the internet) and make it FLY.
  21. Great preview, and I really dig the art style, I've never seen such a papercraft-esque thing being done. Looking forward to more!
  22. [Release] Shadow of Something

    Man that was hella good. The battle system felt so robust already and there was a ton of content. You didn't half-ass any of this, from the subtle walk-bob to the quest resetting when you die to the alert indicators that actually turn green-yellow-red like the real game! Ace job. I would love to see you do a proper game with that battle system.
  23. [Release] The Legend of Big Bird's Bones

    What a game! I love the animations, and the tension arc is really good too, I felt like I played an epic quest all under a few minutes. Looking forward to more games from studio JKO!
  24. Haha yep that is my pro strat as well. Originally I had intended to also make the key prompts you miss add to the failure, but that meant you basically failed in three seconds unless you were a master of the keyboard. And if I had then increased the time of each prompt you could win it with easy. So it was a tough balancing act but I am pleased with the skill/fun tradeoff I ended up with. Thanks for checking it out! It was fun to make something completely different to what I usually make.
  25. Finished up the game this morning and it's an itchio now! It could use some tweaking so I'll probably use the last few days until the deadline for that, and I hear that it crashed the macbook of at least one person, so if anyone is willing to try out the Mac build before the deadline and report back, that would be sweet. http://hedgefield.itch.io/maydaymayday