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  1. The Banner Saga

  2. The Banner Saga

  3. Video Game mechanics to retire

    Tailing missions. Ugh.
  4. subtlety in dialogue?

    That'se something that I always was uncomfortable with, and not only on dialogs. I even wrote an article about it on one site I used to write for. For example, David Cage says he wants to make games more "emotional", and to achieve that he to put his characters on some desperate and dangerous situations and adds some cringeworthy dialog to them. That's so unrealistic, lacks pacing and shows no subtlety at all, something that's usually necessary if you're trying to portrait a "mature and emotional" story. That's why I liked The Last of Us. The writing is mostly pretty great IMO, I liked the fact they went for a taciturn like Joel, who mostly reveal his personality by his actions, at the end of the game you could truly understand him, even if he never says directly why he does that kind of stuff. And then, there was the moment. It wouldn't be so powerful if it wasn't subtle. I also love Shadow of the Colossus for the very same reason. Guess I'll have to play Kentucky Route Zero. I see people saying great stuff about this game, but I must admit that I don't enjoy point and click games so much (played very few PC games back then). I already bought it, but I never finished the first chapter, it's such a shame.
  5. Getting into the industry?

    That happens. When you study too much, they think you're doing zero of your life as well. Sometimes it's just difficult to match expectations, I just think you should go for what's suits you better. We'll, I have one curiosity: is it needed to have math skills to enter the industry? I think it's only needed for stuff like programming, right? I always had this curiosity, I'd like to work in the industry if that was the case - although that would be impossible here, because there's almost zero games production activity in Brazil.
  6. The Banner Saga

    Just finished the game now. What an amazing game! The writing kind lost itself by the ending a little bit, but it's still a great game. I honestly care about this world and it's characters, and can't wait to see what's coming next. I just hope that stupid Candy Crush developer don't prevent the guys from releasing the sequel. The game was really nice to play and Iearned it's mechanics to a point that I haven't had any trouble until the final battle. The ending sequence is incredibly gorgeous, the art is fantastic and the music is so beautiful. By the way, all the music during the game is amazing, and sometimes and find a way to match the soundtracks with some specific moments in battle, giving some "grandiose" moments to it. When the credits rolled, I could understand why the music in this game is so good - Austin Wintory. This guy is ridiculously talented.
  7. Relaxing games recommendations

    Some great suggestions here. Didin't know it was possible to just walk in Skyrim. Maybe I can replicate a bit the experience I had with Miasmata, which was remarkable. As for the other games, Long Live the Queen might really get a place in my library, it sounded pretty simple and interesting. As for Spelunky being relaxing, maybe when you get Chris Remo's level of addiction it actually may start to be relaxing, but right I only feel frustration and despair with it (can't even pass the third world).
  8. The Banner Saga

    This game is amazing! I'm at a point in the game that I'm really hooked to the world and the story. I think the narrative has a nice pacing, it's a bit slow, just building up to its most important events. I just gone through the And I'm crazy to see what happens next. It's a shame I need to sleep now.
  9. Relaxing games recommendations

    Thanks for all the recommendarions! Of all the titiles, the one who really hot my attention was Cart Life, it seems really unique and maybe more similar to what I've been looking for. It's a pity that a lot of people says the game has dozens of bugs, I'll download the free version and it how it runs on my PC. Don't starve is also on my list now, didn't know it was possibly to set the difficulty. The game does have some mechanics that I find appealing and I can see myself using to relax after a day of work and study, I was only worried by the difficulty. Minecraft for sure is an obvious choice, but I've tried it before and couldn't have fun with it. It's too open, I like some objectives. Little Inferno was another nice suggestion, but I already played it on my iPad, loved it BTW. But a surprise was Endless Ocean. I googled it and it seems quite unique and maybe something that fits my needs. I can see myself doing one contract of the game each day, and having an easy time while exploring the ocean. It's just a pity that don't own a Wii. But I actually might buy one, maybe a Wii U even - it has backwards compatibility, right? I missed so much games that were exclusive to Nintendo, sometimes I feel inclined to buy a Wii U mostly to play these old games.
  10. Thi4f

    Honestly, I think I'll actually like this game. I prefer the modern stealth games that empowers you than the hardcore ones. I just think that they shouldn't do it with a franchise that wasn't like that, it creates wrong expectations among the fans. Why not create a new IP then?
  11. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Yeah, it felt weird to see the dude having all those magical powers. I never read any of the books (I'm not a big fan of this kind of fantasy), but I remember the LOTR movies never had magic with this great abundance. I think it ruins the fact that magic should be something rare and difficult to get (at least that was the impression that the movies gave me, mostly). At least they tried to give some reason and context to all these powers the main character has. Still, I think it will be a decent game, looks nice for pre-alpha footage. Despite looking a lot like Assassin's Creed, the combat seems a lot bettter than Ubi's game. But it's still disappointing because they could do something different with the Tolkien universe instead.
  12. Nintendo 3DS

    I've been playing Animal Crossing without changing the clock and stuff, and as you said, it's really rewarding that way. There's always something new. It's truly a great game, it's really unique and a title that feels more adequate on a handheld, and it's also the kind of thing that you won't find on consoles. That's something that Vita lacked IMO, so it's great that Nintendo is doing these kind of thing. I'm convinced of the so called "Nintendo charm" now, they are really distinct. As for Pokemon, I do have to say that, despite not having a great interest in the series right now, I felt an enormous amount of nostalgia seeing Pokemon Ina fully 3d environment, I always wanted it. So maybe I'll give it a try in the future, after playing some games that are higher on my list.
  13. Nintendo 3DS

    It's crazy how I'm loving animal crossing new leaf. I just reached the point when you first travel to the tropical island, and god, that Kapp'n song is freaking cute! This game is so fucking lovely! Also, it's great how the game just evolves, and you keep on discovering things. That's a really nice thing, I thought the game was going to be a really long ride and a bit repetitive, but now this tropical island just changed everything, since the bugs are a really valuable item in it's weird economy. On another note, I've tried Fire emblem Awekening, and yep, it's my next game. Had a great time with the demo. I thought Pokemon was a child thing or something, but I'm impressed to see how many grown ups keep enjoying the game (but seeing how much I'm loving Animal Crossing, another game probably aimed for children, I'm not that surprised anymore).I remember when I was a kid I used to enjoy the cartoon, I liked the game too, but not so much. I don't know, I think after they came with a crazy amount of pokemons I lost my interest in it, don't see myself going back to it to be honest.
  14. The Banner Saga

    Thanks a lot for the info! I didin't really know any of this (well, I found out that breaking the armor was important, but not that keeping your health was also that important). This totally changes everything. I just gone through two battles and was able to win them now. At first I was just striking the enemies with the Varl, because I thought they were stronger, but now I realize I should keep some squad members safe so I can give some deadly hits when the enemies armor is weakened. Now I'm feeling more hooked to the game. Some of the set pieces are really beautiful and interesting, and the choices you have to make are a nice addition to the game, I just imagine if there's going to be any consequences in the future.
  15. The Banner Saga

    This game is just too damn gorgeous when you're caravan is marching, it's crazy. I think I'm learning to get better at this game, but I'm losing some silly battles. I'm not experienced at all in turn-based RPGs on PCs. Is there a way to heal yourself during the battle? I saw that there's a "rest" option that should do it, but I'm at work now and can't see what it does.
  16. Sex in video games

    I bought Catherine, but it didn't hooked me. I remember a lot of people saying the game talked about a mature and serious subject, and then it got me interested. But then I played the game, and while the theme of the game was marriage, a serious and mature topic, it was dealing with it by talking of a monster woman from hell who killed men who had sex with her, probably because she was "the other woman" or something (at least that was what the story was implying from the beginning, I haven't gone further in the game). Video games. Maybe I was expecting too much from the game. Reading some reviews, I kind of expected it to deal with subject with some maturity, without fantasy and stuff, so I was disappointed when I saw that wasn't the case. Maybe I'll go back and play Catherine with this in mind, but I'll change the difficulty first, those puzzles are quite hard. Anyway, about the topic, I'm not a person who played dozens of video games in my life, so maybe I can't give the better answer, but I think that the best representation of sex I saw in a game was in The Wicther 2. There's a scene in which Geralt have sex with Triss, and the story at least tried to give some context, even if it was totally cliche. But it was much better than God of War, for example, or even Mass effect. I remember being totally amazed in Mass Effect 2 when I was getting closer to a crew member (I think it was Miranda) and then the dialogue prior to the sex scene happened. It was probably one of the weirdest scenes ever, Sheppard made a really weird grin and said something like "you know what I want" or something even more cheesy, and Miranda said she wanted too, but that they should wait for something, whatever. It was totally unnatural and it seemed to be there just to reward the player because he unlocked something, but that that reward should come at the end of the game, as some kind of final prize. I really liked how it was portrayed in Thirty Flights of Loving, though. In Heavy Rain it could be better, I didn't felt that the characters were enough attracted to make sex, it felt a bit out of place, but that game have other problems with its writing.
  17. Nintendo 3DS

    Just finished Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Really enjoyed it, haven't had such a simple fun in a while (I usually prefer more serious, "pretentious" stuff tbh, but I see that there's still a lot of enjoyment for more traditional games). It was specially thrilling that I defeated some of the last bosses with only a half hear of health, and dying in this game it's kind of a pain in the ass, since you lose all the rented stuff. The way the game handled the difficulty was pretty nice: at first it was super easy, then when you first go to the dark world, it became quite challenging. But after one or two dungeons solved, I could solve the rest of the puzzles without frustration, even if they required some thought. I guess my struggle with the first dungeons in the dark world were mostly due to not knowing how the items worked proper. I think it is a good starting point in the series, I'll probably do a bit better on the rest of the games because now I know how some of the mechanics work. Amazing game, it surely makes my list of "games of the year" and etc.
  18. The Banner Saga

    I've purchased the game based on all the good things I'm reading, also because of the art. Looks good so far, but I'm only at the beginning. It's a shame though that there are no subtitles during the cutscenes, sometimes I can't understand what they say.
  19. New people: Read this, say hi.

    =) I love this movie. This scene just stuck to my head. So beautiful.
  20. Nintendo 3DS

    So many games. Thanks for all the recommendations, guys! I really think about getting Resident Evil Revelations, but I'm easily scared by horror games, so I'm not totally sure. But maybe it isn't that scary on a handheld system. What attracts me most to this game is the fact that it seems to have more puzzles/exploration elements, just like the first Resident Evil games. That's what I've read, at least. I'm also now interested by Monster Hunter, since the user said the game has a story mode. I thought it was multiplayer only. Is it worth to get it for the single-player only? I'm not into multiplayer games (don't have any gamer friends :/). As for Phoenix Wright, is it similar to Ghost Trick? I'm currently playing it on iOS and I'm loving it. Changing the subject, how many games actually benefits from using the circle pad pro? I know that RE Revelations is one of those games, what are the others?
  21. goty.cx - It's that time of last year again

    My GOTY list, in order: 1. The Last of Us Such an amazing game, even with it's flaws. The ending is so powerful, and I liked the pacing, just in one area I've felt it would be nice to have less dudes to kill, it was a bit tiring and even anticlimactic. However, it was nice to see Naughty Dog using it's talent to tell a great story, hope they make more games with this serious tones. 2. Gone Home The game is the reason why I'm on this forum now, and why I've started listening to Thumbs, so yeah, I quite liked it. It really surprised me, I thought it was going to be more generic horror stuff, so it was crazy good to see that kind of story portrayed in a game, it's really rare (to be honest, it's the first time I've played a game like it, but I think there might be some obscure indie titles that have the same kind of thematic). It's such a brave and unique game, really love it. 3. The Swapper Loved the aesthetics of this game. The puzzles were really nice too. A great surprise. 4. Bioshock Infinite It sure had its problems, but I can't help but love that incredibly depressive ending. 5. Zelda: A Link Between Worlds My first game on the 3DS, and it was already great. It was challenging, but at the same time very welcoming to someone who barely played any other game on the series, so there were no frustrations, really balanced game.
  22. Nintendo 3DS

    Wow, thanks for the advice, Sno! Those posts are great, sometimes I feel confused on series I've never played before, so your tips are a great starting point. Also, your posts already helped me: I was going to play with permadeath on, thought it would be better to enjoy the game, but that's not the case as it seems. I really don't care so much if the game is hard or really challenging, specially when it's in a genre that I'm not used to, like jrpgs, so I'll just turn it off.
  23. Nintendo 3DS

    Ocarina of Time 3D surely is on my radar, but I think I'll go for Fire Emblem as my third game on the system. It seems so right to go for it, I often hear great things about that game. First of all, I love Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts, I feel I need to dig more on this genre. Also, I loved Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita, and since FEA appears to have a similar character development it really got my attention. The ability to make couples and have their kids with a mix of their abilities seems to be a really nice mechanic. Luigi's Mansion seems awesome too, as Bravely Default. Well, there's too many interesting games on this system, which is really nice.
  24. Nintendo 3DS

    Well, I bought a 3DS last week. A 3DS XL, more specifically. My first Nintendo system since the SNES. I had a Vita and wasn't really happy with the lack of support from Sony, and the fact that most of the games on Vita were already released on other platforms made me lose the interest in it (in most of them, the Vita version was worse than the others, so it did not much sense to buy it), so I made the transition to the 3DS. So far, I'm quite impressed. I'm playing Zelda ALBW and Animal Crossing right now. ALBW is my first Zelda game since ALTTP, which I never finished. So, yeah, I'm really uneducated on Zelda games. However, I'm finding that ALBW is a really nice start for someone who is not into Zelda games, I'm loving it. I think the games is well balanced, there is challenge but it's not frustrating, there is a nice learning curve for the puzzles. I've seen some people saying the game was too easy, but as I'm almost a newcomer in the series, it didn't gave me that impression. I also loved how important is the fact that you can merge into walls, it changes everything. I also enjoy how simple and unobtrusive the story is, and how some events that seemed to be disconnected from the main plot weren't. It's a pretty shallow story, but feels adequate to the game. The soundtrack is awesome too. My other game with the 3DS, Animal Crossing, is way weirder, but super nice. It's lovely and weird at the same time, it's really funny. My girlfriend is cracking so much that a bear in the game had a date with me, and then later sent me a gift. Also, he calls me honey and gave me a nickname "G bear". My girlfriend think it must mean "Gay bear" or something. I feel like I'm on the brink of having an extraconjugal relationship with a bear. Awesome. Anyway, I'm really loving the 3DS, it kind of changed the way I saw handheld gaming (the VIta and the 3DS were the only handheld systems I ever owned). It has some really nice and unique games, stuff that I can't find on other platforms. Totally satisfied with it so far.
  25. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello all! I started listening to Idle Thumbs recently and then discovered this forum. Since most of the forums I have an account have some really nonsensical discussions, I think this could be a better one, considering the quality of the podcast. I'm from Brazil, so don't mind any grammar mistakes =)