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Found 3 results

  1. So I figure I should start chronicling something about this project as slow or as fast as it ends up moving. Hit a bit of a milestone recently, graphics engine up and running with basic physics, so riding the positive wave while it lasts! Shards of Celetin (not entirely happy with the name, but unlike Phantasmagoria it doesn't clash with another game) is a 2D role-playing game based on an alternate timeline for Earth (another one of Those, yup), one where humanity evolved from cavemen with access to the powers of the elements. Fire, Air, Metal and Ice. Not the usual quartet, but there are reasons for that. There will be some combat (or even more than some if you're really motivated to do so) but the primary context will be puzzles, wayfinding and dialogue-driven plot movement. There are a lot of cool things you can do with elemental powers in combat, but I also figure that affords a lot of creativity in solving puzzles, too. I'll be updating this devlog with, well, whatever. It could be sprite art, it could be ingame capture, it could even be worldbuilding if people are interested. It's a world I've spent a lot of time across the years crafting (born as an idea for a novel a lot earlier on in my life) that I'm always revisiting and carving out new details for. The current setting is "modern day", the real challenge will be drawing out the world I've made into the game itself (in an easily-accessible manner). I hate the Skyrim-style of "find random sodding manuscripts everywhere". Current Version: Scrollable viewport, predictive collision detection and fixed-step renderer / physics (for now). Lot of the data-level stuff done behind the scenes. I've even made a start on devtools, to make making all the JSON data so much easier than writing it out by hand. Immediate Goals: Tie renderer to refresh rate (crude v-sync, with double-buffering shouldn't cause any artefacts). Currently fixed at ~60FPS. Update and integrate physics model into game view, and with the controls. Currently inheriting a fixed speed for the player character and nothing else, with no acceleration / deceleration. Not-So Immediate Goals: Sprite art! I've been trying to work on a style, so we'll see where that goes. I want to replace the temporary background and player sprite, as the most-pressing thing. Layered renderer. Will involve designing atlases for my sprites. I want to do some particular magic here because layered puzzles with multiple layers of interaction == goal, and visualising that will be important. Everything else in the game.
  2. Conversation System in Unity

    I'm working on a solo project in Unity (C#), and I need to script something that will handle conversation between characters. Players won't be able to choose between dialogue options, and there's no UI, so basically all I need is to be able to manage a large number of sound assets in an organized way. Before diving in, I thought I'd ask if anyone here could offer any ideas. Previously, I had started managing conversation with a list of sound assets and a function that could be called to play one of them. So, there was a lot of "if (Time.time >= nextLine)" to determine when the next line of conversation should be played, etc. My Game Controller script was riddled with calls for lines of conversation... it was gross and confusing. Ideally, I want something that will store properties about each line of conversation (e.g., who is the speaker, what is said in the line, how long is the line, should the line be interruptible, should the line be repeatable, has the line already been said, what triggers the line), so that I can avoid having "SayDialogue (12);"s everywhere, and so that I can revise the sound assets and their properties in one location. Also, I'm thinking it might make sense to have a conversation queue, so that lines that are ready to be played stack up in there instead of interrupting each other. I don't have a formal CS background, so my main problem is that I don't know what my options are with designing this. I was thinking of trying to use an array to store the assets/properties and a list for the queue... Is there something else that I should also explore? Or am I overthinking this? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. For reference, you can read my devdiary and/or play my latest build here. Thanks!
  3. subtlety in dialogue?

    I have been playing a lot more dialogue driven games in the past year and I find that I hate being out right told the implications of a plot point. This mostly happens in cut scenes but it is still off putting. Also games seem to be afraid to represent the player a bit better in cutscenes. Movies have characters that point out some of the flaws of the protagonist and are there to kinda call out them out on their bullshit. I don't know how many of you have seen Frozen by Disney, but they have a character in that movie named Olaf, he is a snowman, he is used to bring some of the weird tropes that Disney has made in the last few years and help them be addressed in a meaningful way. Correct me if I am wrong but I haven't seen many characters that do this in games, if there are please mention them I would love to see them. Maybe I am completely off base with this observation, I would love to hear what you guys think.