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  1. E3 2017

    Yeah once I realized the Xcom2 expansion was additional content for the campaign I lost interest. I found the overworld stuff to be really annoying
  2. E3 2017

    Bannerlord! All i really want is a less jank Mount and Blade game, it needs 0 new features
  3. E3 2017

    It was linked in the developers official statement so every outlet that quotes or links it will also link here.
  4. E3 2017

    Remember the 'Duke' Xbox controller that was universally panned? ITS BACK BABY!
  5. E3 2017

    We are now in an era where people wonder if maybe the Nazi's weren't so bad. (Hint: THEY ARE THE WORST)
  6. E3 2017

    I would like to see the game in a less staged form, it looks alright but MMO loot progression, see endless grind, is really not interesting to me these days. Side note, could developers just not put fake multiplayer dialog in their videos? The fake relationships and canned lines in the Anthem video are pretty atrocious.
  7. Books, books, books...

    I just finished The Honorable Schoolboy which is the followup novel to Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. Its really good, the focus on Southeast Asia is really interesting. There are some great moments in Cambodia and South Vietnam before their fall to the Khmer Rouge and North Vietnamese respectively. I am now super excited to read the last two Smiley novels.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw Wonder Woman over the weekend. Every fight scene was super over produced and way to reliant on CGI. Fast cutting between totally fake 'awesome' moves is not my cup of tea. The love story felt very tacked on and unbelievable and the whole film felt like it was rushing to check boxes.
  9. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    I became veg for a combination of issues with factory farming, environmental concerns, health concerns and meat being more expensive than vegetable protein. I am not 100% veg, I still go out for Dim Sum from time to time, but I never cook with it and aside from a few ethnic restaurants I avoid it while eating out. I don't want to lose my ability to digest meat since I like to travel and vegetarianism can be quite difficult in some countries.
  10. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    How does death in a fighter work, do you just spawn back in the ship?
  11. Twin Peaks Discussion
  12. The Big VR Thread

    Superhot VR also just came out for Vive. I have a considerable VR backlog now
  13. I have become a huge fan of more exotic fruits. A few years ago I got a ~30 lb jackfruit from a vietnamese grocery store. It was quite the experience to process it. Also check out mangosteen and durian.
  14. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    Hammocks. I got a camping hammock as a gift recently and have been getting a lot of use out of it. So much more comfortable than picnic blankets or lawn chairs. All you need is the hammock, two straps to hang it off of and two trees. Spent 7 hours in one on Saturday reading and just chilling by a lake. Most of them can comfortably fit two people as well.
  15. Logan

    RE: sickness
  16. Morrowind Revisited (13 years)

    I don't know how complete it is by Skyblivion has a release version. The main reason i dont want to play it is oblivion has almost all the UI flaws of Morrowind and almost all the UI flaws of Skyrim.
  17. Morrowind Revisited (13 years)

    Skywind is doing some good work, I played the last public release they had and aside from all the NPCs being naked it was amazingly far along.
  18. Morrowind Revisited (13 years)

    I replayed it when the expansion for skyrim that returns you to Solstheim. Aside from the inherent jank of the UI, especially the journal. The biggest thing I miss from Morrowind is the amount of quests and the depth of the world building. The map was also just inherently weird which helped a ton. The flora and fauna looked like nothing from our world. I really loved the game. I with we could get a medium between no quest markers and skyrims pointing your way through the dungeon. Something that told you where to go in the overworld but then left you to explore once you got there would be great.
  19. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    This kind of environmental story telling and the event that will be happening later today are the best parts of elite
  20. Hearts of Iron 4

    Looks like we are getting a bloodlands DLC. A weirdly vocal part of the community is upset Bulgaria isn't in this one.
  21. How to Fix Beyond Earth

    My main issues with BE were: 1) It felt more like a mod or expansion for Civ5 than a full game. Including having all the issues Civ5 had. 2) Everything felt very samey, no matter which of the three options you chose your units all looked pretty bland. 3) Similarly the technology was pretty boring, it felt more like near future sci-fi rather than super technologically advanced stuff. 4) Winning almost always turned into a slog.
  22. "“We’re not creating one specific universe. It can be any sci-fi universe.” Johannson was referring to the way in which the procedural galaxies are more than a collection of planets and stars. By the late game you might find that one of your science ships has become the Event Horizon, ripping a hole in reality to a dimension of horrors. Before you know it, you’re scrabbling to militarise in order to survive a fight against invaders from beyond and you’ve accidentally fallen into Warhammer 40K. Or maybe you train the world’s greatest scientist-adventurers, create the most advanced ships in the universe, and set up silent listening posts on the moons orbiting planets that are home to pre-spacefaring species. You can learn from them, guide them and eventually become their patrons. You are a Banksian Culture." Go on......
  23. I think probably my biggest problem with Stellaris is the inability for it to create interesting stories. The best part of Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings is being able to tell a cool story. One of my earliest HOI4 games I was playing as Turkey and I proceeded to conquer Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Then I built up my industrial capacity and military. As soon as the Germans started being pushed back by the Soviets I declared war on Bulgaria, got invited to join the Allies and was able to secure parts of Greece, Bulgaria and Syria for my new Ottoman state. There is no way to tell a story about a game of Stellaris in a similarly relate-able way.
  24. Fake Games

    That does get a bit tricky when Valve has an effective monopoly on online game distribution. Losing access to Steam means a game will be seen by far fewer people and result in much lower sales. Perhaps we should nationalize Steam Relatedly does GOG have anything like greenlight or a similar program to give indie games access to their platform?