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Found 1 result

  1. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    The concept of privilege is a thing that is discussed a lot on these forums. Being in a position of privilege myself, I do my best to try to recognize how I am privileged and how it informs my perception of the world. As I've been thinking about this I realized that there is a privilege almost all humans share: the capability to assert ourselves over animals and consume them. People of all genders and ethnicities, the rich, the poor, the educated, and the uneducated almost all consume meat. Why is this? Why do we fight for gender equality and fight to end racism but we feel perfectly comfortable subjugating and consuming various species of animals? We certainly don't need to consume animals to survive and would in fact be healthier overall if we didn't (goodbye heart disease). We waste vast amounts of land and food raising animals and only get a fraction of food in return. Not to mention, the harm to the environment that is done by us continually trying to raise and harvest enough animals to keep up with the demand (pollution caused by cattle is an easy one to point to). Either there is a good, logical explanation that I am failing to see or we have just decided that that is a change that is too much effort to make. And to be clear, I am not trying to pass judgment here. While I did decide to go vegan a couple years ago (and then reverted back to just vegetarianism because too many people are fucking assholes towards people who choose to eat differently than them), my wife eats meat, we are raising our kids with meat in their diet, and almost every influential person in history has consumed meat. It is just a fact of life. I am just curious to see what people around these parts think about this. To me it is interesting to reflect on why we expect people in a position of privilege to recognize that privilege and stop "punching down" while we refuse to do the same when it comes to consuming meat. And sorry for another topic like this. I guess I'm just in the mood for uncomfortable debates lately.