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  1. I'm looking forward to giving this a try. I did try and play the original but it simply wouldn't launch for me for some dumb reason. Cool story huh
  2. Would anybody like a code for the Quake Champions closed beta? I'd like to play it, but there's no chance I'll have enough time to really sink my teeth in. DM me plz
  3. I have a lot of affection for Full Throttle, and have finished it multiple times (I would never have managed it without following a guide), but Jennegatron is completely bang-on with her criticisms. I like several of the solutions presented at the kickstand (locked door? Just kick it down!), but the solution is probably only intuitive if you're the leader of a biker gang
  4. Ah, the tombs. I did them all, none of them took me longer than about 5 minutes (I know, that's not exactly speedrunning, but I'm not the brightest bulb in the hallway), and the rewards were utterly pointless. I feel differently than you about the sequel. One day, when I've got a beefier computer and it's 75% off, I'll get it and while away a few afternoons shooting thousands of generic bads. From the few reviews I read/watched, it improves on the weakest aspects of TR. I wanted so badly to like Alien: Isolation, but it never clicked for me. I think the one thing which bugged me more than anything was that on an enormous space station with loads of other warm, vulnerable humans present, the lone alien always seemed to be never more than a corridor or two away.
  5. I finally, *finally*, after half a decade(!) finished Tomb Raider. The trick to getting through this game, I discovered, is to ignore the vast majority of collectibles and skip every single story cutscene, because they're all TERRIBLE and it's a shame that Rhianna Pratchett never inherited her father's gift for writing. Oh, and force DX9 mode, 'cos it's a boring looking game anyway and at least you can get it going at 60fps that way. There are I think one or maybe two unskippable cutscenes, which almost had me quitting, but I just looked away with my fingers in my ears and just about got through them. The kindest thing I think I can say about this game is that it's not 100% bad.
  6. I played the demo of this for absolutely ages, just running around twatting perps around the head and setting hoodlums on fire. I seem to recall that if you shoot a gun from someone's hand, they'll surrender and you can cuff them... Or summarily execute them
  7. Thanks for that writeup, I'm sure it'll prove really helpful. I've had a good laugh at all of the glitch videos, but realistically my enjoyment of the game is going to hinge on whether I like the characters or not. The combat looks good, but it's not the be-all and end-all in a game like this; there has to be downtime between the carnage, and a reason to want to save the world/galaxy/universe (delete as applicable)
  8. Boy oh boy, did they make a pig's ear of that Special Edition. I couldn't play it for more than an hour, I was so aggravated by the control scheme and the art style.
  9. I didn't know it was even possible to not take Mordin on a mission
  10. Guy called ChipCheezum has done a stream of himself playing this, from about 20 hours in I think. I usually don't at all enjoy watching unedited streaming, but this game is so much fun to watch. I do reckon that always having to ditch your metal gear ™ during a lightning storm would become a drag, but it depends on how frequent those storms are. Either way, game looks totally amazing Edit: if anyone wants to watch it
  11. Cage boss is Micolash, I think. It's sorta like fighting the rabbit from Super Mario 64, if the rabbit were a host of nightmares (and who's to say it isn't?) I wanted to do the DLC before finishing up, so I'm on that now. I'm overleveled for it, I think, but it's still bastard hard. I do enjoy fighting hunters though, and there are plenty of those to go around. Edit: I thought you did very well to keep your composure in that clip I would have thrown my toys right the fuck out of my pram
  12. I didn't see that anyone shared this lovely piece of writing, but it really is quite something. I haven't played Stardew Valley in ages, but I very much want to return to Pelican Town after reading this.
  13. I've played many a vania game, but usually they'd be set on a large (or very large) map, with all areas interconnected. This Shantae game is broken up into relatively small islands. Yeah, I can't think of a single vania game I've played that didn't have any backtracking, but I struggle to think of many where it's as A) transparent (a consequence of largely linear "zones") and B) prevalent. Hell, if you don't have pirate flares, you can't even get back to the boat without running through the same areas you just went through, except right-to-left this time. If I never have to run across Mud Bog island again, it'll be too soon *shudder* This is my second Shantae game. I thought that Risky's Revenge was a tighter experience, and shorter as well, which helped, although even then I got a bit miffed with backtracking a lot.
  14. That's your Shantae and the Pirate's Curse fucked off forever. I wasn't having a great time with it anyway (too much combat, which was v.simplistic, and backtracking) but the final gauntlet is such an enormous jump in difficulty that I literally can't do it. Why do it, devs? The rest of the game has a well pitched challenge which elevates steadily, and your skills grow to meet it. And then BAM, difficulty spike from Hell, "let's see how you handle this" I thought I'd earned the right to see and fight the final boss by playing through the entire rest of the game, but apparently I was mistaken!
  15. I've never heard of Lucinda Williams before, but there's some of her stuff on spotify. Are her albums worth hearing? Very jealous of you seeing Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. What was the composition of the crowd? I often wonder if this music appeals more to liberals or conservatives, religious folks or satan worshippers like myself. Or, more likely, a hodgepodge of all types. Heeeeey, where've I heard this before? I'm getting some major deja vu...