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  1. Thanks for that writeup, I'm sure it'll prove really helpful. I've had a good laugh at all of the glitch videos, but realistically my enjoyment of the game is going to hinge on whether I like the characters or not. The combat looks good, but it's not the be-all and end-all in a game like this; there has to be downtime between the carnage, and a reason to want to save the world/galaxy/universe (delete as applicable)
  2. Boy oh boy, did they make a pig's ear of that Special Edition. I couldn't play it for more than an hour, I was so aggravated by the control scheme and the art style.
  3. I didn't know it was even possible to not take Mordin on a mission
  4. Guy called ChipCheezum has done a stream of himself playing this, from about 20 hours in I think. I usually don't at all enjoy watching unedited streaming, but this game is so much fun to watch. I do reckon that always having to ditch your metal gear ™ during a lightning storm would become a drag, but it depends on how frequent those storms are. Either way, game looks totally amazing Edit: if anyone wants to watch it
  5. Cage boss is Micolash, I think. It's sorta like fighting the rabbit from Super Mario 64, if the rabbit were a host of nightmares (and who's to say it isn't?) I wanted to do the DLC before finishing up, so I'm on that now. I'm overleveled for it, I think, but it's still bastard hard. I do enjoy fighting hunters though, and there are plenty of those to go around. Edit: I thought you did very well to keep your composure in that clip I would have thrown my toys right the fuck out of my pram
  6. I didn't see that anyone shared this lovely piece of writing, but it really is quite something. I haven't played Stardew Valley in ages, but I very much want to return to Pelican Town after reading this.
  7. I've played many a vania game, but usually they'd be set on a large (or very large) map, with all areas interconnected. This Shantae game is broken up into relatively small islands. Yeah, I can't think of a single vania game I've played that didn't have any backtracking, but I struggle to think of many where it's as A) transparent (a consequence of largely linear "zones") and B) prevalent. Hell, if you don't have pirate flares, you can't even get back to the boat without running through the same areas you just went through, except right-to-left this time. If I never have to run across Mud Bog island again, it'll be too soon *shudder* This is my second Shantae game. I thought that Risky's Revenge was a tighter experience, and shorter as well, which helped, although even then I got a bit miffed with backtracking a lot.
  8. That's your Shantae and the Pirate's Curse fucked off forever. I wasn't having a great time with it anyway (too much combat, which was v.simplistic, and backtracking) but the final gauntlet is such an enormous jump in difficulty that I literally can't do it. Why do it, devs? The rest of the game has a well pitched challenge which elevates steadily, and your skills grow to meet it. And then BAM, difficulty spike from Hell, "let's see how you handle this" I thought I'd earned the right to see and fight the final boss by playing through the entire rest of the game, but apparently I was mistaken!
  9. I've never heard of Lucinda Williams before, but there's some of her stuff on spotify. Are her albums worth hearing? Very jealous of you seeing Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. What was the composition of the crowd? I often wonder if this music appeals more to liberals or conservatives, religious folks or satan worshippers like myself. Or, more likely, a hodgepodge of all types. Heeeeey, where've I heard this before? I'm getting some major deja vu...
  10. This game is very beautiful and is going on my wishlist right now. Also, did the Canabalt guy work on this? He's always retweeting praise for it, but it's a drastic departure from his best known work to date
  11. Balls, I meant to watch your stream and then life got in the way. Haven't played BB for ages cos of Ratchet and Clank, but I'll be on it tonight. Going West, to the Nightmare Frontier Edit: Bloodborne happened, for four hours, until 2am. It was a very productive session and I would have happily carried on, but I started to feel guilty for playing so long. Spoilers to follow: I explored the last corner of the Nightmare Frontier and fought a boss there. It was a bit of an awkward fight, and I didn't exactly finesse it, but I triumphed with liberal usage of blood vials. Went to Yahar'gul, which had changed a bit since I was last there. Now there were knotted masses of skeletons dragging themselves around the streets, seemingly without purpose. What do they here? I murderised them all with the help of an NPC phantom I found. And then I murderised another big boss which plopped out of the moon. After this, I took a little trip back to Cainhurst, to visit my old pal Annalise (I still don't want your blood, thanks, I've got to drive home). Back to Yahar'gul, and I touched a caged man which took me back to the lecture building. Not much of note here, except I found Patches. I didn't have the heart to kill him - he's already a massive spider, and that seems punishment enough. There's still the question of whom, or what, bestowed this form upon him... Another Nightmare! This time concerning something called Mensis? It may have been mentioned but I've forgotten. Anyway, this area was pretty short and easy, and linear, until you get to Mergo's Loft, where things get interesting. Spiders are bastards. Spent a lot of time exploring the loft. Some tough bits, mostly not too bad. How do I (can I?) get to that thing I saw as I approached which glowed and caused my frenzy to constantly rise? The answer lies at the summit, I'm sure. What is that baby crying for? What happened to this woman with blood all down her front? What's going to be in this pram? OH SURPRISE IT'S A BOSS. Killed the boss. Boss was easy. Explore for ages and ages, trying to get to the glowy frenzy thing. Hello, this lift has a broken door, I can get out when it's moving. Fuck me, not you guys again, I had enough of you when I went West. Stop sending me West! Killed them all, pulled this lever and...OOPS. I returned to the Hunter's dream after that and everything is on fire. Gehrman wants to have a word with me under the great tree. I'd hate to keep him waiting, but I'm definitely going to keep him waiting, for ages and ages Editx2 hey what happened to my numbered list?
  12. It'll be interesting to see how people feel about Nioh once the dust has settled, but I generally find that this forum doesn't buy into hype quite so readily as many others, and are more likely to offer a fair assessment. That being said, I played Nioh for the first time yesterday, for about three hours, and if you told me "Nioh is the best game that ever existed or ever will exist", I would believe you. I had a blast with Nioh yesterday, twirling my dual katanas and nimbly sidestepping around huge, ponderous yokai. The Ki Pulse system is brilliant! I played around with it a bit and got the hang of it, and can see how it could lead into some very long combo strings. I felt like a badass when I killed a big demon on a boat. But I can see, if I take a step back, how certain elements will become problematic over the long haul (and it is a very long haul, going by what I've heard here). There's so much loot that it's fatiguing having to look through all of what you've picked up. I get that Team Ninja thoughtfully included the little up and down arrows on dropped loot, but that isn't really an accurate representation of whether the weapon is going to be the right choice for your build. I didn't do the research, but I'm pretty sure it only indicates if it does more damage or not. The village that I fought through looked good, but there was nothing at all to interact with. No NPCs, no puzzles. Just barebones, run through the streets and kill the baddies. Could just doing that over and over sustain my interest over a long game? It's very good combat, but... One question. The eurogamer review mentions a noticeable dearth of different enemy types. How true is this?
  13. I finished Ratchet and Clank on the PS4, yesterday. What a great game! I'd recommend it to just about anybody. Having never played a Ratchet and Clank game before, and knowing very little about the series, I didn't have many expectations going in. I thought it'd be far more of a conventional platformer game, actually, but I'd say it's gunplay which has a more prominent role. Okay, I want to say some really positive things about this game, but I'd like to get the negatives out of the way first. One, I thought some of the Clank sections were a bit tedious. They didn't quite hit the sweet spot of great puzzle design. On a couple of occasions, I'd walk into a new puzzle room, know what to within ten seconds, then spend the next five minutes laboriously shuffling bots about the place. Two, the game starts off a little slow. The middle part of the game is the best part, where you're discovering new weapons every level and can jump from planet to planet as you like. But the start, you've got your 'nades, which are fine, your peashooter, which is weaksauce, and the flamethrower, which is strong but useless against anything that flies. These weapons are all pretty conventional weapons, like the sorts of things you might see in the real world. Later weapons are batshit insane, and all the better for it. It would have been nice to get a more characterful weapon earlier on. But the positives are so, so many. The weapons are all fun, but also useful! They don't fall into the trap that many "zany" weapons fall into (I'm looking at you, Armed and Dangerous). The graphics are sublime; like playing a Pixar film. I never even skipped a single cutscene, 'cos I thought it was well written and animated. The story is...not amazing, but not bad. I didn't like the last minute inclusion of wossname, Anyway, great game. I'm gonna go play it all over again.
  14. I had a decent time with CBFD, but what you say is totally true, it is very uneven. Amazing idle animations, though! The sound effects and voice help to elevate some of the weaker jokes. This one from Boogerman is f'kin minging, as you'd expect
  15. Looks like a great guitar. A kilo heavier than the yamaha, it seems, don't know if that'll matter to you