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  1. I also thought Chris was going to endorse a shower cap. Weird thing is that for the week before this episode came out I'd been doing a Cold Shower Capper as an experiment. Basically I read about health benefits of cold showers, but since I enjoy warm showers too much to give them up entirely I thought I'd just try turning it to cold for the very end. I have no idea if I'm at all more inclined to "go for it" in my daily life since doing them though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. A good tip is that you can bug a computer AND hack it, so it'll still siphon off money even when the lights are off. I've played 40+ hours of this, glad to see more people are trying it out
  3. Idle Thumbs Wizard Meet 2016 at PAX West

    I ended up with an extra badges for Saturday through Monday. Anyone interested in buying them at cost or know someone who might be interested? I'll be arriving in Seattle on Thursday, and see everyone at the party on Saturday!
  4. Idle Thumbs 277: Coming Attractions

    Yup, this is correct! Oftentimes big budget films start cutting trailers as soon as dailies are being shot. So it's common to have different dialogue takes, action takes, shots that get cut from the film, jokes etc. Sometimes they get taken out of the trailer if they're not in the film, but usually they don't care. Another thing is sometimes dialogue takes work better in the context of a trailer than in the film because the energy level or nuance is different. The filmmaker generally has very little to do with making the trailer until late in the process when they get sent cuts to approve or disapprove of. Some films do shoot stuff specifically for the trailer. For example, the rotating shot in this isn't in the film at all because it was made for the trailer. has shots made just for the trailer to make up its structure. Of course, one of the best is the that depicted the factory making the Terminators.
  5. Idle Thumbs 277: Coming Attractions

    Post outro trailer trope mashup was hilarious! Back in April when slow piano tinkle was at its peak, Argobot suggested mashing up the piano tinkle music between the offending trailers and I made this
  6. AM2R - Samus roids again

    I just started this last night and really liking it so far!. I played a shit ton of Metroid 2 when it came out on Gameboy, and it's probably one of the first games I ever somewhat mastered. At the time I didn't even know there were alternate endings for how quickly you beat it, but gradually ended up seeing them all as my time improved. It's really interesting to play because they've added Super Metroid/Fusion/Zero Mission mechanics like the map, charge beam and wall hanging. The original didn't have any of those things, but they're nice to have in this. I think I only played about half an hour, but already there are some surprises and new twists that weren't in the original game even though the basic level layout seems to be exactly the same. I think there were sections of hallway where there was pretty much nothing that they've stuck in some new tricks. The only thing so far that I'm not the biggest fan of is they've added in a lot of music to the game, whereas in the original the music was very sparingly used. There large sections of the game where there's only a bit of ambient sound which really helped make it feel like a cold and isolated place. I'm definitely going to play the whole thing through though, it's already such a tremendous fan creation. Clearly A LOT of love went into it.
  7. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    It's out! I got to make the trailer with Jake over the past week. He did the concept for the intro, the transition to the gameplay, and graphics for the end completely with degaussing distortion effects. Chris wrote the script for the voiceover which is performed by Erin Yvette. I did the capture for the gameplay and edited that section. The game very quickly makes typing in commands to get stuff done a lot of fun, it also helps get you into the mode if you have a mechanical keyboard . The coolest thing about this project is that for certain shots I got to use the in-game commands to queue up several actions so that it would be timed precisely to what I wanted and also give me time to switch to noclip mode to reposition the camera after entering commands into the deck. I hope lots of people play it and also make their own levels!
  8. The threat of Big Dog

    Saw this article about a deep learning AI that after being fed thousands of samples of visual and audio data, could predict what sound would be made from a drumstick hitting an object. So basically, if we're wearing armor against our robot overlords, just from looking at us they'll know how to directly target our soft regions and avoid the armor.
  9. E3 '16 Get-Together/hang out?

    I'm local, so I'm down to meet up with other Thumbs community people if they're around!
  10. Idle Thumbs 266: Memeify McCree

    I'm not a DOOM scholar by any means, but I recently watched a short 2-part behind the scenes about the music. It's a really cool look at how the composer started from the original music and made it into what's in the new game. It's practically unrecognizable to me once he's done, but it's still a cool look at the process! .
  11. The Big VR Thread

    Shamelessly plugging this game Cosmic Trip that I made the trailer for! It's an RTS VR game that just came out on early access. Right now the game has only a few things to build and some wave-based combat, but it still feels great to play. I love its juicy UI and the frisbees you throw from your controllers as weapons are a lot of fun to use.
  12. Hahaha, I was thinking about boy's love and yaoi when the discussion about sexualization of men started. I'm so glad that Danielle brought it up! I think that any article about sexualizing women would do well to show BL and yaoi examples to accompany the inevitable "men are sexualized too" comments. The other great example being that one time a male Final Fantasy character's design was changed because men were uncomfortable with how skimpy his outfit was. I used to work at a company that released hentai and yaoi anime and manga so I've seen the broad spectrum of what they have to offer. I had never seen gay porn written by women FOR women, and it gave me a lot of perspective. It makes perfect sense since obviously there are a lot of dudes that like to see women with other women. Don't know what the point of this post is other than that it's good for people to seek out more perspectives and open up their world view whenever possible... via porn made by a variety of people
  13. Laughing Thumbs: Stand-Up Recommendations

    My favorites are the big ones like Louis CK, but someone you might not heard of is Joe Wong who has a really unique style. Also he's a former molecular biologist from China.
  14. What software do you use to make a trailer?

    If you're looking for free software to edit trailers with there aren't many good options. Most of all you want software that can support multiple tracks of audio. DaVinci Resolve 12.5, while primarily for color grading also has very good looking editing functions, especially for FREE. I've only dabbled with it because my primary software is Premiere Pro, but compared to other free options out there it's light years ahead, provided your rig can run it. Other than that I've heard Lightworks is also free, but I've never used it before so I can't vouch for it.
  15. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    Thanks for watching Badfinger! I should really investigate the free video editing programs, because I get that question a lot. Davinci Resolve is definitely the most high end free program out there that I know of, though I know it's mostly a color grading tool. I've never used Lightworks either, so I can't speak to its quality. That said I think it's almost guaranteed anything is better than iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.