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  1. When I read the announcement, I was very afraid that Jake and Sean had relocated across the country to form the studio, leaving Idle Thumbs in shambles. Chris would try to continue the cast alone, but eventually his mental state would start to deteriorate, and each successive episode of Idle Thumbs would just be strange, indistinct mumbling about Zuma, untill one day there is only static. I'm glad the site's still here.
  2. Cookie Clicker

    Actually, I think Cookie Clicker would be torture for Cookie Monster. You just can't eat millions of digital cookies.
  3. Best Playable Elderly Folk In Games?

    Sam Fisher is in his fifties.
  4. I Had A Random Thought...

    Which one? I've only seen Bogus Journey, and I don't remember that.
  5. I Had A Random Thought...

    That would also be awesome in a mall.
  6. I Had A Random Thought...

    It'd take a ridiculous amount of money, but it'd be great to go into a giant retail store and buy their entire stock. I'd have it all moved to a giant warehouse and then give it all away.
  7. Outer Wilds

    I really like the idea of the universe being stuck in a time-loop and exploding every 20 minutes. I'm interested to see if anything carries over with each loop, like in that Star Trek:TNG episode.
  8. Catching up with you "retro wishlist".

    That looks like something from the Criterion Collection of Video Games, which would be awesome if it actually existed.
  9. Recently completed video games

    It has taken me since February, but early this morning I finally finished Assassin's Creed III. While I had several problems with the combat system and enemy AI, I really enjoyed being in the world. Some of the best moments were spent wandering in the frontier, which seemed much more unique than the towns. The hunting, homestead, crafting, and other systems seemed interesting enough, but I never felt like it had much impact on the campaign or my character. I only upgraded a few things and didn't dive that deeply into it, so it very well may have a larger impact than I perceived. There's also the weird disconnect between the main storyline and all the side content in a way that doesn't usually bother me that much. It felt like there was enough activities for a entirely seperate game about a entrepreneuring Native American who manages trade routes, runs a craftsmen's guild, and hangs out with Benjamin Franklin. I don't plan on going back to complete all that side content, but it seems like reasonable stuff for a semi-retired assassin to occupy himself with after the war, I suppose. During? Not so much. It was my first AC game, and while I was hoping for more stealth/assassin-y things and less action, I'd like to check out the previous games. I've watched a friend play parts of ACII, and I think that would be closer to what I expected. While firing cannons, steering ships, and other Revolutionary War activities are neat and all, I'd really like to just climb tall stuff and sneak up on some dudes.
  10. I realized yesterday that I've experienced a strange amalgamation of two topics covered in this episode. Within the Netflix UI on the Xbox 360, movement between categories creates a hybrid whoosh/thud sound, followed by a higher-pitched pop/crack when the next title is selected. By slowly moving between categories you can create a whoosh, crack pattern with slightly longer or shorter time delays between the two. In effect, it's tennis (Tennnes?) on the Netflix UI.
  11. Saints Row 4

    I've never played a GTA title, so I suppose I was expecting something lengthier for a sandbox game. Granted, it went out of its way to make certain time sinks way easy. After you unlock the skill that displays all collectibles on your phone's map, collecting everything is as simple as jumping in a helicopter and flying to each one. Something that could take hours got boiled down to one or two. I also didn't mention that the 30 hours included all DLC. And that's not a bad thing, really. It seems that many games overstay their welcome rather than leave you wanting more. It fully succeeds in that regard.
  12. Saints Row 4

    Yeah, SR3 was the same way. I did almost everything in about 30 hours, and that included a fair bit of goofing around with whatever.
  13. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I've always thought the Witcher games looked like amazing experiences to be had, but I've yet to play them. A friend said they both took him 50ish hours each, and I'm not sure if I could fit 100+ hours in before this is released. Everything I've ever heard about them seems fantastic, though.
  14. We should all just call video games what they really are. Awesome.