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  1. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    Thanks for checking it out! I definitely should have spent additional time on the tutorial figuring out how to make the movement-sound/no-sound difference more obvious.
  2. [Released] The Real Monkeys

    Thanks for checking it out @atte @Nappi! A note about sound being required seems so obvious in hindsight. I'll see if I can update the game page with a note!
  3. PING

    Echoing most of the comments above. Glad I downloaded this! Really cool atmosphere and I bet I could have got really good at this if I could reliably hit the countdown lever. I got one kill, but man was it a satisfying kill. Thanks for the game!
  4. [Released] Christmas is Cancelled

    I was looking forward to checking out your Yule Lads! It looks like your submission is marked as Mac compatible but only has a Windows download. I'll try to check it out later this weekend from a PC.
  5. [Released] Awkwardness and Harmony

    Nice work Stieg! I could definitely tell the emotions apart in your art, though I wasn't sure what effect my speaking was having on the NPCs. Thanks for the devlog!
  6. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    Congrats on the new baby! Your game was charming as heck! The Wizard Jam 6 jingle was great. I played both sides and thought it was pretty nice that you could try to juke the other player by throwing above or below. Nice job x 2!
  7. [Released] Shoot That Pizza

    I too enjoyed the typing-based menus! Though I couldn't figure out how to return to the main screen after game over, but I was having some viewport issues in the webgl version that could have prevented something from showing up. I liked the difficulty curve. Seeing the houses pile up as I tried to play catch-up was a nice preview of how quick I would have to type in a moment. Thanks for the GitHub link! It's neat to download/browse everyone's code to try to learn something new.
  8. [Released] Hold On To Your B.U.T.T.O.N.

    I couldn't quite tell what the masking issue you described was, but I liked the monitor scanlines so if that was the problem it ended up being a good thing! I liked the difficulty increase between levels. I got to "The whole menagerie" (5? 6?) but failed because a dino went right through an activated security fence and I'm not sure why. But I had fun with it!
  9. Il Panino di Brutto Sogno [Release]

    Your art and the Italian UI text were really nice additions to the game's environment. I had never heard of WolframTunes before, neat! I hadn't noticed until my second game that the body parts moved so much, especially the eye. Nasty! Fun game! Nice job, you!
  10. [Dev Log] SHADOW of SOMETHING

    Reading about the process of getting this on Steam might be my favorite part of the jam.
  11. Hey folks! This is my first Wizard Jam, and my first entry in a public game jam! Hope everyone had at least as much fun as I had trying out something new. I based mine on Important If True 21: The Real Monkeys. I took about a week off to enjoy the holiday so the scope is very low and I'm really just happy to have completed something for the jam. I tried my hand at two diversifiers: Talk Is Cheap and Simple Input. It was fun to try making an in-game tutorial without words! Warning: Audio is necessary for this game! page, Win/Mac/Web versions available: Here's the Github repo if it's useful to anybody: Here's the Trello board I used to keep track of ideas, and what got left out of the released version:
  12. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    At the eleventh hour I decided to join with the goal of releasing my first public game as a solo dev. The episode title I chose seems to fit well with a couple of the Diversifiers, so I'm pretty excited! Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.