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  1. Desktop Dungeons

    This game just received a big update -- 2 new classes, daily challenges, and a number of other tweaks. I recommend the dailies, they're a fun way to try things you normally wouldn't. The downside to the dailies is of course that it might throw anything at you, including things you haven't practiced with at all, but there's always tomorrow. There are leaderboards now too (for Damage, XP, Piety and Time) but no consensus has been reached about which stats are actually worth ranking competitively, unless the consensus is that none of them is worth it considered in isolation. Fastest time is maybe worth striving for if you decide to race the other people who are racing, but some of the stats make more sense when sorted upside-down -- for example there's something elegantly sparing about beating the level with the lowest Damage Dealt, sort of a pseudo-nonlethal run. And I find it's easier to get low Damage if you play slowly and make every click count. Piety varies wildly depending on play style and altar choices so I generally only glance at that, and XP is maybe interesting as a comparison between people with similar completion times because it shows you who managed to get more bonus XP out of their run or kill more things in the time allotted. But I mainly find the "leaderboards" informative as a snapshot of different approaches rather than a "best to worst" thing. For example I have discovered that I generally take my sweet time and squeeze every possibly resource out of a dungeon (but I can overcome my natural instincts and get a decently fast Time score if goaded into it =P). Left to my own devices I also usually end up near the top of the Damage Dealt listings, which either means I'm horribly inefficient, or that I'm more of a regen-fighter than I realized, or that I spend more time mopping up defenseless leftover enemies than does the average player. Which is all interesting information and I'm sure will make me a better person in the game and IRL.
  2. Welcome to WIZARD JAM

    I was halfheartedly working on a "Pegasus Launch"-themed game, but alas, I don't think I will find time to finish it. Best of luck to all u participants in these final days of jam!
  3. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Grappling hook is an optional item needed for what I consider to be the "slightly secret" alternative ending -- that's why it takes multiple clicks to find it. In the interests of making sure anyone who wants to see the whole game can see it, here is a spoiler-walkthrough for how to get past the first screen. It is a very direct spoiler walkthrough so don't open it unless you want to be SPOILED! I ought to spend the time to write up a sweet UHS-style system of gradually more specific hints and tips, but, I didn't.
  4. I don't think I will be able to make time to participate in this satisfactorily, but I will sit here and imagine my church-history-themed Super Monkey Ball clone, "Rolling with the Pope".
  5. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    You could always do like Jeff and get yourself a nice kosher calzone. Speaking of Jeff...
  6. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    I have only been able to get 2/3. *shakes fist at Carlos and his dumb old mushrooms* *jk mushrooms are the best* Am I just not persuasive enough, or is this just a commentary on the futility of getting exactly what you want on a shared pizza? I also tried ordering all veggies to see if Jeff would back me up but alas. (Maybe I do not actually know what constitutes kosher). Edit: hahaha, anchovies =\
  7. I share this love. Caramelized leeks, on the other hand, are malevolent flavor ghosts that seem tasty at first but will haunt your mouth and contaminate all other tastes for 24-48 hours even after you brush your, judging from my one experience with caramelized leeks.
  8. Stealing

    I like making credits pages for my games, it makes me feel like I am on a team even though I work alone. =P I usually only use CC-BY licensed stuff or public domain stuff though, so if I do contact them it's just for a "thanks for that thing of yours I my game...playmygame..." instead of trying to get permission.
  9. Plug your shit

    I will leave a link here for the point-and-click adventure browsergame I just released, which is called The Secret of Gargoyle Manor (that's the Kongregate link, here's an one too) and which you might enjoy if you like a good few minutes of not-terribly-difficult inventory puzzles. Here is what it looks like:
  10. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Here is a short HTML5 point-and-click adventure game that I have created: The Secret of Gargoyle Manor!! (Edit: that link is to Kongregate, but it's also on now too) Edit: I was only able to contain myself for a day after posting it for playtesting, so it's up on Kongregate now. But I would still shurely appreciate it if you happen to play it and let me know your thoughts (especially if you find any un-squashed bugs). This game was made as a sample game for a hypothetical adventure game editor I might build someday...which is why it has a little bit of everything thrown in, and why the story is perhaps not Fine Literature. I haven't started making the editor yet, but I do at least have the game contents properly separated (in some json files) from the engine code, which is a good start. For now though, I have just released it as its own separate little game. =) P.S. here is a screenshot:
  11. Cities: Skylines

    I was telling Mrs. Berzee yesterday about how I wanted to try this game but I knew that within a couple of hours I would probably get bored of the setting because it is modern and realistic and contains no wizards. Then she asked me if I couldn't mod it into a wizard-game, and now I am having an internal struggle about whether I ought to buy the game just to find out. =P Further investigation shows that there is at least one small reddit discussion about creating a medieval/historical mod. I hope that becomes a thing! Maybe I would like this game even with all its "traffic" and its "electricity" and stuff, though.
  12. Artists

    I never heard of a moodboard before. That sounds like a useful thing to know about, maybe I will assemble one next time I start a project. Thanks for saying moodboard!
  13. The Math Thread

    Here is a website about hex grids. I have not read all of it yet but I moused over all the examples and said "oooo".
  14. Anyone Remember?

    I reject this later innovation as a needless and tragic attempt to distance the phone number from its magical interesting origins. (It certainly makes you think, though).
  15. Anyone Remember?

    You're right of course, good thing this thread exists so that I can properly update my memories.
  16. Anyone Remember?

    1 800 wizard on
  17. Amateur Game Making Night

    Ha! Excellent choice. I don't have any good insights into the interestingness of the unsolicited volunteer port situation but I look forward to putting this on my tablet tonight.
  18. Amateur Game Making Night

    I just use gimp, but I'm pretty sure that's not the most efficient option if you aren't already used to it. =) Here is a big list of resources and links I've benefited from in the past (not sure if all the links are still current though):
  19. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hah, excellent. If I were the owner of that manor I would sit down with my security staff and discuss some options going forward for ways they might apprehend intruders without reducing my home to charred rubble in the process. The minute or so of carefully extinguishing torches with water arrows makes the ensuing conflagration even more amusing.
  20. IDLE THUMBS 200

    For my part, I once traded ten of my dollars for a minecraft and remain satisfied with the exchange.
  21. Amateur Game Making Night

    I've been working on an adventury-type browser game to practice HTML5 canvas stuff some more. Nearing the end, I'm now to the point where it becomes necessary to add things like options menus with volume and dialogue speed controls...which is exciting because it means I'm almost done, but is boring because it's meeeennnuuuus. *siiigh menus* So I decided to come here and whine about it a little bit. =)
  22. I've had a terrible cough while on vacation for the last four days and now I realize it must have been because I listened to this podcast. Thanks, Jake. T_T
  23. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    And now this week ebay told me that Nintendo Power Glove is trending. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this excellent trend of trend notifications. The only thing related that I can think of is that I searched for a Dreamcast + Shenmue one time...and I sold some Halo decorations that a Gamestop employee gave me as I walked past their store in the mall because they wanted to get rid of them. But it's still a pretty far leap from there to Battletoads and the Power Glove.
  24. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Today I received this message in my electronic mailbox.