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  1. did someone say, flappy bird?
  2. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. Good luck with your new podcast I will not listen to it because it is not about computer games! So I appreciate your separating it out into a new thing, as it won't mess with my completionist desire to make sure I've listened to every episode of the Idle Thumbs flagship internet talk show (though that completionism is already somewhat marred by the fact that I was only able to find hyperlinks of questionable legitimiacy for MOST of the progresscasts). P.S. If your new podcast is a ploddingly chronological and meticulously researched podcast about the entire history of a nation or empire, I take back that first thing I said.
  4. Come on and stream and welcome to the jam

    Just saw your second stream, SuperBiasedMan. I'm happy that chat told you about turning on the shadows in Beware of Falling Samurai -- I will definitely go back and see about changing the default quality settings, and/or making it so that shadows are turned on even on the lowest settings. Thanks! Phill, that was a fine rendering of my opening comic, quality voicework. I'm glad you appreciated the ragdolls. =P
  5. I played it and left a rating+comment through the itch app, but I'm not sure where those comments show up. Anyhow, I liked it! The game's approach to conflict resolution is very appropriate of the eponymous Francis.
  6. Played it, liked it! I think I like Dot Gobblers best when they're used as a countless horde. I was actually glad that it was a "beat all the enemies before time runs out" game instead of a "survive infinite waves" game, only because of my personal disinterest in wave survival stuff. (At first I thought it was just an avoid-the-baddies game because clicking didn't seem to do anything, so it was a nice surprise when I clicked randomly and a gobbler fell over). Just curious what the reasoning behind the long respawn time is? I know it's not very long but after foolishly running into the first laser a few times in a row it started to seem interminable. But maybe it's there for technical reasons and/or to give the sound files time to play. Anyhow, I got up to 290 points and that seemed like a big number so I called it a victory. It looks like you didn't have time to put minigames in (or maybe I just didn't find them) but just running through the halls clicking madly and dodging lasers was fun, so it seems like a solid foundation on which to layer some more variety / amusing surprises.
  7. [RELEASE] Real Slyboots

    That was fun. I get twenty slyboots points! Interesting how after a couple of screens of confusion, I got pretty good (though I say it myself) at pulling my vision back to take in all four screens at once and subconsciously identify FAKE SLYBOOTS without knowing it. The additional level complications were introduced at a nice pace, just when I found myself becoming a recklessly confident burglar. I stopped playing after 20 because I thought it was generating random levels but the OP makes it sound like there's a finite number. How many rooms are there? Did I foolishly quit playing just before the exciting finale?
  8. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Nope, just me being a numpty. =P I've added mac and linux builds now. (No idea if they work though! I don't currently have a good way to test them. Except for you, Squardon! u r only hope). Gee thanks. I think if I ever did come back to this, the first order of business would be to figure out some way to rig it so you could get an idea of how close the falling objects are to the ground. Maybe see if there's a way to make the shadows get darker as they get closer... It also occurs to me that if the game was longer, a simple way to make the later levels a bit tricky would just be to have the sun start setting. =) It would be a lot more challenging if it wasn't high noon!
  9. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Aha, just saw your edit, Teljoor, and it clued me in to the problem. Turns out I had a line of physics-related code outside of the special place where Unity requires all physics code to run ("FixedUpdate", if anyone is wondering). I uploaded a new version that should let you play on Fastest now if you want to...although it turns out that there are no shadows at all on Fastest, so the quality settings are kind of like difficulty settings too! Thanks for playing as well, kevin888. I think we can agree that the moment when I found that boing sound in the Youtube Audio Library is the moment when this project became Art.
  10. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Yep, I'm pretty much just waiting for one more person to confirm that it works for them so I can decide that it must be somehow All Your Fault. *holds breath*

    Excellent, I was hoping someone would make a mid jam power move mid jam power move.
  12. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    I fixed the itch page so it knows the game is for windows, mac, and linux now. =) Bummer about the movement bug. =( May I ask what version of Windows you're on (I have run it on a couple different win10 machines thus far)? I will have to try on a few more computers to see if I can get it to break. In any case thank you for testing! I will let you know if I upload any potential fixes. At least your guy will be safe from falling samurai where he's stuck.
  13. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Also -- my wife and toddler are playing this game right now and she is telling him, "Those mans are really tired and sick. That's why they're resting on the ground. Yep, they're fallin' out of bed." So there's some alternate-reality family friendly lore for you.
  14. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Whew! Didn't have time to keep a very good dev log =T but I finally finished the game. I'll update the top post with the link but here it is again: Try it out and let me know if it, y'know, runs. =P Life lessons I learned during this jam: -- Unity Ragdolls are bogus. They're not as magical as I thought, and even when using the built-in unity man, they still stretch and deform and result in torn polygons flashing 'cross the sky. But they're ragdolls so they're still fun by default. -- ProBuilder is great! I tried the free version and I felt a tiny bit like a Level Designer for a few minutes. -- I've done third person camera stuff before but this is the first time I've tried doing it in a full level with like, walls and corners and stuff. It has made me realize that you better have a real good reason for choosing third person instead of first person when you're making a game, given the extra headaches it causes (the good reason in this case is, of course, ragdolls!). -- Probably I learned other things too, things so profound I haven't even realized them yet. Now it's time to rest and recuperate, and then play all the other games. Hooray!
  15. At first I did not realize that "beta character" was a CASIE aug analysis of Owlboy's personality; instead I thought Jake was talking about a character who was still in beta testing and that's why he wasn't very heroic yet.