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  1. Johns Wick 1 & 2

    I moderately enjoyed both films, the latter one a bit more because it was prettier and it had marginally less "people with guns literally run towards John Wick in order to get shot." I'm not exactly Mr. REALISM PLEASE in movies about a society of assassins with strict rules and special gold coins and so on, but it does look silly just to see a bunch of people run towards the hero in order to get shot, this despite the fact that they have guns, a tool INVENTED to PREVENT YOU FROM HAVING TO RUN AT SOMEONE IN ORDER TO HURT THEM. The Peter Serafinowicz cameo was great and the mirrors sequence was cool too. I liked the bad guy who spoke in sign language.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    I watched The Spook Who Sat By the Door not too long ago. That thing's electrifying!
  3. The threat of Big Dog

    Why would it need to carry the bodies away? Because it's equipped with the ability to engage in evasive action to work safely with and around people, nobody will ever suspect it.
  4. I binged every episode of It's Alive with Brad and that was amazing! It's now my second favorite YouTube cooking show after Henry's Kitchen.
  5. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    The combat's actually rather simple, all things considered. It takes a little while to get used to it but once you do it's not like you're playing Batman or something where there are a bunch of different combos and gadgets and stuff.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Okja is one of my favorite movies of all time. One of the few 100 out of 100 ratings I've given. I made a couple gifs of my favorite part of the movie (teeny tiny spoiler): http://imgur.com/eMCC06i http://imgur.com/heq8lG7
  7. Recently completed video games

    I finished Prey (2017) a little while ago. Amazing game. GOTY 2017 for sure, basically. Everything I could've hoped for from a System Shock 3. That this game hasn't set the world on fire twice over is a tragedy for all gamedom. I started and finished The Beginner's Guide a few days ago. Also an amazing game. I think it's one of the most intricate, thematically rich games I've ever played. It almost feels like it's impossible to say anything of substance about it because there is just so much to grapple with that it's impossible to know where to start or to mention one thing without mentioning everything, and you can't mention everything.
  8. E3 2017

    The Last Night is a really good illustration of the general phenomenon that made cyberpunk so interesting in the first place, which is that world design encodes a lot of ideology. The difference is that The Last Night seems like it has a very anti-punk ideology behind it, whereas of course cybepunk got its name from being punk (unlike every other *punk thing).
  9. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    China Sichuan Food is my favorite.
  10. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I played Shadow of Chernobyl a long time ago, loved it. I've thought about picking up one of the other STALKER games in the current Steam sale, modding it to the state of the art, and playing it, but I don't know which to pick or whether to bother. I think maybe some people think I've already played the best thing the STALKER series has to offer. Thus if you bounce off Shadow of Chernobyl I suspect there's not much else there for you, although I could be wrong.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    I think every movie the Wachowskis have made is good and I think the three Matrix movies are about as good as each other. George Lucas's movies got worse because he divorced his editor.
  12. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    I've heard Guns, Germs, and Steel is basically wrong about everything, but I've never read the book (because I've heard it's wrong about everything) so I can't really say more. There is this collection of reddit posts which might be relevant.
  13. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    Here's a list of sandwich ideas I had written down somewhere: Hummus + cucumbers + tomatoes + thin sliced red onion + drizzle of pomengranate molasses Balsamic roasted eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms + tomatoes + basil and arugula Grilled, marinated portobello mushrooms + roasted red peppers + hummus + basil Tempeh bacon + Vegan Russian dressing + Sauerkraut Pesto mixed into a little vegan mayo + tomatoes + olives + roasted eggplant Crispy tempeh bacon + Avocado slices + lettuce + tomato slices Breaded, fried tofu + veganaise mixed with a little relish or capers + generous squeeze lemon Lettuce + Cucumbers + Slivered almond s+ grapes + olives + crumbled tofu + Greek dressing Tons of raw spinach + thin sliced red onions + red pepper hummus Mashed cooked chickpeas + diced onion and carrots + relish + vegan mayo + salt, pepper and paprika Roasted Eggplant + Spinach + tomato chunks in tahini miso dressing (equal parts tahini and miso plus a little warm water and agave nectar) Roasted sweet potato mashed + mushrooms + onions + corn + spinach + hot sauce Mashed black beans + salsa + guac + jalapenos Sliced, roasted beets + avocado slices + sweet mustard + sliced onion Baba Ganoush + roasted red peppers + roasted zucchini + squeeze of lemon Cucumber + tomatoes + sliced onions + lettuce + Italian dressing Falafel + red cabbage slaw + hummus
  14. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    I haven't seen it, but I've heard that What the Health is a new, super compelling documentary about meat eating.
  15. It's still open to the genie to say "okay, but you need nutrients somehow, so you can eat them if you want, or you can drink them. You don't need to eat them, but if you don't eat them, you'd better drink them, otherwise you'll die of malnutrition. Also you won't know when you need nutrients because you won't get hungry."
  16. The the genie will make it so that if you don't eat, you survive, but you get progressively hungrier, until you feel like you're starving to death, even though technically you're fine. Maybe the genie will even make it so that if you eat, you die, because "if you don't eat, you live" turns out to be the same as "if you live, you don't eat," so everyone is cursed to eternally be starving. Like the pirates in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
  17. Much more manageable - thanks!
  18. The link for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective in the show notes is not particularly helpful, seeing as there's one copy available and it's $149 (albeit with free shipping!).
  19. I've seen 68 of the 100. Most are pretty good.
  20. Split

    I liked it.
  21. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I'd be down for that.
  22. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    If anyone's interested, in this upcoming week (starting Monday) at 5:00 PM each evening I'll be playing through BioShock Infinite on my stream (kind of a long story). If you're interested in watching, more details are here. I doubt I will meet someone from 3rd grade but maybe I'll meet an alternate reality version of myself who went to a different 3rd grade school.
  23. I recently bought this. 90% of the reason was that I heard a ton of great stuff about it and wanted to play it, 10% of the reason is that I wanted to listen to the two latest Idle Thumbs episodes but I don't want anything spoiled so I gotta play the game first. Anyways I played a few hours and it's fucking amazing. It's more or less literally System Shock 3, but with a great dash of paranoia thanks to those fuckin' mimics. I've been saving up all my neuromods and haven't used 'em yet, but the game has started getting harder (I'm playing on Hard) so I think I'll have to upgrade at some point.
  24. E3 2017

    There's also this:
  25. E3 2017

    The single line line breaks from all the posts of that era got deleted. Your posts were fine, they just look weird now. I forgot I had posted in that thread. Turns out I did! Cool.