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  1. Sorry but that Unity kerfuffle is not easy to find on twitter, Steam, or Google. I tried searching all with: "Unity" "Unity3D" "What engine is this running on?" "What engine is this running on? Steam" "What engine is this running on? Unity" I get nothing that pertains to the kerfuffle. Please put some links in the show notes.
  2. I just love what these two (I think they are British) guys say about Brexit, university students, elites, and social justice warriors, and why Trump got elected:
  3. This is just fuckin' cool. Fuck politics! Japanese elderly ladies in the 60s dancing 24k magic ^ forget it
  4. @jennegatron All good points and I agree with them. And I hate racism. At a very early age, I couldn't understand it, but it was pushed on me by my father. I grew out of it while comparatively young. And living in Japan as a foreigner I experienced it...but nowhere near the same hate-filled violent racism sometimes found in the USA. And I'm not pretending anything. It's the vibe you give off. And another thing. You got to tone down your superior patronising attitude. You can't make a point without talking down to people. A bit a self-reflection would do you some good at improving your ability to get people on your side. Therefore I do hope that you won't engage with me anymore. I don't think I can learn anything from you. And It's bad for my high blood pressure. And if you do engage, I won't engage with you. So please..have the last word. I know it's important to you.
  5. "I think the fact that white people are more interested in protecting the feelings of other white people by not calling them racist than looking at their own role and complicit participation in a system that props us up is the real problem. Honestly fuck white people who are offended by being called racist. It's not an inherent personal flaw, and it's something that our white supremacist culture actively instills and encourages in us and that we need to actively combat whenever possible." @jennegatron So how should we combat it and how would you like it all to turn out? Should fuckin' white people be tarred & feathered and run out of town on a rail? And what makes you think I am white?
  6. I'm glad you used 'almost always' because many of them however misinformed are just worried about jobs and are not racists. Another reason Trump won was people who might have been undecided were sick of being unjustly called racists and etc. and went with Trump as a way to say F U to the arrogant I'm-smart-and-educated-and-you're-not people who kept putting them down. That is no way to win people over. Liberals got to quit doing that. Especially if they think they got the high moral ground. I consider myself a liberal, but I was not so quick to insult people who might have been thinking about supporting Trump.
  7. Your point make sense. But what's the solution. Just to let anybody in?
  8. In this article I read: “He was real, unlike a lot of liberal Democrats who are just as racist” but keep it hidden, he said, his jaw slathered with shaving cream. “You can reason with them all day long, but they think they know it all. They want to have control. That they know what’s best for ‘those people.’”
  9. One thing I can't understand is why so many people are against deportation of illegal immigrants (i can understand not doing this when it might separate children from their parents. and I'm not talking about refugees). But what is wrong with sending back people who didn't came to the US illegally? Isn't that unfair to the people who are trying to immigrate to the USA legally? Of course there should be exceptions and guidelines. e.g. If the illegal has been in the US over a certain number of years, never gotten into trouble, can support themselves, can speak English, then give them a visa. I live in Japan and have been here for 45+ years. And the Japanese government have no problem (no does the population in general) with exporting illegal aliens. Also I didn't vote for either one on the candidates.
  10. It is probably safe to say that the majority of Trump voters are straight white Americans. Yes, in that group there are a lot of racists. xenophobes, sexists, blah...blah. But I wish the people who for various justified reasons hate Trump and can not understand why good people would vote for Trump would put themselves in the shoes of people who ARE NOT racists, homophobes, etc. but still voted for Trump. e.g. If you are worried about putting food on the table, paying for medicine, or that hospital stay, are you going to be very concerned about gay rights, Black Lives Matter, or Muslims being forced out of the country? You may be aware of these problems but these problems take a very low priority in your life. All you care about are jobs, Jobs. JOBS! With good jobs, decent wages, and with your basic needs taken care of, THEN you`ll have the time and mental well being to be more concerned with (and possibly do the righteous thing about) the problems that LGBTQ+, Latinos, Blacks, Muslims, etc. are up against.
  11. Episode 327: Kingdom

    Yeah. In Episode 327, Rob's take on Kingdom 'Classic' prevented me from buying the game. But I'd sure like to hear the 3MA crew, and especially Rob's take on this ne Kingdom: New Lands. This review of the new version paints a pretty good improved picture.
  12. Great episodes as usual.
  13. Episode 367: Bite-sized Strategy

    That is the same icon that brings up that verbose reply interface. I can't even get the Quote functions to work on IE and Edge on Windows. But now I'm posting this from Safari on my Mac Mini and everything seems to work. Here is one of the games I tied to link to: Concealed Intent.
  14. Episode 367: Bite-sized Strategy

    How are you guys getting hyperlinks in your posts? When I try to insert a URL I get a complicated dialog that ask for the URL (of course) plus a choice of Anchor Name or Anchor ID (what are those? and under that it says "No actions available in the document) and an email address, message subject, and message body (Why). Then onne this dialog pops up there is no way to git rid of it outside of refreshing this page. Is it my browser? I get the same in IE or Edge.
  15. Episode 367: Bite-sized Strategy

    @Moose23 Thanks for that post about Particle Fleet. I'll be getting that. By the way. How'd you get that hyperlink in there? I can seem to post any URLs here. When I click on the little chain link icon up pops a very detailed dialog which I can seem to get rid of unless I refresh this page and start all over.