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  1. War of the Broses

    This sounds like a great concept for a pod title that I was shocked hadn't been used yet
  2. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    I came up with a bunch of possible ideas for this jam at the end of December, but right now this is the one that really catches my fancy. I had originally imagined something really fast paced, like Super Hexagon, where you rotate objects around to make them line up... or something. However, reflecting on that idea, I came up with a variation on it which I like much better. I'm thinking of a first-person puzzle game somewhat along the lines of The Incredible Machine: Each level has a goal that must be achieved by placing a few pieces of equipment or machinery, all based around the proper usage of SOUL ORBS. Soul orbs spray a steady flow of SOUL POWER in all directions: This power is tremendously useful, but before it can be used it must be concentrated. Thus, you place level elements to guide and channel this power where it is needed, by attracting or repelling, reflecting or focusing the soul particles. These then power machines which either are the objective of the level or affect the level in some other way. I'm hoping to get a basic prototype going within a few days, because what's actually going to make this project live or die is its level design. Right now I'm planning this as a solo project but if anyone else is interested I can adapt it to bring more people in. I'm hoping to stream some of the development, but I'm not sure when I'll start doing that -- regardless, if I do stream it, it will be at .
  3. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Today sucked. Spent 2-3 hours trying to figure out what was going wrong with my particle system -- any time there was a second camera active in the scene (including reflection probes), which I needed to make the reflective surfaces work, the particle trails would bug out and either get way too big or disappear into a line. Eventually I came to the conclusion that this was probably a Unity bug rather than something I was messing up, so I reported it and can move on with my life. Next I need to make it so the player can pick up and move objects, then create some mechanisms for them to play with. Still need to finish the code for placing objects. Also need to make some machines to be powered, which I forgot last time. I think the gameplay is largely going to revolve around trying to corral 'Civilians' to where you need them, sort of like Lemmings, and constructing the apparati you need to make that happen.
  4. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Worked on the appearance of the different elements today. Had a lot of trouble getting reflections to work well, and the reflector, which is supposed to look like a big mirror, still kind of doesn't. Other elements are starting to look pretty good, though. I also got the aggregator (the big lens-looking thing) and the reflector (the big rectangle on the right) working, though the effect isn't quite what I'd like it to be. However, right now I have a design issue where the converger's gravity forcefield tends to overwhelm everything else -- you can see that immediately after bouncing off of the reflector they just start to curve right back around, and I had to put the reflector right up against the aggregator here to even demonstrate its functionality. I probably just need to spend a couple of hours carefully tweaking the parameters of the converger's force field, but I may also need to do something weird where the reflector and aggregator actually spawn a different kind of particle which isn't affected by force fields that then switches back to the normal particle after a few seconds. More immediately, though, I need to get the code for picking up objects and moving them around working. Once I have that and the particle tweaks done I can start building levels!
  5. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Got the particles looking a bit more the part today, and got the collector elements working -- that is, the box on the right is absorbing those souls for power, though so far all it does with that power is output however much of it has to the console. A bit more difficult to see, in this default-texture hell, is the little orb to the left of the box: This is the converger, and is what is making it so those souls are flowing into the box instead of haphazardly around the level. The lens/aggregator and reflector elements are still in progress: I think I need to set them up with their own emitters which, after they collide with a particle, create the same type of particle with the correct new position and direction.
  6. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Spent today experimenting with particles. I currently have the emitter for the soul orb and a gravity well for the converger, and have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to handle the lens/focuser/aggregator (not sure yet on terminology), reflector, and collectors (the machines which are powered). Most of my time, actually, was spent wrestling with the IDE (VSCode), trying to get code completion working properly. Still haven't figured that out, and having to look up every member function is incredibly tedious, so hopefully I can get that ironed out tomorrow.
  7. [Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

    Oh I'd be interested in knowing more about that music game if you happen to come up with a name! I had a similar idea for a game based around music at one point and if their idea is close to mine I'd be interested to see how they approached it
  8. [Dev Log] The Death of Nick Breckon

    "I'm the explorer going on an adventure! Aw this is great! I found my true calling."... *splash*
  9. WIZARD JAM 8 // Showcase Weekend

    I would be remiss in not throwing my hat in the ring but I'm not sure when it would be and I'm not completely sure I can commit. Maybe I could just start on the beginning of the day Saturday and make a day of it? Not sure yet.
  10. [Dev Log] "Terrible" Jason Voorhees

    What if it was multiplayer and the other players were incompetently trying to qwop around to escape the qwopping killer? It's pretty ambitious so maybe better to set as a sort of 'stretch goal', but it is interesting to think about
  11. I've been watching a couple of youtubers play this and just recently got a beta code myself. Anyone else here playing? Despite the snarky title, I think this is actually a really elegant approach to boiling Magic down into a fast-paced game suitable for synchronous play online. Most games don't last more than 10 minutes, and though the complexity and nuance of Magic's first-in-last-out stack are sometimes missed, there's still plenty of interesting decisions to make, both while building a deck and when playing with it. I just had my first arena game and went 7-3, which I'm proud of, but is totally and absolutely not the main reason I started this topic.
  12. SGDQ 2018

    Yeah, but if something seems unfair then it takes some of the fun out of spectating it, at least for me. I mean I totally get that that's not the thrust of the event, and it was still a ton of fun, it was just a small but constant annoyance, kind of like having a bad couch commentator.
  13. SGDQ 2018

    Yeah the sudden death thing felt pretty arbitrary, like they had the score up for the entire thing and then when they won the final map just added enough points to make them the winner by one point, so it revealed the points as, uh, pointless. Also, if they're going to have a hard time limit, the timer should count down instead of up -- it might seem like a petty quibble, but it really changes the feeling, at least for me, from "getting arbitrarily cut off" to "trying to get in under the wire". I think conceptually it works but it was implemented in a pretty slapdash way. First, have the timers count down. Second, rather than a strict cutoff, make it so after the timers expire you have either 30 more seconds or until your next death to finish the level. Third, just make every level worth 1 point, or sum up the differences of the times, or really anything that doesn't completely invalidate the rest of the race based on the results of the last level.
  14. SGDQ 2018

    The Mario Maker race was fun as always but holy crap the format for it was straight garbage. Hopefully they go with something substantially different next AGDQ. I was hoping we'd see another blind game marathon race like last time, but I don't think there was one. I guess it's hard to do time estimates for them, but still.
  15. SGDQ 2018

    The Amy run (Amy%) was a ton of fun
  16. Any updates on when (if???) we can expect pods to resume?
  17. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Also you have to have done the whole thing in the hydra area first or it doesn't drop, which tripped me up a bit on my last playthrough. And some of the hydra area stuff is pretty obtuse, so yeah just look it up.
  18. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    DS3 has a unique dual wield system completely different from the one in DS2. I personally like it less, but it might be the breath of fresh air you're looking for.
  19. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    I know I've directly or indirectly gotten a few people on Slack to pick up Slay The Spire, but I thought it might be a good idea to also post about it here. Slay the Spire is a deck-building Roguelite currently in Early Access. There's a lot of room there for them to add new stuff, but it's already pretty solid and fun to play and I don't see it getting anything besides more awesome as it continues to be developed. Unlike most card games where synergy is a matter of getting a few key cards in your hand, Slay the Spire gives you a small deck, a full new hand every turn, and when you run out you just reshuffle your deck and start over, so odds are you're going to end up having the opportunity to play every single card in your deck several times in each combat, so every choice you get over what to add or not to add can be incredibly important. Unlike most card games, I very rarely feel like the optimal play is obvious, and choosing the wrong order of moves can have severe consequences. Each run takes maybe 90-120 minutes once you get the hang of things. Right now I have one win with the ironclad (warrior class) and one with the Silent (rogue class). Right now those are the only two classes, but they're planning on adding another one which I can only imagine will probably be some sort of shitty wizard.
  20. Slay the Spire: Gettin' Spired

    The third character has been added to the beta branch, and so far it seems like a ton of fun. It's a bit more gimmicky than the other two characters, using a mechanic where it can stack up several power orb things, each of which has a weak effect at the end of each turn and a more powerful effect when it is invoked, which can happen either explicitly by using a card with that effect or by stacking up more charges than you have capacity for, at which point the least recent one is invoked. I haven't gotten too deep into this system yet, but I'm curious to see where it leads -- there's definitely a lot of potential for them to build on this in interesting ways. This character also has a bunch of cards based around powers, so where ironclad focused on using lots of attacks effectively and silent on lots of skills, now you use a lot of powers, skills which double-cast powers, powers which let you draw whenever you use a power, and so forth. There's also a lot more deck manipulation available, having cards with effectiveness based on how many cards you have in your discard and draw piles, cards to move one to the other, cards to filter cards out of your draw before you draw them, and so forth. Overall I'm pretty excited about this character and pumped to play more. Unfortunately they just broke the game with a hotfix so I'm posting about it here instead.
  21. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Duke's Archive is definitely designed to make you get lost. The underlying puzzle is fairly simple once you understand it, but having two nearly identical rooms makes it very easy to get confused at every point along the way.
  22. I think it's obvious what's about to happen. The puffin's newly revealed fluorescent beak is about to become highly sought-after by poachers, nearly driving the species extinct before natural selection kicks in and a new subspecies, born without beaks, begins to take over the planet. The age of porgs is soon to come.
  23. True, I think I visualize that as moving through the extraneous material to find the true edge. I find it very evocative.
  24. I've always rather liked the malapropism "honed in on", and don't hesitate to use it myself. I feel that, just as honing a blade removes spare material and aligns edges to create a sharper edge, honing in on something is removing extraneous material to gain a more incisive perspective. Also, I expect that the number Chris was thinking of as being larger than the amount of atoms in the universe is the googol: " One googol is presumed to be greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe, which has been estimated to be approximately 10^78 "