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  1. Hey guys! I was wondering why I haven't heard anything about rewards for a while, and decided to look through my email to see if I missed anything. I had! I put 30 Flights of Loving into steam, played it, and loved it. But that got me to thinking, could I have missed more stuff? I know I was also supposed to get: I was wondering If you guys have received these rewards yet? Could they have landed in my Spam folder (And the postcard could have gotten lost in the mail...)? I know gmail deletes spam after 30 days, so it's possible. In any case, I've only received Thirty Flights of Loving. What should I do if I'm missing the rest? I'd be happy to pay a bit extra for shipping of a new postcard etc... Anyway, I really hope I don't have this all wrong, and am just being a entitled jerk! With love! -Paul